Anderson Cooper Planning Labor Day Wedding, Says Tabloid


Now that he's done and come out, the tabloids are claiming CNN host Anderson Cooper is preparing to propose to his boyfriend.

From The Daily Mail:

Anderson Cooper is reportedly preparing to marry his long-term boyfriend — and the nuptials could take place as soon as Labor Day.

Cooper, 45, is now planning to marry his boyfriend Ben Maisani, whom he has been dating since at least 2009, in New York City later this year, the National Enquirer reported.

'He'd been considering breaking the news [about being gay] since same-sex marriage became legal in the state of New York last summer,' a source told the Enquirer.

There are few other details about this rumor, other than that most of us probably won't be invited.


  1. Mike8787 says

    Good for him, though it sort of stinks that he was only willing to come out once he could get something out of it, rather than to use his visibility to help the community…

  2. Morgan says

    That jerk! My partner and I are getting married in NYC on Labor Day weekend and he’s totally gonna steal our thunder. đŸ˜‰

  3. says

    Rumor or not, if they are in love with each other and seek a life together they should marry. Gloria isn’t getting any younger and Anderson and Ben could do what many same-sex couples have done, have children through surrogacy. That would certainly ensure the Vanderbilt bloodline continues and I know we’d all like to see some cute little “Coops” running around. If they do wed, I would love to see a nice big beautiful wedding. What could we nickname them? Banderson? Love Ben’s last name – Maisani. French I believe. His first name is Antoine and according to Gawker speaks with a slight French accent. Immigrated to the US in 1995.

  4. WHAT? says

    @Mike8787…”get something out of it”? Don’t you think the cat would be out of the bag anyways when he eventually did get married? You don’t think the secret would be out? So, he came out now as opposed to everyone making a big deal about it when he walked down the aisle. As far as him using his visibility to help the community, who says his coming out now hasn’t already done that? Don’t you think that telling people now that yes, he is gay and having a wedding down the road doesn’t make him visible? By the way, he doesn’t owe you or the community anything. With people like you he is damed if does, damned if he doesn’t.

  5. Dan E says

    His given name is Antoine (that’s how I was introduced to him, in fact, when I first met him maybe 10 years ago), and he does have a (quite sexy) French accent.

  6. WHAT? says

    @Mike8787: if he went and got married and hadn’t come out you would have bitched about that too. So he comes out now before he gets married and you fault him for that?!

  7. Mike8787 says

    I fault him for timing his coming out after marriage equality passed in NY, and (from the article) purposely waiting until then to do so. He’s not damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t, but I think it stinks that he waited to have his big public coming out to reap the spoils, so to speak, after the battle was fought.

  8. jpeckjr says

    A straight woman friend of mine, who was astonished at Mr. Cooper’s disclosure, asked me what I thought was really “going on.”

    My immediate response was: “He’s planning to get married and needed to get the ‘I’m gay, just as you all suspected’ out of the way before the wedding.” I just love being right!

  9. anon says

    Wouldn’t saying that he’s going to propose kinda spoil the surprise? And he made wedding plans before proposing?? Sounds like a source check is in order.

  10. WHAT? says

    Ummm…he came out a year after marriage became legal in NY. He hardly timed it to coincide.

    “and (from the article) purposely waiting until then to do so”. Ok, you know you are taking the word of a TABLOID on this? How do you even know what his REAL motivation was?

    Plus, it was hardly a “big coming out”. His family, friends and co-workers already knew (and it’s not like he totally hid it from the public). Are you upset that you were the last to know? You act like that one friend who gets mad when they find out a friend was gay and says “you weren’t honest with me all this time”, as if to make it all about them. Get over it. It is his life and up to HIM to decide when everyone should know. Just like the thousands of other gay people before him who decide when the time is right, it’s just that they aren’t famous and have whiners who judge every move he makes.

    I just think no matter what he does you are still going to complain.

  11. Mike8787 says

    Dude, you are completely off-base. The point is that he came out *publicly* and got a lot of praise for it. My point is that he shouldn’t be getting accolades for being a role model or anything if the only reason he came out was to take advantage of his newfound ability to get married — something he could’ve helped pass, but elected to stay silent about.

