Photo Released of James Holmes, 24-Year-Old Colorado Shooter


CBS News just released the above photo of James Holmes, responsible for the deaths of at least 12 people this morning in Aurora, Colorado at the Dark Knight Rises screening.

Neighbors say Holmes was a recluse and a medical drop-out who kept to himself:

In an apartment rental application he submitted early last year, Holmes described himself as a "quiet and easy-going" student. Other tenants in his building — which is reserved for students, faculty and staff of the medical campus — described him as a recluse.

A pharmacy student who also lives in the building told The Post he called 911 around 12:30 a.m. because there was a song blaring from the stereo inside apartment 10, where Holmes lived. The student, who wanted to be identified only as Ben, said he couldn't make out the song but that it seemed to be the same one playing on repeat.

He also said Holmes kept to himself and wouldn't acknowledge people when they passed in the hall and said hello.

"No one knew him. No one," Ben said.

Police found his apartment booby-trapped with "pretty sophisticated" explosive devices.


  1. says

    what we’re experiencing is the new-millennial version of age-old sociopathic aspirations of infamy.

    like with luka magnotta, and other killers who believe their own hype.

    i’m not sure how, if at all, this will be addressed in the public forum. these are cases of people who are wholly interested in destroying other people’s lives so that they may become some Murderous Footnote in forensics history or something.

  2. Dback says

    “Chicago” looks more and more prophetic every year (it was released in 2002)–the tagline on the poster was, “If you can’t be famous…be infamous.” Since to be an American these days is to seek fame/validation every single way possible (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), we are going to see more and more discontented people trying to “make their mark” in other, more disturbing ways. (You can also go listen to the song “Everybody’s Got A Right” from “Assassins,” which becomes more and more true with every passing year as well.)

  3. endo says

    ABC News reported that he’s a Tea Partier. Breitbart reported that he’s a Democrat.

    Who effin’ cares? He’s a psychopath who shouldn’t have guns.

  4. Reginald says

    I thought, let’s see what the gay have to say about this and here is the report: you are no better than anyone else, right wing, tea party, liberal, left wing. You politicize the most apolitical of events rendering them stupid and senseless, which is what they are. Caqn’t wait to hear the comment about how hot he is….A holes.

  5. says

    reginald – attempt some intellectual discernment. what are YOUR thoughts on this?

    so far, what i’ve read online, we have GOP members talking about how this is an attack on biblical values (louie gohmert) and more people calling for stricter gun control (i guess they’re the liberals you’re talking about?)

    so, what point are you tying to make?

  6. nikko says

    Yes we are far better than the majority, REGINALD, for it is the majority of straight males who murder, rape, war-mong,etc. Don’t lie. No, gay men aren’t perfect, but we are a far gentler people.

  7. VDUFFORD says

    Were the f–K are these guns coming from? Maybe you can’t control the wackos out there but there has got to be away of accounting for these the guns.I so damn tired of politicians cowering to the NRA/Republicans. Mayor Bloomberg being the exception he is spot on!

  8. photo_robb says

    The shooter seems to be imitating the tactics, behavior, and chaos of the Joker character in the last movie. The ambushing of innocent crowds, gunplay, random anarchy and boobytrapped explosives are all parallels to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker. This seems like a sick, evil homage to that performance and Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the Batman universe. We may never know why the shooter identified so strongly with the character of the Joker, but it seems clear that the parallels were intentional.

  9. Stefan says

    How does this have anything to do with the Joker?? You could argue that any violent public incident is inspired by the Joker given that logic.

    Any targeting of a public crowd is a targeting of innocents, and any such event is by definition chaotic and anarchic. And if you want to cause a lot of death in a few moments without killing yourself, you either use a gun or remote explosives.

    Maybe the guy just wanted to have power over a guaranteed crowded venue with a lot of captive potential victims, and guaranteed media attention.

  10. Caliban says

    What I don’t understand is that his mother almost seems to have been waiting for something like this to happen. When reporters (not the police) contacted her she said something like, “I’m sure they have the right person” and didn’t deny or even be surprised that her son could be involved.

    If you’re pretty sure that someone you know, even love, is capable of something like this, maybe even building toward it, shouldn’t you, oh I don’t know, WARN SOMEBODY?!

    Tempting as it is we should ALL hold off on assigning blame for this on political messages. This guy is mentally ill and I’ve seen different motives suggested for this attack from the Left AND the Right. Some have suggested that the attack was motivated by what he perceived to be an attack on the OWS movement characterized by the villain Bane in the movie. (No evidence was given in the article that he was involved in OWS but who not a lot of detail about him has been released.) Others are saying the idiotic Bane/Bain conspiracy theory is behind it. My point is that we don’t know so I’d be careful about throwing a lot of blame around ahead of the facts because that blame may well come to rest in a place you don’t like.

  11. Feral says

    @MUDDUCK I totally agree. That was my very first thought, that he looked like a Batman villain. Also presciently wearing orange, as if he were already in a prison jumpsuit.

  12. dw says

    the person who blamed his mother (and anyone else thinking of doing the same) should be ashamed. There’s little a parent – or any relative – of a disturbed person can do. The individual must be so unhinged that they can’t pull it together to give a good interview to a psychiatrist.
    My heart breaks for the victims’ families. And also for the gunman’s family.

  13. says

    well..when it comes to “what can parents do” i can’t help but think about the parents of the Columbine kids. did anyone see ‘we need to talk about kevin”?

    it’s a reality – sociopathic behaviors in children are often completely and utterly ignored.

