1. Leonard says

    When did the word f*** become a two-syllable word? He clearly said faggot.

    No one is labeling her son a bigot. People are pointing out that Bristol is clearly anti-gay and therefore is raising a child that repeats the homophobic slurs that are probably a part of her and her family’s vocabulary.

  2. Icebloo says

    If this white trash bimbo wants to use her son on her TV show just so she can make more money then yes she is going to be held accountable for his behavior. She is SUPPOSED to be the parent.

    How on earth did this awful, dumb, trashy family almost get to be the second family of the United States ? How on earth did we let our standards fall so low ? We should be ashamed !

  3. Cody says

    I don’t think he necessarily said faggot, he could have said “f-in'” where f is the usual f word. Hard to tell with the censoring of course

  4. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Yes, I understand that “f*ck” can be used as a noun, so the hypothetical sentence would be “Get away from me, you f*ck.” The word that Tripp says on the video is a two-syllable word and you can clearly hear the “-ot” at the end of the word. Bristol is obviously lying to save face.

    Levi Johnston complained about Bristol’s homophobia last year and it’s potential effect on their son, Tripp:

    Johnston saw the sad result coming of letting Bristol raise the kid. Let’s say that Levi Johnston saw this video, decided to let Bristol know what it feels like and told Tripp, “Don’t forget to call your mother a c*nt.” Not so funny anymore when the shoe is on the other foot, is it, Bristol?

  5. CB says

    How about turning this into a teachable moment? I would have so much more respect for her if she said hey he said it. It was wrong. I’m sorry. No instead she makes it about her lack of marriage equality and how the left is attacking her. Oh yeah, I forgot this unwed mother and her bastard son’s last name is Palin. She learned from the best. Dumb hooker.

  6. woodroad34 says

    The name “Palin” should be re-branded much like “santorum” was, except the new meaning should be something like “clueless” or “supremely ignorant”. She has no clue about this whole situation. Why would anyone blame a 3-year-old for saying something? She apparently has no control over him…the sister is the one doling out punishment. All Bristol does is giggle and say “I can’t believe he said that”. Why ever not; considering how she and her sisters talk and tweet. Kids don’t make up words like that; they learn the intonations and situational uses for them from the adults. I have to agree this once with Bristol when she says “she’s not doing a good job”. I think Tripp, like that woman who had gay parents and is now with NOM, in 40 years should write a book about how all heterosexual head of households are demonic because of his experience with Bristol.

  7. says

    No one is trying to hold her three year old son accountable. People may be holding Bristol Palin accountable for allowing her child to be in an environment in which that word is used — Bristol’s immediate family, most likely.

    Moreover, I doubt many are even trying to hold Bristol or the Palin’s “accountable.” The word accountable presumes some action in response would be taken and that’s clearly impossible in the world we live in, which all in all is probably a good thing (free speech and all).

    What is more at work here is pointing out the bigotry of the Palin family, for any misinformed Americans who still like the Palins and think they’re nice people, whether or not they think Sarah Palin was experienced enough to be President.

    It’s important people know that the Sarah and the entire Palin family are a bunch of bigots, should any of them run for office again.

  8. Joe_hardy says

    Again, why are you posting this? Why are you giving her any attention? It’s not enough that I started my day hearing a 3-year-old call his aunt a faggot. Now Bristol gets to re-affirm her opposition to gay marriage and lie about her son’s language directly to us. I would have been happier never seeing any of this. Please stop indulging these idiots.

  9. DANNY says

    “We’re the Palin’s, we’re the victims, we’re the victims”! Yeah, knew that was coming!

    If you put yourself in the spotlight in front of cameras for national reality show, you should expect people to comment, good AND bad. You just can’t cash the cheque and not expect people to notice your stupidity. Grow up for once.

  10. says

    That’s the train-wreck mother of the year I suppose people are tuning in to watch. How do we let trash like this on television? Like mother, like daughter I suppose. Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah to make that money. She pays a ghost-writer to slap together blog entries on hot-button issues to shamelessly promote herself. Her limited vocabulary shines through in Tripp’s favorite words. Talk about some successful capitalists- all body and no brains. See how far they’re willing to go for the cash at

  11. Ken says

    She says she’s “not proud of what he did say”, so he probably didn’t say faggot because these people seem pretty proud to show how anti gay they are. If he actually said it they’d give him a speaking role at the Republican convention.

  12. Bart says

    Dear Ms. Palin,

    It’s your ignorance that is laughable and embarrassing not your child’s.


    Every Intelligent Person in The United States of America

  13. David says

    “Sadly, he used a different f word.”
    meaning, faggot would have been ok, since she’s anti gay marriage and all.