    As I said in my first post: Good for him for getting married. I wish them luck. However, he’s no hero to me for coming out when it was safe and purely to get something for himself that others fought for.

  12. simon says

    The tabloid said:
    “They were encouraged to marry last year by Anderson’s mother, designer Gloria Vanderbilt”
    Probably “not encouraged to” but “pressured to”.
    That kind of thing happens in royal families.

  13. Caliban says

    Yep. Assuming this is true, all I have to say is “TOLJA SO!” (Complete with Told You So dance.) When his coming out was reported I posted that I bet it was because he was settling down.

    It’s so nice being right.

  14. WHAT? says

    @Mike8787: My point is he came out. People like you have been demanding he do it for years like it is his personal resposibility to you (it is his life and when he was ready to do it was his choice and not up to you). He then does it, yet you are still faulting him and saying he did it for another reason, that reason is something you read in an article in a TABLOID! Really?

    Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. He owes us nothing and I don’t understand why people think he does?

  15. Tim says

    Daily Mail (homophobic sensationalists) quoting National Enquirer (biggest tabloid EVER). This really couldn’t be more of a fictional story! If they do get married, it would be a pure coincidence! Having said that, I hope they do and I wish them all the best.

  16. says

    Well they both look great un tuxes.

    And they both look great stark naked.

    Nice if it happens, but it’s all up to them. They’ve been a couple for several years now.

  17. slippy says

    QJ201-LOL /poor Michael K sez “…MY BOOOOO …. / say it ant sooooo….”cant wait till he updates Dlisted with some a his bon monts

  18. Zee says

    Good for them, but since, as the article says, they are such a low-key couple, they can’t be too thrilled about their wedding plans (if it’s even true) splashed all over the internet/tabloids. AC is notoriously private about who he dates or is involved with and I don’t think coming out publicly has changed that, but I guess we’ll see.

  19. Mike8787 says

    @What? You are not reading. I never said he owed anyone anything. The point is that he’s been credit for some sort of altruistic decision to come out, when it was nothing of the sort. You wouldn’t applaud a company that change its carbon emissions policy because it would get a tax break, so why laud Anderson for coming out solely because he’s getting married?

  20. greg says

    The tabloid’s source is the National Enquirer, so the odds are it isn’t true. The Enquirer previously falsely claimed Anderson and Benjamin were adopting a kid from Haiti.

  21. WHAT? says

    @Mike8787: You are reading, but reading a tabloid and letting it form your assumptions. AGAIN: how do you know he came out solely because he is getting married? You are making this assumption based on something you read in a tabloid! I would not make this judgement based on what the Daily Mail/National Enquirer or any other rag claims. My point is YOU DON’T KNOW WHY HE REALLY DID IT!

    As for as oweing us something, you said regarding gay marriage: “something he could’ve helped pass”. Sounds like he owes it to us. Why should he help pass it? He is a journalist. If he came out of the closet and said this should be passed people would have a field day with that saying that is the only reason why he did it. Plus, his journalistic credibility would be shot and the conservatives and the conservatice press would be all over for him for it.

    Come on!

  22. just out for a ride says

    Can’t a guy just go out for a bike ride with his hot-looking friend without everybody hearing wedding bells?

    And look at that photo! Hot friend might be checking out the female on the left, and Anderson doesn’t like it!

  23. RJ says

    @MIKE8787… So you’re whining about other people giving kudos to AC for coming out. You keep claiming he came out only when he could get married in New York and forget he could have gotten married in, say Massachusetts, and the marriage would have been recognized in NY state even before the marriage equality law was passed last year. Face it, you really have no more knowledge than the rest of us of why he came out when he did, aside from what he revealed in that email to Andrew Sullivan.

  24. Mike8787 says

    He came out a few months before his wedding. Maybe you’re right, but the timing is suspicious.

    And you’re still missing my point. I’m not saying he had to say anything, but I don’t think he should be given credit as some hero for coming out when he only did it for personal reasons. He’s free to come out or not come out, but we don’t have to have a parade when people do so at personally opportune times and when it is safest to do so. I’m not saying yell at him, I’m just saying we should stop acting like he’s Ellen freakin’ DeGeneres for coming out so he can get married.

