Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1146

BRYAN FISCHER: You can't reason with gays because God has given them over to depraved minds.

PERFECT HOLIDAY: Stop-motion surf safari.

MYA AND HER MOMS: The first episode in a new series.

IT GETS BETTER: Broadway sings for Pride and TADA!'s Resident Youth Ensemble.

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  1. Sean in Dallas says

    LOL! Recent studies with PET scans have shown that uber-religious brains function differently from atheistic to moderately religious brains.

    Turns out they are the outliers. As usual.

  2. says

    Somebody needs to hold a mirror up to Bryan Fischers face as he’s speaking so he can see who he’s talking to and about.

    Talk about people you can’t reason with. Back at you bub.