1. Derrick from Philly says

    Signorile is a good-looking man. (if I get called a snow queen for saying that–I don’t give a He’s handsome…must be that Sicilian stuff.

  2. The Polar Beast says

    I wish you would post CNN links that work. CNN links NEVER work on Towleroad

  3. jamal49 says

    Michelangelo Signorile is a first-class @$$hole, a pompous self-important d*ck. He’s done more harm than good in this whole “outing” nonsense. Stick to hypocritical politicians, Mr. Signorile. Let others who cause no harm decide when or if to “come out” on their own time.

  4. JAMES in Toronto says

    I had no problem with the link working, but, while it was a decent presentation, there were few real surprises.

    Two, however… I had never heard of the concept of “linked fates” in minority groups. How does a member’s actions affect the rest of the group?

    Gail Shister’s point that, while the quiet announcement was “no big deal”, look at all the headlines it generated. Anderson may be now the highest profile gay TV journalist in North America, if not the world… although I have a soft spot for the amazing Ms. Maddow, now and forever.

  5. says

    Personally I was glad Anderson came out. Glad because he is a well-respected high-profile gay man and he is helping the world he lives in far more than hiding in the closet. The world has changed, as my 65 yr old gay neighbor – recently fired from his Federal job after 28 years of devoted service – and yes, the guy lost his job because he is openly gay and there remains no Federal laws protecting gay Federal employees from homophobic assholes who still have the power to destroy gay lives, – has said. It is people like Anderson, as well as my neighbor, who are making those who remain hidden as the bad guys – those who do real harm to their own kind. By 2020 being gay will be seen like all other minorities with one difference, we’ll be on equal ground and we won’t lose our jobs, housing or our lives because of it.

  6. ratbastard says

    I was going to say Signorile rubs me the wrong way, but don’t want anyone to get any ideas.

    Hey! What happened to the rabbis mutilating and sucking on little boy penises post?

  7. J.J says

    Coming out serves more than just you. It helps shift minds for those who know you, in realizing their friend/family/neighbor is gay and being gay isn’t as scary as some homophobes led them to believe. Coming out serves so many more people than you realize, and you being honest and open about who you are is truly what is helping combat homophobia. Something to really think about and celebrate I say.

  8. AG says

    I’m glad Anderson Cooper came out so that I can stop reading about people whining about the fact that he wasn’t out.

    So, who didn’t know that Anderson Cooper is gay?

    Is he out enough, now?

    The earth has not stopped on its axis, and services of thanksgiving for gay people are not being conducted.

    In my opinion, the power bestowed on this one individual is unfathomable.

    Hopefully, this is over.

  9. milou says

    i think it’s interesting (and right) that this piece didn’t fall into the tired mode of having to have some anti-gay pundit on the panel to give “balance” to the debate. that is progress. we don’t expect racists to have a natural place on a panel about african american stories, but it still seems news shows need to have homophobes on their panels to provide an “alternate perspective”. so, good for cnn.