1. Mary says

    Her revealing who she is convinces me that the attack really happened. If it didn’t she’d only be opening herself up to criticism and be making herself an easy mark for someone who really IS going to do violence to a gay person.

  2. Ray Sager says

    Oh please, here we go again! @Bryan: I encountered you on the last site and you were basically saying the same thing when this story first broke out. What is it going to take to convince you that this attack actually happened? Here she is, going on camera for the first time after the event, laying it out for the public that this was not faked, this was not a hoax. and that this actually happened to her. To claim that she is just playing the victim card is horrible! Did she NOT say in her comments that she did not ASK for this to happen to her and that she did not WANT this to happen? DID SHE NOT JUST SAY THAT?!?!?!

    Bryan, I seriously hope that something like this never happens to you because then if it did and you had people calling it a fake…you’d feel the same as she does.

  3. Johnson says

    Marcus, we don’t know how they spelled it.
    That information has not been revealed by the police yet. You need facts before you can make accusations.

  4. Francis says

    Give Ms. Rogers the benefit of the doubt, everyone who believes this incident was made up. The fact Lincoln police is now all in with regards to classifying this incident as a hate crime tells me that this truly did happen. And in that case, it’s yet another tragedy and another remind of what gay life is like in Middle America.

    With that being said, Charlie is very brave to come out publicly like this and put the doubts of many to rest, and one can only hope such a graphic and aggressive attack such as this will start making people think. This isn’t OK and it’s beyond time we all start standing up for our right to live, like Ms. Rogers is doing.

  5. Caliban says

    Markus, if an internet troll like you, who does nothing here but criticize, nay-say, and be the voice of doom, can spell “dyke,” why shouldn’t they be able to?

    I have to admit that I had a “wait and see” attitude toward this crime. Violent attacks do happen, and gay people are sometimes targeted. We all know that. But people *have* faked “bias crimes” for attention before so it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that this was another, and there were things about the story, maybe just in the way it was REPORTED, that seemed a little “off.”

    But seeing her and hearing her speak about it makes me more confident about this.

  6. theotherlee says

    It scares me some that the first time I read about this… before I even finished the article, I started thinking.. ‘hoax’ .. and that thought/feeling came, not from this specific story, but because of the handful of these hoaxes perpetrated by attention seeking homos.

    THAT makes me sick… and, it makes me feel terrible that because of idiots like that in MY community, it makes me question stories like this.

    I WANT to believe she is telling the truth. And if so, I want the men to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    As to Markus… I’m 40 years old and have always seen it written as such.. dyke…

  7. MarkUs says

    There are so many holes here. Why, if you pour gasoline everywhere and plan to burn down the place, would you bother to leave very neatly spray painted messages on the walls?

  8. des says

    I WISH this was a hoax. Does anyone really have to be convinced that some trash people physically assaulted a lesbian? Like it’s so far fetched. I really hope they catch the scumbags who did this.

  9. MarkUs says

    WHY, if you plan to burn down the place, would you leave messages on the wall? Let me guess – the gasoline was an afterthought when they found the canister full of it. That people keep in their homes.

  10. BZ says

    I’m torn about it. I don’t want to revictimize her if it’s true. But from time to time, we’ve seen the occasional hoax from someone who used public support towards victims of hate crimes to get themselves some sympathy (e.g. Tawana Brawley.) If there’s a common pattern among hoaxes, it’s that they tend to be more elaborate and exaggerated than real hate crimes, the injuries less likely to involve blunt trauma, and there are no independent witnesses. I’m wary of this incident. Let’s see how it unfolds – and whether the investigation can uncover corroborating evidence.

  11. lessthan says

    Markus, normal people keep gasoline around the house. Most lawn equipment requires it. Also, why would you expect sense from a group of people who thought it was a grand idea to torture a woman?

  12. Yeek says

    I don’t think her video really proves anything either way. If the attack was genuine, of course she would be upset and hurt at suspicions and want to speak out. If she was crazy enough to fake an attack for attention, then she would also be crazy enough to go on TV and try to manipulate public opinion.

    The only thing that matters here is evidence. Not strident words, not tearful declarations of indignation, not silence, not publicity. Let the police do their jobs.

  13. ratbastard says

    Sad woman. I hope she gets help for her psychiatric problems before she hurts herself or others. Maybe if James Holmes had received the aggressive psychiatric help he obviously needed, that Colorado killing spree wouldn’t have occurred. We as a society really have to do better with these issues. It certainly seems like more and more people are not developing needed socialization and coping skills, and more and more people appear to live isolated lives cut off from community and family.

  14. Yeek says

    Also: it’s foolish to expect a logical pattern from attackers crazy enough to do it or someone crazy enough to fake it. No matter what the truth is, a crime has been committed. But it’s an irrational crime, and therefore we should not expect evidence of rational decisions.

  15. Ray Sager says

    “I started thinking.. ‘hoax’ .. and that thought/feeling came, not from this specific story, but because of the handful of these hoaxes perpetrated by attention seeking homos.” THEOTHERLEE

    ATTENTION SEEKING HOMOS?!?!?! Really…REALLY???? OMG the things that spew out of trolls mouths and into their collective think. And I suppose she tied herself up and poured gasoline on the floor and spray painted those messages herself? God, you people are sickening!

    If you listened to her video she said she felt like she was victimized twice…once by the attackers and then by those who called her integrity into question. She went on to state that she didn’t know which one felt worse. Do you people get some sort of sick satisfaction out of watching this woman just fall to pieces having to defend herself against such bastards like you people? Seriously…do you people even KNOW her? Do you know her circumstance? NO, YOU DON’T! Yet…YET you people are willing to jump on this “oh, she faked it…it’s all a hoax…it’s all staged! bandwagon based on a small handful of “supposed” fake incidents.

