1. Icebloo says

    These right wing lunatics are getting more extreme because cops/lawyers/judges in these states are not doing anything to stop it. In fact, it’s being encouraged by Republican politicians and so-called religious “leaders”. These people disgust me.

    We need stronger hate crimes laws from the Federal level so the Feds can come in and make the local police/lawyers/judges behave and do their jobs properly.

    Be prepared for more of these beatings if Romney wins the election.
    All of the progress we have made on gay rights in the last few years will be reversed if Romney wins and right now his funding is almost double that of Obamas.

    PLEASE make a donation to the Obama re-election campaign if you want to stop these hate crimes escalating out of control.

  2. qj201 says

    We need an LGBT relocation program.

    Seems the haterade spewed in south (and other places too) gives morons license to attack people.

  3. disgusted american says

    I dont know If I can be any More Disgusted…..! …is there a collection for her?

  4. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    It might stop if these wimps who claim to be men but who can only gang up on a girl to win a fight a couple of times wind up at the business end of a gun and get their nuts shot off. “Stand and deliver” doesn’t take sides in any fight…though the juries and prosecutors do like to takes the side of the poor white mens who gets hurted when they does something wronger. Still, if word gets around that we’ll shoot back…

  5. kyle Michel Sullivan says

    It might stop if these wimps who claim to be men but who can only gang up on a girl to win a fight a couple of times wind up at the business end of a gun and get their nuts shot off. “Stand and deliver” doesn’t take sides in any fight…though the juries and prosecutors do like to takes the side of the poor white mens who gets hurted when they does something wronger. Still, if word gets around that we’ll shoot back…

  6. Mike says

    Antigay Christians are now beating children because they can no longer get away with raping them.

  7. woodroad34 says

    Kristalnacht. And these are the people gays are supposed to be like: heterosexual, violent, and stupid. I’ll stay gay and keep my respect, thank you very much.

  8. Mabel T says

    Not much of a silver lining, but at least it sounds like there were plenty of witnesses. I hope these bastards are put away for a long, long time.

  9. Rick says

    “at least it sounds like there were plenty of witnesses”

    Yeah, but despite that, all that the media will say about the perpetrators of the beating is that “police have a vague description of them”

    Hmmmmm…..a vague description, huh? Then why not release that description to the public, particularly since you are advertising a phone number that the public can call to offer tips?

    Usually when such information is not released, it is because the perpetrators of the crime are black and the victims white……surely the “vague description” would at least include positive identification of the race of the perpetrators, wouldn’t it?

    Of course, it would.

  10. Craig says

    I’m just about to move to nearby Fort Knox. Guess I’ll have to buy a gun or something.

  11. Mike W says

    Because it’s just so manly for a group of adult men to beat up a teenage girl. When are these perpetrators going to figure out they are spineless lowlifes not worthy of the air they breathe?

  12. candide001 says

    If I ever had the misfortune of being transferred to one of these god-forsaken southern hell holes, I’d definitely get a concealed weapons permit and start packing heat.

  13. Francis says

    I was going to say the same thing, Feo. This story should clearly be headline news throughout Kentucky but it doesn’t appear to be the case. That in itself highlights the cultural phenomenon that leads to incidents like this occurring all too often in states like Kentucky.

    I honestly am speechless regarding this tragedy. I mean………….a 16 year old girl? Beating up a 16 year old girl? Concussing a 15 year old boy? I know we hear of stories like this all too often, but I simply cannot comprehend how adult men can be so completely damaged that they would do something like this. This is completely disgusting.

    Hopefully there is a way to reach the family for any possible donations to help pay for the medical bills. At the very least, it is a good thing this 16 year old has people around her who do support her. Now we need to see action taken by Louisville police (and potentially the federal government).

  14. ratbastard says

    Is it possible to read won story on here with the usual vapid politicization? Who here really knows who these ‘men’ [I hesitate to call them men], what was going in their minds, etc.? No one. Were they drunk and/or high? Who knows. But EVERY story like this brings out the ‘crazy Christians’,’wingnuts’, etc., etc., It’s effing tedious and boring. And of course some will use ANY ‘homophobic’ incident, ANY, even fake ones, to further their particular version of the gay rights struggle. It’s like they salivate and look forward to the next outrage. Not cool.

    I hope the kid is OK.