  14. jason says

    Bristol is trash. Her show won’t be renewed owing to the fact that its ratings are in the gutter.

  15. Chell says

    In the original airing the words on the screen said “…dumb, f***!” I actually watched it

  16. DANNY says

    This is the type of behaviour you should expect when a child is not raised in a two parent, male – female home.

  17. Pdxblueyes says

    Said the Junior Media Whore to the Media. This apple dint fall far from the tree, eh?

  18. and he's only 3! says

    It’s OK. He probably said f*ckhead. Not to worry. No biggie. He’s just learning compound words.

  19. Beef and Fur says

    Oh, so he used the other “F” word? Well, that makes it all better then. Give it time, he will be well versed in all the “f” words.

  20. Steve says

    More than the word “faggot” is the kid saying “I hate you.” They’re obviously teaching him hate, in addition to disrespecting adults.

  21. BryanB says

    Truth be told, we don’t know what Tripp actually said. Could have been “Fagg*t” could have been “F*ck it” or even “F*ckhead”.

    Let’s not jump to conclusions about what he said. (And I’m no supporter of the Palins; I really would rather they all just go away.)

    Instead, the video shows some awful, dreadful parenting. I’m not saying the parenting is like this all the time but this moment that has been captured is terrible…

  22. DANNY says

    There is one easy way to put an end to this: let’s see the un-bleeped version. If he didn’t say it, end of story.

  23. Brian says

    Another horrible child being raised by a mother who was raised by horrible parents. Disgusting.

  24. Andy says

    What’s the big f***ing deal? Even if he did say f*g instead of f*ck, it’s not the end of the world, and Palin’s reaction seemed like genuine shock and not egging him on to repeat the word. It does, however, make you wonder where he’s hearing any cuss words.

  25. bobbyjoe says

    The only “F-word” we should hear concerning the Palin family is “fifteen,” as in “your fifteen minutes ended a long time ago. Goodbye.”

  26. Kitty says

    Dear Ms Palin,
    From the time my son was in first grade, his friends’ favorite “mean words” were FAGGOT and RETARD. I found both of these words very offensive and hurtful, so the first time he used them I explained what the words meant and why we should not use them in a bad way. I told his friends they were not allowed to use those words in the house. I didn’t mind all the comments about poop and farts because I knew the kids would grow out of that stage.
    But for a young person who might be questioning his sexuality or for a young person with intellectual disabilities, those words sting terribly.
    Certainly, a three-year-old is going to throw out words when they are upset with their parents or aunts. They may not learn for a while. But it’s always good to tell them “I don’t like that word, and if you use it again, I will put you in the thinking chair,” or whatever you do to discipline your boy. Good luck. I know it is not easy being a single mom.

  27. andrew says

    Regardless of which “F” word was used. How could any parent let their child near people who would use them. Any intelligent adult knows you never use certain words near children as they absorb everything. But it seems Bristol like to pass the blame to others and not her bad parenting.

  28. TANK says

    Okay, it’s time for Tank to join this conversation and keep it real. To everyone here who said that that Palin brat used the word, “f—-t,” the word that rhymes with “bag it,” you are correct. To those who think he used a different word, you are complete idiots. Tank has studied video analysis and so I ask everyone to watch the kid’s mouth as the words come out, and pay attention to how he is shaping his lips. There is no doubt in my mind that he is saying a word that rhymes with “maggot” and not “bucket”. Bristol can do all the lying and damage controls he wants, but the video does not lie.

  29. Markust Taylor says

    Oh hurray another made up controversy on Towleroad. There are enough reasons to hate the Palin’s where we don’t need to make things up. He clearly said f*ckhead. It is an “ed” sound at the end not on “ot”.

  30. Jerry6 says

    What was NOT going on yesterday that THIS is NEWS?
    I can always tell that nothing important is happening when “News” about nonentities makes headlines.

  31. Will says

    Whatever it was kids say stuff they hear. Period. Enough so that he said it in a context of hate…” I hate you you’re a ?????. The problem was she giggled and didn’t correct or denounce what he said, she just laughed at it and thought it was funny. Teaching him, by her inaction that what he said was OK. She’s disgusting.

  32. says

    This family is utterly determined to be as unapologetically worthless as possible.

    Congrats, Palins. You represent the scum of the country.

  33. throwslikeagirl says

    The less publicity this family receives the better. Eventually no publicity will mean no money because people won’t tune in to watch them. Already all reality shows featuring them have been poorly watched, and their books are featured on stores remainders shelves. I’d just as soon not hear anything about them. I’d appreciate it if this blog would refrain from mentioning them.