1. RONTEX says

    Seriously, WTF! I’ve been to Alaska and witnessed them first hand and their massive, you do not f@#k with them.

  2. james says

    Wow! That happened fast! From the early part of the footage, I never would have guessed a big chunk was about to break off.

  3. Craig says

    The passengers obviously thought that was cool, but that boat captain ought to have known better!! They were well within the kill zone of that glacier. Newsflash people, if you want to get nice pictures or video of dangerous things like calving glaciers or man hungry grizzly bears, don’t get close to them with your crappy camera/camcorder…get a better camera/camcorder with this thing called a TELEPHOTO lens. Those National Geographic guys aren’t lugging camera lenses larger than a toddler for the exercise. They do it to get the shot from a safe distance.