  15. Denny says

    “The violence happened in front of two churches. Jeff McCarty, the Pastor of St. James Church said hearing about the beating makes him sad, “How sorry I am that this happened anywhere but, especially in front of our church family,” he told WAVE 3 News.”

    LOL. The cause was inside Pastor McCarty’s church. The effect happened outside it.

    BTW Rickster, the thugs are 1 black male and 2 white males. Apparently, beating up young gay girls is a common cause that can bring the races together in Kentucky.

  16. NeverEclipsed81 says

    They should have to register as sex offenders. Who follows teenagers? The last time I followed a teenager somewhere I was a teenager. Sex offenders follow teenagers, and usually abuse them as well.

  17. John B. says

    Every time the folks over at NOM whine about how they’re being victimized for opposing our marriages, we should post a link to a story like this to let them know what a victim really looks like.

  18. Matt in NYC says

    John, your comment actually made me look to see if there was any way to register and post this over at NOM’s site. Unfortunately, it appears that they refuse to allow any ‘community involvement’ (like they have one) over there

  19. Advocate Align says

    The main attacker was a black man.

    The accomplice was also a black female.

  20. Amber says

    As soon as towleroad didn’t mention a description of the attacker, I knew it had atleast one black person. This site will post close up photos of white attackers but when the attacker is black (and they almost always are) towleroad either won’t cover the story or won’t mention a description of the suspects

  21. Polyboy says

    And the racism dog wags its tail when the point is a little girl got beaten up.

    Amber, you and the other nitwits need to really go straight to hell.

  22. says

    Truth is, as soon as I read the story, I was certain it probably involved a black person as a ring leader

    If we’re going to get really real, when white people befriend black straight men, the black straight men always turn the white person (or Latino) into a homophobe. Homophobia is the back bone of many social circles in the black community. I’ve seen many non black people around me be influenced to adopt homophobic mentality by virtue of befriending black straight men. That may not be the Miss America answer Gay inc demands we always give in relation to this issue, but enough of our gay community is being physically harmed by the black population where it needs to be talked about FAR FAR more so than we as a community are speaking about it!

  23. LesbianDiva says

    Let’s not forget the stabbing of a gay 16 year old who was just walking to a store when three black individuals in D.C approached him screaming homophobic slurs and stabbing the gay CHILD three times. Our community has chosen to bury it’s head in the sand because we’re too politically correct to comment on who is driving homophobia in this country.

  24. says

    Seriously… Why is Andy failing to mention the description of the attackers? Because one is black and it would ruin the ridiculous notion the manhatten gays with white guilt have about who the militant homophobes out there are? It’s not the red neck hillbilly you all have convinced yourself of. It’s the dude blasting rap and hip hop who 9 out of 10 times is responsible for violent homophobia. Reality is better than pretending things dont exist

  25. Polyboy says

    “Driving homophobia?”


    The Republican Party

    Kepp prattling the lie that it’s “the blacks.”

    You’re probably NOM astro turfers implementing “project race war.” NOM already has black pastors in their pockets and now the paid concern trolls come out, trying to pin everything bad on someone black.

    It’s pretty damned evil.

  26. MJ says

    Jesus, I am NOT one to make things racial, but horrible homophobic attack in freakin KENTUCKY and one basher is an African American? That’s alarming to me and speaks volumes.

  27. Dynex says

    Homophobia has replaced racism in America as the most common form of prejudice, but the most ironic thing of all is that it’s black people who are themselves most responsible for homophobic incidents in the nation.

    I agree that we need to open this line of communication and as a community demand that community start doing some work. I don’t even care at this point if w get called racist. People who pull out the race card in an attempt to silence our communities frustration are the reason that boy in Atlanta was attacked by a group of black men, that 43 hate crimes occurrd in out nation’s capitol against gays this yer alone and 42 of them done by black individuals, and that a young boy in Boston wa recently attacked by a gang of black girls and boys. Enough is enough, an from the sound of comments I read on many gay blogs… The gay community has had enough!

  28. Acronym Jim says

    Wow! Did someone link this story to Stormfront? I haven’t seen such a blatant display of racist ignorance in a long time.

    I do have to give kudos to Rick/Jason though. He has lightened up (no pun intended) on his misogyny to the point where he can add the sockpuppet nym, “Amber” to his cast of characters.

    Good on you Rick/Jason/Amber. We might even eventually be able to make you understand that darker skinned people are humans too. We’ll make a bleeding heart liberal out of you sooner or later. Come to the light Rick/Jason/Amber; come to the light.

