1. Chris says

    It has been an exceptionally wet spring in BCwhich alone can cause mudslides like these, but clearcutting the slopes above the rivers greatly increases the chance of this happening. There plenty of such clearcuts all over BC so even if Sargon hasn’t gone there and looked at it there is a good chancehe is correct.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    It looks like the “trees” mixed in with the mud are pre-cut logs, I would agree with some level of bad forestry practices — in any event, mud doesn’t just come from anywhere, it would have to be from where the earth had been laid bare (like the continual mudslides in the deforested areas of the Dominican Republic).

  3. Darrell says

    These are uncut forests it just a bad year for rain and the fact that the trees are dead due to years of BC being infected by the Pine Beetle which has left thousands of square miles of forest dead in the past several years….So if there is a landslide a dead tree will not prevent things from washing away.There was also a mudslide that trapped 600 campers at Fairmont Hot Springs this weekend by a mudslide that took out the bridge linking it to the rest of the resort. (I spent several years of holidays there as a kid) and They were very lucky tha no one was washed away and drowned as you would walk across the bridge or even wade across the stream to hit the pools. Today they managed to get the campers out in their vehicles and motor homes and reunite families seperated as some were trapped in the campground while others were at thre pools and resort.

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