1. Tom in long beach says

    I think the really good thing about Bear culture is that life is not over when you are over 30 or 30 lbs over weight. Or over 40 and 40 lbs over.. Or over 50 or You get it… . I have always loved facial and body hair !! The first movie was a little silly but very enjoyable , look forward to this one.

  2. QJ201 says

    some guys are into hair…great for them…but celebrating and embracing obesity is just another example of the gay community using our “freedom” to justify unhealthy and self destructive behaviors.

  3. Dback says

    Bears aren’t necessarily overweight (that would put them more in the “chub” category on dating sites)–they’re just more likely to sport (or appreciate) body hair, and aren’t into the gym-twink-anorexic look that a lot of gay culture and the media idolizes. Ben Cohen is an absolutely beautiful bear cub, but in some segments of the gay community he’d have to lose some 30 pounds before he’d be considered attractive–they want visible abs and/or a 28-inch waist, people! This is a demented standard.

    I agree, being massively obese in unhealthy. However, our community has got to also realize that what we do to ourselves with perpetual dieting, eating disorders, excessive workouts, and fetishizing scarecrow-skinny boys isn’t a good idea either.

  4. New-new says

    Look another portrayal that projects the image of the gay community as being homogenously white and upper middle class. How innovative. How provocative.


  5. PAUL B. says

    I love the fact that we’re not all gym-bunnies, shaved and pretty. Some of us are…I was 30 years ago, thank you! But luckily, some of us move on and become fully functioning human beings…flaws & all !!!

  6. Ark says

    @NEW-NEW — Word.

    When I met my studly Asian bear who is now my husband, my eyes were opened to the racism in the bear world. I’m the white, bearded, bald one in our wonderful marriage.

    I knew racism was present but seeing it from my husband’s perspective was much different. And seeing and hearing it from other racially mixed couples confirmed I wasn’t making up things in my mind. Racism is really pervasive.

  7. John Dough says

    QJ201 and NEW-NEW: the absence of any mention of the lack of women in these movies in either of your brilliantly insightful critiques clearly reveals your misogyny. Why do you guys hate women so much?


  8. fedorajoe says

    Like others said, I am glad to see that it is becoming increasingly acceptable to show gay people who are not always the magazine cover stereotype. We need to get out of the mindset that that is the only “right” way to look and live.

    With that said–although I would never call myself a bear guy in a million years, the dude shown in the above picture is just too gorgeous for words. I mean, wow.

  9. yikes says

    whoa! it’s just one movie and written rather well. it’s amusing and sexy and exactly what it wants to be. it’s pretty swell and so was the first one. it does not pretend to represent everyone and truthfully it does reach out without pretense. it was written by one fellow who wrote about what he knows – ever heard of that.

  10. Amanda B. Rekendwith says

    @QJ201 Or, maybe celebrating and embracing obesity is just another example of the gay community using our “freedom” to celebrate and embrace our friends. To not judge. To be supportive.

  11. squeak says

    @QJ201. Bravo! I’m glad to see there are others who do not encourage this “emperor’s new clothes” world we live in. Fat is fat and no amount of fake glamourizing or false justification will change that.

  12. Craig says

    I just saw it so sorry for late post but whilst I agree it was an average and harmless movie, the bitchy comments especially by Squeak and Q – they may never answer but obviously they have issues with fat which they need to work on. But my question is this if anyone reads this: I fail to see how the film embraces obesity. It’s not even an issue. I am surprised in this site, because on others, some say how disgusting it is that Tyler is with an ‘old c**t”. It’s only a film and as for fat is fat well fat can be lost but being intolerant is harder.

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