  29. Jennie-Cali says

    It’s so lovely to see straight black and straight white people put their racial tensions aside an unite in the name of homophobia- which seems to becoming more and more common in similar stories i’m reading.

    MLK’s dream was one day black and white children would hold hands to go and attack gays?

  30. 2EastCoastDudes says


    I disagree. I’ve been a poster on this site for ages, assuming everyone who is observant of the overwhelming number of anti gay attacks by black individuals is a troll for noticing that is you’re way of covering up facts. It’s facts. Most homophobic attacks that are physically violent ARE driven out by black suspects. Spending more than an hour observing related stories tell you that. That you think gay people should not connect the dots, or ignore an overwhelming pattern, than accuse them of being some right wing Conservative troll is both over simplistic and your way of deflecting the issue at hand. Black homophobia is not being addressed. The more peeps like you demand we hide it under the carpet the louder our communities voice of frustration will grow: just read the above comments or go to any gay site and see whats on the minds of visitors. It’s something that needs acknowledging because too many gay children are being harmed because of our communities unwillingness to GO THERE an tackle the elephant in the room

  31. Red Velvet says

    If gay people physically attacked black people strictly for being black, the way black people constantly physically attacking gay people for being gay; you better believe every single black gay commentator who is so quick to tell LGBT to not blame the entir black community would be calling for a mass execution of all gays. Let’s keep it real now. You KNOW the black community would have riots stoning every gay person in sight if the tables were turned. We’re however told to overlook it.

  32. Polyboy says

    Yep, astroturfers, telling lie, after lie, after lie.

    There is no mass conspiracy. And it isn’t race, it is religion and you concern trolls conveniently leave that out which is the biggest call sign that you are trolls trying to cause strife.

    There isn’t some sort of “homophobia gene.” It’s the homophobia that preached in churches and it isn’t just black churches. And it sure isn’t black money that lubes the flow of homophobia. But keep telling that lie. There are always people who don’t read and don’t think who will fall into the laps of people willing to slit their throats.

    So really, firm up your concern troll scripting it needs help.

  33. Acronym Jim says

    Oops. Maybe I should have typed that as strom*fartn'” in my earlier post. For those too lazy to click RustyTrawler’s link to the description of the suspects, here’s the relevant portion:

    “The boys say the woman in the group of adults didn’t attack anyone. They are hoping she or someone who knows what happened will go to police.

    The men are described as a light skinned black male around 5’10” in his early 20’s or late teens. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Two white males in the same age range, one 5’10, with short hair, last seen with a light colored shirt and pants with an art design on them. The other white male is described as 5’8”, also with short hair wearing a light colored shirt and baggy shorts that went to his knees.

    The female is described as light skinned around 5’6” wearing shorts, a gray tank top and white Air Jordans shoes.”

    Yep. One black guy, two white guys and an apparent albino woman (the description IS vague) = TEH BLACKS HATE YA’LL AND ARE TAKIN’ OVAH!!! PANICPANICPANICPANIC!!!!!!!!!!.

  34. Kevin Mendoza says

    ‘Red Velvet’ actually brings up a good point: if the gay community wa responsible for a plethora of racist physical harm against the blacl community, we can all agree that most every black person would hold the entire gay community accountable and request gay leaders start answering. Why then do we not examine the homophobia within the black community? Atleast discuss the correlations between urban street culture and vast homophobia. Examine the relationship between the two and maybe tomorrow, create a focused campaign at said group in said areas? Why would an aim like that be flawed? I assure you if the roles were reversed, every member of our LGBT community would be forced to work to not ever enable anti black hate crimes, but it seems we’re told to just pretend a correlation between cultural homophobia in the black community and black homophobic hate crimes are nothing to see. No big deal. And certainly don’t talk about it.

    Who decided it’s a taboo to talk about? An why?

  35. says

    I love hearing the excuse how religion is the culprit to homophobia attacks by black folks. How come I can name many other demographics who are religious but don’t exercise homophobia in violent manners? Of course religion is the root of most homophobia, but it’s cultural elements that have NOTHING to do with Churches that black folks have embraced which is the leading cause of homophobia in the streets. You can spin that all you want to fit your agenda, but most of us refuse to remain as ignorant to this topic as you want us to.

