Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1151

END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Eli Manning, David Beckham, Jeremy Lin, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria, Joe Torre and Andy Katz join Obama and Biden in a new PSA.

EYTAN AND THE EMBASSY: Everything Changes.

WHAT IS DRUGS? Offender after an hour-long high-speed chase from Burbank to Hollywood last Friday in which he collided with three vehicles.

JARED POLIS: Questioned a really thick DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart this week on the relative health impacts of marijuana versus other drugs.

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  1. Fenrox says

    While it doesn’t excuse her actions, she is actually required to keep these drugs illegal. The reddit page has the actual statute. What a mess. What a horrible human.

  2. says

    Violence against women needs to stop. I am SICK and TIRED of men like Bill Clinton who commit Oval Office fellatio, order pizza and spooge all over Monica’s dress. I am also sick of people like John Edwards. And people like Ted Kennedy who drive their dates off of a bridge. And I am also sick of people like Anthony Wiener who send twitpics of their di*cks and don’t send me the uncesnored version.

  3. Eric says

    She isn’t “thick”, because she knows what he wants her to say, and she knows that it is against this Administration’s policy to say it.

  4. melvin says

    So Eric, we pay govt officials to lie and deny the scientific record? “Testimony” is supposed to be about matters of fact.

  5. Eric says


    What? I was just pointing out that she isn’t “thick” because “thick” would mean that she was too stupid or slow to understand the questions. She knew exactly what was going on.


  6. bandanajack says

    you say it would be against this administrations policy, but that’s debatable. at the beginning of his presidency, obama made a clear distinction between marijuana and other drugs and intended to get away from prosecuting marijuana “crimes”.