1. Justin says

    that was helpful. That is a lot. At least for me it would be. I could make that last for a long time!! But I still think there should a provision in there they makes it a violation to flaunt it around. 10 joints on each is kind of an exaggeration. But I don’t think people should be pulling them out around children and in social places. I still think they should be discrete.

  2. Zlick says

    Also, I think Jon was being a little disingenuous for the sake of comedy (and it’s not his fault that he’s the primary news source for most young people), but I believe – and correct me if I’m wrong – that the default soda sale size is tiny, but you are free to request a Big Gulp size if you so desire. So it’s not illegal for someplace to sell you more soda that pot, or something like that.

  3. Caliban says

    Jon’s guest later was someone who works at Bain Capital and just came out with a book that’s apparently being SLAMMED because the guy is such a tool. (It came across in the interview too.) His premise seems to be “The economy is hunky-dory, people like me deserve all this money, and the ‘99%’ are just cry-baby whiners.”

    I’m hoping his cr*ppy attitude gets transferred to Romney since he’s from Bain. Look at the interview to see what I mean.

  4. Rob says

    As a parent of a teenager who took refuge in way too much pot this year and almost lost it all, I’m really not okay with this law. Availability of things like this for the mentally vulnerable leads to trouble- just like the availability of guns does.

    And exactly where are people supposed to get their 24.9 grams of pot? I don’t see how this ends well for our already undermotivated, over-video gaming, poorly educated youth. The policy makers themselves are sure to enjoy it. Woo hoo.

  5. millerbeach says

    Rob, your teenager is NOT an adult. He is a teenager. It would still be illegal for said teenager to obtain the weed. Leave it for us adults. This line of yours really cracked me up…

    “our already undermotivated, over-video gaming, poorly educated youth”

    Well, who’s fault is that? YOU are the parent, shut the damn video game off, tell them to get off their duff and do something constructive, you know, BE THE PARENT! I’m surprised your teen only has drug problems….

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