  36. Acronym Jim says

    The joke is that the insulated NOM astroturfers have no conception of mainstream gay life. By and large, black or white, we drink together, we eat together, we go to movies together, we work together, we attend church together (MCC typically), we even (gasp!) sleep together and/or seek to get married to each other.

    The sick, sad and disgusting part of the NOM astroturfers, is that they would use a tragedy like this to push their racist and clueless wedge strategy.

  37. HistorianNerdFelix says

    Let’s have the realest post on towleroad to date:

    Black homophobia has very little to do with religion. If it did, black people wouldn’t have some of the highest pregnancy out of wedlock rates in the nation. Black homophobia derives from so many forces that it’s laughable to even suggest it’s on the same level as other forms of homophobia from other groups.

    1.) unhealthy obsession with masculinity. Black men see being anything but ”all man” as a weakness. They view two men being together as weak. It’s irrational and stems from a complex from the slave years which has been passed down from generation to generation
    2.) street culture dictates being completely inappropriatly as homophobic as possible, and that message is sent from music, to entertainment and the most homophobic outlet of all… The internet, notably black oriented sites and blogs (go visit some prominent ones and see what the commentators and posters say about gays)
    3.) black people feel gays are stealing their thunder in the court of public opinion. Black people play the opression olympics with every segment of population and resent the idea of anyone being viewed as more of a victim than they are. In todays society, they feel and express gays are taking away attention from them. You’ll constantly hear how ‘not so bad gays have it.’ how blacks didn’t choose their skin color, but gays chose the’ lifestyle’

    You put all these things together and you get a group of people with a fixation of belittling gays, sometimes violently so. And with no one in that communiyy to step up and speak up AGAINST these patterns of homophobic thought and action- and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

    Truth hurts, but truth will always be truth and I agree with other posters, it’s high time we as a community express the truth of what we observe

  38. JP says

    Acronym Jim,
    Why do you assume all of us gays attend church? Your post inferred we all do. An described next to your other activities mention, made it seem like a regular routine event. I nor most gays I know don’t want to have anything to do with churches. While you have that freedom, please don’t speak on all our behalf. Some of us wisened up and know why our people are suffering and our gay youth are dying daily, and it boils down to that very church you couldn’t resist giving a shout out to in your post

  39. Klien says

    @ Historian Nerd Felix

    I actually think most of what you wrote was very accurate and painted a realistic picture. I really do. I’m sure you’ll recieve some backlash from a few who feel your comments were a little TOO real, but I enjoyed reading them, and quite frankly, most of our community is thinking it

  40. says

    The black attacker clearly doesn’t know his own history. 40 years ago, it was him walking in a store in Kentucky, being attacked by a mob. May he waste away in jail when captured, and hopefully read a few history books.

  41. Acronym Jim says


    My post was to highlight the many various social aspects in which gay folks interact. One of those includes attending church. It wasn’t intended to mean that ALL gay men attend church. That wasn’t the assumption I was trying to convey; however, many of us who don’t often know or have friends that do.

    Plus, it blows the NOM astroturfers minds that some of TEH GHEYS might share some core religious beliefs.

    My basic point was that vast majority of us socialize with people who are not of the same race that we are. Their “THE BLACKS, THE BLACKS, THE BLACKS is all generalization and in this context nothing more that a dog whistle in space.

  42. utopia says

    I agree with others, it’s becoming painfully obvious who is behind most of these types of bashings and pointing out the obvious (which we’re all thinking) is natural, if not healthy. What we need to do is demand that community changes their approach. Let’s start with eliminating the down low fixation which the AA does not realize is causing so much ignorance.

  43. Louie says

    I feel very sorry for anyone who is lesbian or gay and lives in a backwards redneck area.

    I hope the feds get involved as local bible thumping redneck police are usually not to be trusted.

  44. xzavier says

    I’m sure these men consider themselves “christian…after all it was done in fromt of two churches….when are the people of the GLBT community gonna start fighting back? enough of this passive crap B.S. The right wing bible thumpers will not let up its high time the GLBT started fighting back

  45. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Rick represents to me all that was bad about prevailing social attitudes in this country in the 1950s.

  46. Francis says

    People are always so blind when it comes to these incidents. No-one has ever committed a hate crime as a result of their skin color. There are too many persons of color out here who are NOT homophobic to blame homophobia on black folk. This is exactly what NOM/religious fundamentalists want to do, drive a wedge between the gay and black communities, and it’s working because people are not thinking in context. Black is not a reason why people commit hate crimes. 2 of the attackers in this tragedy are WHITE!