  25. greg says

    @Mike8787: As has been made very clear by all the “we already know” responses from straights to Anderson’s coming out, he was already well known to be gay because he’d made no real effort to hide it and he is well liked so he was in that way already having some influence on the public’s perceptions of gays. He wouldn’t have officially endorsed gay marriage even if he was out because it wouldn’t be professionally appropriate for a non-partisan reporter.

    This article might be false. It doesn’t say much for their accuracy that they wrongly claim that Anderson came out in an *interview* with the daily beast and they invent a refernce to Obama. If it is true, Anderson would fit a long line of gay celebrities like Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken, and David Hyde Pierce who go public with their sexuality in response to developments in their personal life that seem to make the time right. He’s been very active in anti-bullying efforts so I don’t think there’s any reason to doubt that bullying concerns played a role, he could after all get married without coming out and he wouldn’t be the first LGBT celebrity to do so.

  26. Mike8787 says

    Dude, I was responding to the contention in the article. And no, you’re right, he never said, “I’m coming out so I can get married.” Clearly, if that were the case, he would rush to be on record to say that. ಠ_ಠ

  27. tk says

    Mike, Ellen came out because she was going to therapy and decided coming out was the right thing for her. Unless they are thrown out of the closet like George Michaels in the toilet bust, celebrities just like everyone else usually come out because they have reached a suitable point in their own development. Coming out is always a personal decision that always has social impact. Everyone should be saluted for coming out.

  28. WHAT? says

    Dude, the contention in the article was from a tabloid! As we all know, tabloids have the best credibility. You then say: “And no, you’re right, he never said, “I’m coming out so I can get married.” So, why are you saying that he is? Just because a tabloid said it was so? The best part is the Daily Mail didn’t even do the legwork on the article, they just re-worked what was in the National Enquirer “story”. A tabloid quoting a tabloid. Rich.

    In the future make judgements based on fact.

  29. WHAT? says

    That should read: “the legwork on the main jist of the article: Anderson getting married”. That was based on what the Enquirer said.

  30. Mike8787 says

    Dude, you are incorrigible. It was posted on this site, so I responded to it. If you don’t like it that people are responding to particular content posted, take it up with Andrew Belonsky, who put a link to the article up. I’m going to respond to what I’m reading, and take at its given value without reason to doubt it. Perhaps its wrong — but my response to the situation posed in the article. Could it be wrong? Yes. But am I not going to respond to its contentions unless it is a cited and proven true article? No, and neither would you.

  31. Sancho says

    No, please, make it stop! Now we’ll have a non-stop 24/7 media “Wedding Watch” until Labor Day, with every detail (where? who’s invited? who’s singing? who’s officiating? what will they WEAR?!) hashed, rehashed and debated until anyone with an internet connection will be considering suicide. I don’t begrude the man his happiness, but this has Kardashian-Grade Media Circus written all over it.

  32. overandout says

    Sometimes Anderson films himself in his firehouse for his daytime show, maybe he’ll include Ben in the clips if they get married. There’s nothing to hide now.

  33. LAX/JFK says

    Ben is a hottie. And, as if we didn’t know, Andy is definitely the bottom. Mazel Tov!

  34. Giovanni says

    That anyone would believe that the Daily Mail somehow has the inside scoop on this supposed proposal is absolutely hilarious.

  35. Justin says

    All this talk of marriage and yet Anderson has never acknowledged publicly that he’s in a relationship with Ben at all. But that may happen too someday.

  36. says

    Good for them. Gay marriages are so much more romantic and beautiful than a generic straight marriage in my opinion. They make a great looking couple. Best of luck Anderson

  37. Rose12 says

    First of all, my prayers (If I wasn’t athiest) are with Michael K from Dlisted tonight. Secondly, let’s give him a break. He is frequently in war zones in middle eastern and african countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. He has never bearded, or said he is straight, he has just never publicly announced his preference. As an active reporter getting stories no one else could get in these countries, can we please give him a pass? I understand how much his support would have meant to the gay marriage debate, but that is dwarfed by the reporting he has done in the Sudan, Egypt and so many other countries where he could have been killed for loving another man. Congrats for coming out in such a dignified way.

