1. gregory brown says

    Actually, I think the logical conclusion is that Life Starts at the first concupiscent thought, and potentiates to viability at erection before ejaculation. That’s why masturbation must be held in check, because onanism is a tremendous waste of seed…rather like “facials” in porn film.

  2. C. Semenya says

    This is a shameful, despicable parody of the way the Santorums live with their daughter Isabella. It is cruel to compare her to a cum stain.

  3. Mary says

    I think this is beneath the dignity of Towleroad. But, of course, that’s just one person’s view (or as some will undoubtedly say “one TROLL’S view.”) But at least Andy let us know that it was work-unfriendly.

  4. Berijeck says

    This IS Rick Santorum we’re talking about here. Some of his ideas are just that stupid. The crap he attributes to us is not that far from the idea in this cartoon.


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