    The problem isn’t a race-based one……….it’s cultural. Street culture, urban culture in general; it glorifies violence, promotes hyper-masculinity and hyper-aggressiveness, is largely ignorant and uneducated. Religion is also a factor in these communities. Everything that these people hear regarding gay folk is negative. That’s beginning to change, but for the longest time, that’s how things have been, constant negativity regarding gay people. And it’s going to take a very long time to wash that away.

    There is some truth in what Historian Nerd Felix has to say as well, but it’s too simplistic to boil everything down to “the blacks”.

  47. kpo5 says

    What John B. said.

    The NOM crowd has already posted half a dozen stories about how Keith Ablow is scared to say anti-gay things because he gets “threats.” Poor little bigot baby.

    Until a few of them are tied to fences and get mistaken for beat-up scarecrows, or get curb-stomped, or their jaws broken/teeth knocked out, they really need to put down the victim card.

    I don’t think this particular attack was caused by their venomous ammunition to the local derps, but they have certainly provided such for past violent acts.

  48. Francis says

    Also, the gay community and our allies are fighting back, but we’re not damaged to the point where we’re going to commit violence. Now when in a violent situation we will defend ourselves as much as possible, of course, but fighting back for us is not about attacking and violent behavior in response to hate. It’s about education, awareness, and guidance. Which is what has to be done to see change in communities where homophobia is prevalent.

  49. Polyboy says

    Concern trolls in full effect. It’s remarkable how Towleroad seems to bring them out of the wood work. Soon they’ll be quoting The Turner Diaries, except there’s no chapter for gay people.

    A for effort, though you still fail. Homophobia is not genetic.


  50. kranbree says

    i give up with site! Every time I read a post about some attack somewhere I always hope that the comments don’t devolve into blatant racist bile! Time and time again though, i am utterly disappointed!

    As Black gay South African living in the States, it astounds me how very little progress has been made in the country regarding race relations!

    Reading these comments you would think that all of black America is out to get gay people, never mind people like Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Aaron McKinney, Russell Henderson, Michael Griffin and Deryl Dedmon (it makes me ill to even write this stupid list of evil people)

    I am not saying that we should be PC about matters, but can we be balanced in our anger at what is being done to OUR community!??

    All this racist bile really scares me, on top of the homophobia out there. It makes think twice about going to gay clubs (which you’d think would be a safe place to have a good time) as I might end up being lynch for the sins of my race.

  51. says

    So three attackers, one black, two white.

    Shouldn’t we have twice as many comments about how homophobic violence is caused by whiteness?

    But no. Racism doesn’t work that way.

  52. says

    So three attackers, one black, two white.

    Shouldn’t we have twice as many comments about how homophobic violence is caused by whiteness?

    But no. Racism doesn’t work that way.

  53. Rick says

    “The problem isn’t a race-based one……….it’s cultural. Street culture, urban culture in general; it glorifies violence, promotes hyper-masculinity and hyper-aggressiveness, is largely ignorant and uneducated. Religion is also a factor in these communities. Everything that these people hear regarding gay folk is negative”

    And here you have it folks. The doubletalk you get from “good liberals” trying desperately to pretend that blacks as a group are not way beyond the pale with their homophobia, compared to any other group.

    So it’s about “urban culture”, huh Francis? Really? So blacks in small towns and rural areas don’t have the same attitudes as those in big cities? And does this “urban culture” apply to other races who live in big cities, who one almost never hears about perpetrating such violence as this? When have you ever heard of such an attack being perpetrated by urban Asians or urban Latinos, much less urban whites?

    And do you seriously believe that these street thugs are influenced by religion? Please.

    Oh and, by the way, is it a coincidence that outside the US, the most homophobic nations on the planet are all in sub-Saharan Africa and the Carribean?

    God, your desperation to try to run from the reality of black homophobia in all its viciousness and vindictiveness is beyond pathetic. It is not that other races don’t have their homophobes, too. It is that the intensity of homophobia among blacks and the viciousness that results from it is totally off the charts, even compared to the most ignorant redneck.

    And yes, it has everything to do with race.

