1. Catherine says

    What a fine young man! I’m sure his moms’ are extremely proud of him, I know I would be if he were my son. And, could there possibly be a better example to debunk the homophobic hysteria and myth that being raised by two same-sex parents will harm a child than the walking proof that is Zach Wahls. Without getting to sappy, he restores my faith in a better tomorrow. Thank you, Zach, from the bottom of my heart!

  2. John says

    This super young man has singlehandedly done more to restore my faith in the human race…hands down. I hope I am still around when he announces his bid for President – That is a campaign I would support with every dollar and minute I could spare.

    Thank you Zach for being a super young man and a shining example for all.

  3. Garth says

    He wants to zip up their tents. Be their Den Mother. No one is that perfect, but it doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things because “Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose.” TIME MAGAZINE. 6/7/12 All of this will wash away like a tsunami if the Republicans win. That would be like canceling the Prom and bulldozing the gym.

  4. Dave says

    I know that there was and are gay people in the Boy Scouts of America and these past gay scouts need to come out of the closet and let the BSA know that there are and were gay scouts since the BSA started. These by the way are gay Boy Scout Christians. Note that the Boy Scouts also discriminated against African America boys and their families but they changed that like they need to change today and allow LGBT people be a part of the Boy Scouts of America other wise they should change their name to just the Boy Scouts and leave America out of it as we are not a slave country any longer and we all have the right to be equal and free to join in groups that use that name. Keep America Free by fighting for your Civil and Equal Rights.

  5. Caliban says

    According to the interview the BSA considers itself a “religious organization.” Has it always been that way? When I was a member we met in a church basement but whatever prayers there were must have been cursory because I don’t remember that part of it at all. It was about skills, not religion.

  6. Caliban says

    Norman, if you interviewed him there must be a link to the article or video somewhere, right? Or there would be no point to the “interview.”

    Not that I’d ever doubt the word of an anonymous internet poster (Heaven forbid!), but link please!

  7. says

    “I support allies, absolutely, but to treat them as “the face” or “leaders” of LGBT people is absolutely ridiculous.”

    @Lance: (My comment on the other thread on Zach Wahls expired before I pressed post, so I’ll post it here:)

    I don’t think it’s ridiculous at all. I’d be proud to have Zach as an important face of my community.

    In any case, the choices of letters to include in all these various acronyms are pretty arbitrary. In “LGBT,” gay women are included twice, while intersexed people, asexual people, children of same-sex parents, and allies (among others) aren’t included at all.
    Zach doesn’t have the experience of having his own same-sex spouse, but neither do I have HIS experience of growing up in a gay-led family, and neither does a transgendered person have my experience nor do I have theirs, not to mention the millions of bisexuals with opposite-sex spouses who face very few of the legal hurdles of gay people or even the children (like Zach) of gay parents.

    I’ll put an “A” for allies in my own community acronym and proudly have Zach Wahls or Judy Shepard speak on behalf of my people.

  8. Garth says

    Norman is correct about Zach. I’ve also read comments from his high school friends. The comments of praise sound like those of blind little old ladies He’s not what he appears. He had no Dad to knock the bull—t out of him.. And Matt, I am very funny and attractive. People love being around me. I just don’t swim for every baited hook.

  9. Jerry6 says

    I have posted this elsewhere when these BSA stories have come up. The BSA was not always homophobic. When I was a Scout in a Troop on Long Island, NY in the 1930’s, I was in the “Queer” Patrol (Gay was not used in those days). There were 8 of us. The other patrols had 6 members. The Scout Master was Gay, and lived alone in an apartment. When he met with Scouts for Merit Badge review, or any other reason, alone, his apartment door was left open, and the Scout could be seen from the hallway sitting on a chair.

    As a kid, I did not know why the door was always open. Now I do.

  10. P says

    I thought I saw him at Netroots Nation. This is totally shallow of me to say, but he’s much taller than I thought… and very cute :p

    Shallowness out of the way: With enough organization, it’s absolutely possible to force them to accept gay Scouts, no matter how powerful the Mormons are in that organization. I can’t think of a better person to be a defacto spokesperson in that effort than Wahls.

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