Posts from July 5, 2012

Episcopal Church May Soon Bless Same-Sex Marriages


Good news out of the Episcopal Church, via The Los Angeles Times: Sixteen years after allowing gays and lesbians to become priests, the Episcopal Church appears poised to introduce a rite that would specifically bless the unions of same-sex couples.…

Iowa Too Keen On Marriage Equality For Right Wing


Iowa conservatives have been plotting to win back the state legislature and subsequently reverse that state's marriage equality law. ABC News reports, however, that that homophobic ship may have already sailed. Conservative lawmakers are watching…

Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1159

BOMB?: Failed presidential candidate Rick Santorum thinks President Obama will bomb Iran to win in November. ABUSE?: Rodeo cowboys shocking horses to make them buck. ‘WEREWOLF': Fiona Apple singing track from her latest album. NO ‘REBELLI…