  38. UFFDA says

    If Anderson Cooper marries that muscle whacked dude before he meets me I’ll just die. Talk about a mistake!

  39. UFFDA says

    If the rumor’s true what’s his name can kiss his eyes goodbye ’cause I’m going to scratch ’em out!

  40. RJ says

    @TRUEWORDS… Really? Dredging up an October 2010 gossip rag non-story on David Burtka and posting it to an Anderson Cooper comment thread? If you had done your homework properly, you would have found out that David Burtka’s ex-bf was already in the process of conceiving those twins via surrogacy when they met and became a couple. They were never David’s kids, much like Ricky Martin’s kids are his kids alone and not his boyfriend’s. David helped his bf at the time raise those kids but that was the extent of the relationship. According to interviews with NPH and DB, they’re like uncles to those twins now.

  41. Buzz Bellmont says

    He’s only been dating this guy for 3 years and he wants to get married? This will last 5 minutes. I can’t wait until all the gay guys and gals who are getting married start realizing that they are subject to the same divorce rates as their straight counterparts. Why screw up a good relationship with marriage, an institution that no longer works? I would marry my partner if we got tax breaks for being married, domestic rights in our wills, and a myriad of other rights that have yet to surface. The gays are too busy getting married and having children and joining the status quo. Is this what we have been fighting for since Stonewall?

  42. stranded says

    Um, he was never in the closet. People who were directly involved with him in business or other social circles knew. He never hid who he was or the person he was seeing. Why do people still insist on saying that he just “came out”?

    Actually, what I don’t understand is why, an LGBT-oriented blog like Towleroad, of all media, continues to perpetuate that misconception. Andy, you should know better than that.

    It seems that a lot of people mistake “visibility” for “loss of anonymity and privacy”. Regardless of orientation, people should be allowed to live their lives without having to put them up for complete strangers to dissect. Anderson certainly works in the media, but he is no Kim Kardashian, who makes a living by entertaining audiences with the happenings in her shallow life.

    Either way, I’m pretty sure that some people (LBGTs and heteros alike) aren’t still satisfied with what he said, and want the whole People mag cover story, or to see him wearing short shorts, a feather boa and a huge rainbow flag on the next Pride parade, because that’s what “visibility” means to them. And they will ask for his head and call him a self-hater if he doesn’t do that or if he fails to pronounce himself on every major single LBGT topic discussed in the media from now on. *sighs*

  43. Darrell says

    Well looking at the two of them in this shot you can tell who is the top and who is the bottom! LOL. Both are lucky lucky lucky!

  44. John Rechy says

    I am surprised at all the congratulations on Mr. Cooper’s “coming out.” Virtually everyone knew he is gay. So the announcement comes about sadly belatedly, suggesting that he felt he has been in the closet. If so, he must have been comfortable there, and that amounts to self-deception. Nothing brave about this latent “coming out.”

    –John Rechy

  45. twinkster says

    I don’t think it’s true. I think it’s a big publicity stunt to gain more viewers. If Anderson wanted to marry this guy he would have done it a couple of years ago before all of the ratings drama.

  46. Don Admire says

    It is a personal choice for each of us to come out when we are ready. It is completely ridiculous that any of us have to make an announcement of our sexuality.

  47. says

    I love that they’re both wearing Fred Perry shirts in the photo above. I do wonder though: What do they talk about?

  48. Wesley says

    Their lucky children might rather feel like they won Lotto, if they become heirs to the Vanderbilt fortune with no blood line connection. I can’t see Anderson having children — he’s the children. Keeping him happy will be a 24/7 job for that boyfriend.
    Flexing can only stop so many temper tantrums. Steroids might keep the peace. You can tell Andy’s a muscle queen.

  49. says

    Anderson is NOT gay whatsoever, he has had a love affair with the Pres. of Straight Pride for the past 17-19 years. Queen Wilhelmina Stromholtz aka Queen Senath CarMel Anderson. She has always been his girlfriend.