    I think it is just so hard for these kind of people to wrap their heads around the fact that attacks of this nature do occur to LGBT people almost on a daily basis and just don’t get a lot of attention because of this very thing. Or is that the plan of people like you guys…discourage “these people” long enough to the point that their stories become almost unbelievable to the public because homo haters just don’t do these elaborate over-the top kind of attacks…only “attention seeking homos” do this to themselves to get attention. RIIIIIIIGHT!

  16. Ray Sager says

    “Sad woman. I hope she gets help for her psychiatric problems before she hurts herself or others”. RATBASTASRD

    —“it’s foolish to expect a logical pattern from attackers crazy enough to do it or someone crazy enough to fake it. No matter what the truth is, a crime has been committed. But it’s an irrational crime, and therefore we should not expect evidence of rational decisions.” YEEK

    @RATBASTARD: First off let’s give a warm fuzzy welcome to our resident troll RATBASTARD who has yet again graced us with his “divine” pearls of unasked for wisdom. I’ve read a lot of his comments on other articles from TR enough to know that RATBASTARD comes without feelings, emotions, or any sense of logic because he feels that all gay people are just 24/7/365 attention seekers that go out and do horrendous stuff to themselves for the thrill of it….YEAH. Now go troll someone elses blog for a change or go back under that rock you call a home…your advice is not wanted here.

  17. Ray Sager says

    @YEEK: What, about this crime, makes it seem so “irrational”? I believe you tried to make this point before when this story first broke out: The way the words were spray painted at what angle suggested to you that a female spray painted it…therefore, in your logic, it was she who did it on her own. What…all the sudden you’re a forensic scientist and expert hand writing analyst? REALLY???

    Again, I find it hard to believe that there are people out there that would think that this was staged.

  18. Song says

    This is so sad and I am so sorry that people are so mean and brutal that they can do something so unthinkable. I hope the SOBs that did this get what is coming to them and God bless you Charlie Rogers. May you heal and find happiness.

    As for the people who would even assume the Work Hoax, they are either in shock, because this is so inhumane. Or they are screwed up and void of a heart.

  19. Hmmmmm... says

    @ Ray – Not saying that this was or wasn’t staged, just saying it is wise to remember that Susan Smith cried convincingly on TV for weeks before it turned out she killed her own kids and not the mysterious “black man”.

  20. jexer says

    No respect for you arm-chair blowhards who think this is fake.

    In the unlikely event that this was faked, the police will figure it out.

    Your willfully ignorant incredulity in situations like these is how people who do this kind of violence continue to get away with it.

  21. reality says

    anyone who is saying this is fake probably hasn’t watched the video. i dont see from the way she speaks of her attack how this could be fake. What an awful thing to happen!

  22. Hmmmmm... says

    @ Jexer – I’m just saying that a TV interview (particularly one as edited as the one linked) should not be enough to sway opinion one way or another in this particular instance, the evidence should. Lets hope that the police are able to settle this matter & that justice is served regardless of the outcome. Jumping to judgement before all of the facts are out makes you just as much an “arm-chair blowhard” as those claiming this to be a hoax. Furthermore, blaming a skeptic (which is a reasonable position when all the facts are not in) for the violence of others is no more logical that blaming the victim for the attack. One should have compasion and empathy, but one would be wise to remain somewhat skeptical when all the facts are not known.

  23. Hope in America says

    What the hell is wrong with humanity? Hatred and discrimination is primative thinking in todays society. I don’t question this strong woman’s story nor the fear she lives in now. Sad, very sad and pathetic this is-that three peoples ignorance and unhappiness within their own lives touched a life of someone beautiful. Stay strong and proud Charlie, people out in the world support you!

  24. agone26097 says

    Google Alexandra Pennell, full blown hoax in connecticut last month, 25 charges, 8 felonies of false reporting. Google Hate Crime Hoax and see the rash of hoaxes by women, it’s like a whole crime category.
    Google Larry Brinkin to see a terrible story being ignored by the media

  25. Deirdre says

    Wow. It takes a really horrible person to comment about how a victim of a violent crime looks and to question their honesty. I feel sorry for people like you. To be such terrible people must be difficult. You people make me sick.

  26. Hmmmmm... says

    Wow! I dont recall reading any comments here about anyone’s appearence. Thank god the police questioned the honesty of Alexandra Pennell, Susan Smith & Tawana Bawley, otherwise the “crimes” may never have been solved. You people that claim anyone who is skeptical must be a terrible persom makes me sick. I’m certainly not saying that the events didn’t occur just as she claimed, but skeptacism, particularly given what little information that has been presented about this event, is not unreasonable. Sorry. I’m sketpical about jeebus, chi & homeopathy too. Must be difficult to be so self righteous. You people make me sick.

  27. Jeffrey K says


    Love you and praying for comfort for you. I am so sorry you had to endure this traumatic event. I admire your courage to speak out, and I pray for you to be strong like you have always been. These are sick people, and they will be judged in gods time. If you need anything someone to listen, talk to, a friend for lunch, you can contact me through my sister.

    Jeffrey K

  28. agone26097 says

    Something doesn’t ring true. In my experience men usually like gay women and aren’t threatened by them……three masked assailants, torture and mutilate her, scrawl notes on the wall as a calling card then douse with gasoline and try to kill her with no motive but anonymous hate? but can’t light the match? Now there are no suspects in this
    Iittle pudunk town? Sorry this smacks of bs and the more I listen to her the more unbelievable the whole thing sounds, sorry that makes me a villain. Crying wolf too often.

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