    To what has already been stated, I will add that much of the homophobia you see among black politically is, in fact, race-driven. Many do not want to vote for or support any gay rights legislation precisely because most of the beneficiaries of such legislation will be white….and if you could have access to what they say behind closed doors, that is what you would quickly discover.

  54. rustytrawler says


    Nowhere in the article does it describe one attacker as the “main attacker.”

    Thus all this race talk is race baiting by trolls.

  55. Steve says

    @USC Trojans Fan
    The problem is that you can’t separate religion and culture in the black community. Being religious is just part of the identity. That’s also why black atheists are such a rarity. Yes, it’s religion and yes it’s culture. But you can’t really tell where one ends and the other begins.

  56. Francis says

    What you don’t understand, Rick, is that you’re a racist. And there are numerous stories that involve White/Asian/Latino/etc. individuals committing such crimes, such as this story, where two of the attackers are WHITE MEN. There are BLACK people who are not homophobic, including in the hood, urban blacks, who support gay rights. People like JAY Z who grew up in the hood, who have come out in support of gay rights, in support of Frank Ocean. But because of your racist mentality, you are too blind to see it. You want to make this a racial issue when it CLEARLY is not a racial issue. 98% of people are not anti-gay solely because of their skin pigment.

  57. JOE says

    I am done with this site. I am tired of the racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc that runs through here (usually from the same individual) by people/organizations who are just trying to drive a wedge through the community. Too bad a normally informative website has been tarnished by outsiders who are just trying to cause trouble. Goodbye Towleroad.

  58. says

    Francis: “education” doesn’t work. If it did, there wouldn’t be these types of attacks. Get a bunch of LGBT people together and beat hell out of these attackers. THAT will stop the bashings for once and for all.

  59. IndieMovieFan says

    Black homophobia is more constant though. It’s in the streets, it’s in the music, it’s in the homes and it’s on black sites. I agree with other posters, go visit a black blog on the net and see how much homophobia is displayed, an proudly so. We can’t just pretend that doesn’t influence anti gay violence by these same people. Clearly it does

  60. NYerBellz says

    I don’t know guys. I sit on the fence in this argument.

    It seems the arguments about race in relation to homophobia all boil down to political correctness versus not wanting to be politically correct- and wanting to keep it real. I’m not certain I blame the gay community for wanting to keep it real, and change the pattern of what they are noticing. First step in changing something is acknowledging it’s existence.

    Sure, we can care to be blind folded to homophobia in the black community, and pretend a randomly drawn young black straight man would be just as or less than homophobic than a randomly drawn young straight white man, but that’s not reality, and not the reality most gay people live in. In our relatively large gay neighborhood, there was a recent string of homophobic attacks and all, every SINGLE one was by young black straight males. So demanding the gay community ignore what they see constantly, and especially when it effects them as much as it does is both pompous and saying you don’t care for the community to resolve these issues, you just want to make sure black people are as comfortable as possible. Well, maybe black people should be more considerate of gay people’s feelings too.

  61. REALLY says

    @NYERBELLZ…what city are you talking about? Is there an article or media reports about these attacks and the race of the alleged attackers? Otherwise…

  62. REALLY says

    Real tough men these alleged attackers! Does it feel real manly beating up on a girl? Well, I guess if they get convicted the only good thing is they will hopefully get the “full gay experience” in prison!

  63. Derrick from Philly says

    “Usually when such information is not released, it is because the perpetrators of the crime are black and the victims white…”

    Irony, for decades that was a criticism Black folks had of the media but for the opposite reason.

    And don’t be so lazy homo klansman. Why didn’t you Google the story before you posted? The three attackers are described as one light-skinned Black and two Whites. And all three are savages.

    I hate that even responded to your crap, but in this case it was necessary.

  64. Derrick from Philly says

    What happened to the girl is horrible. What’s happened to this discussion is hilarious.

    To all those here screaming, “the blacks, the blacks…the violent blacks” I have one thnig to say to y’all, “WE GON’ GIT YOU, SUCKUHS!”

  65. Brad says

    I am from Louisville, and I am shocked and saddened that this has occurred in my hometown. Louisville is a very progressive town with a thriving and well-connected gay community, and it just reminds you that this sort of crime can happen anywhere. Ignorance and intolerance are in every corner of this country, so before you descend into geographical stereotypes, I suggest you remember that the feeble-minded bigots of this world are in everyone’s hometown, and we must all involve ourselves in efforts to change hearts and minds locally.