  14. david says

    It is truly sad when people politicizing everything. This is a disturbed and probably neglected intelligent individual who just in dare need of mental health cares. It is unfortunate that he is smart enough to device explosive traps in his own apartment and was able to get guns and WALK (what happened to security? I had trouble to sneak in a starbucks coffee once) in a theater and killing people.

    Even you have the perfect gun control law, the crazy individuals will still exist and they will kill due to their mental illness using other methods, such as explosives… wouldn’t that be even worse? Or the good old machete, he could at least kill a couple of people before the masses stop him. But a life is a life it is no less tragic than this 12 people mess. What are you proposing then? Machete control laws?

    The issue at hand is not a political policy thing. If you really want to seek a true causation politically (I don’t think we should), then I think you should at least look into the policy that provides current guidelines of how Americans as a society treat our own mental illness population. That extends out to genetic mental illness and trauma induced mental illness etc…

    Also regarding the “we gays are gentler” people, that is such… i mean, god, the irony! When we are still being discriminated, we already started this dangerous approach on categorizing other people. This is when “the other” people truly won out. You are so disenfranchised that you don’t even know you have become one of them. You see once there is a ‘we’ and ‘they’, then it is very easy to cloak the entire group under a string of adjectives that cannot possibly be true for everyone in that group. By all means, we are all, and will always be, human being in general. There is no group that is “gentler” or “better” by nature. To say that you are really no better than those people who say things like” the homosexuals are bunch pedophiles”.

    So please stop the madness.

  15. Paul R says

    @Caliban: She said, “You have the right person.” She had just been awakened and learned about this incident, and it’s possible that she was referring to herself—confirming that she was his mother. Hard to say. Though she did clearly know that he was troubled. But yes, it’s too early to draw conclusions.

  16. Caliban says

    You may be right, Paul, even though that’s not how her comment is being reported in the news. It wasn’t my intent to “blame the mother.” If an adult is mentally ill it’s almost impossible to do anything about it unless they can be shown to be a clear and present danger.

    What I WAS saying though, is that if you believe a family member or someone you know is off the rails and building toward an act of violence you really ought to warn the authorities.

  17. Tom Stoppard says

    Congratulations NRA – if you weren’t so influential and militant then this nutcase would have maybe stabbed 2 or 3 people rather than killed 12 and 10 families wouldn’t have had their lives ruined forever today. Happy Friday!

    Oh, but I forgot, “guns don’t kill people”.

  18. Paul R says

    Caliban, I fully agree. But there’s a limit to what the authorities can do unless there’s a clear threat. This guy doesn’t seem to have a history of much besides being antisocial. Though again, his family likely experienced issues with him. Again, many unknowns at this point.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t know, David. There may be something to Nikko’s “gentler” statement–atleast when it comes to Gay people in general. Whatever the effects of proclaiming such a thing–the fact is it may be true.

    During the deadliest days of the AIDS epidemic I heard of and knew Gay men who were harassed and Gay-bashed. I kept waiting to hear about somebody retaliating–you know, “making them pay”. To be tortured by cruel bullies when you know you only have a few months to live? It’s a wonder some dying Gay man didn’t get an assault weapon and do what that lunatic in Colorado did.

    They never did. Maybe that was the “gentler” part Nikko spoke of coming into play.

  20. MarkUs says

    “ABC News reported that he’s a Tea Partier.”

    Why of course they did. The James Holmes who IS the Tea Partier and well into his 50s has unfortunately had to disconnect his phone and get security thanks to ABC’s crackerjack leaping to conclusions.

  21. anon says

    The line about the apartment being full of weapons is such a standard cliche by police that I wonder why the press always fall for it. Everything to guarantee a conviction. This will probably come down to some sort of insanity plea. Is drugs involved? I could just see affliction du jour bath salts being blamed. Meth was so 2008.

  22. Paul R says

    Wow, Anon, what informed comments. There are myriad witnesses. Insanity, drugs, and your bizarre claim about the weapons won’t come much into play given what he did. He admitted to it, and when you shoot at hundreds of people, you’ll be going away forever or killed. They evacuated five buildings because they saw that he had wired his apartment with explosives. I’m not sure they need to do much to ensure a conviction.

    His mother, professors, and fellow students have basically said he was a sociopath, and he bought four guns in the past two months. Not sure there’s much to argue about.

  23. Dramaticartchild says

    As others have already mentioned, one of the more disturbing aspects of this case is the mother’s reaction. Anybody ever read “We need to Talk about Kevin”? This woman’s response to reporters is almost exactly what Eva Katchadourian tells the jury in the book, if I remember correctly.

    If your own child is this disturbed, it’s an open question as to how much you can do, or are responsible for.

  24. says

    In a world filled with villains yet so few superheroes, and now fantastical alter-ego (yes he believed he was Batman’s enemy, the Joker) what are we to make of this scene? Did Holmes intend to copy cat literally the Batman reality, turn the Hollywood fantasy into some sort of lurid hyper reality?

    Until then, in a world that is filled with media and entertainment that seems SO REAL, how can one identify and separate the two? How can we even come to terms with someone who has decided to violently re calibrate what we always understood to be artful make believe….?

  25. Michael says

    According to the Associated Press, as reported in Christian News newspaper (July 23, 2001 p. 3), the seven worst serial killers in the U.S.A. were all homosexual deviates:

    Donald Harvey – 37 murders
    John Wayne Gacy – 33 murders
    Patrick Kearney – 32 murders
    Bruce Davis – 28 murders
    Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley, and David Owen Brooks – 27 murders

  26. BOB says

    @MICHAEL, what’s your point? I’m sure the total number of “straight” serial killers outnumbers the gay ones anyways. Who cares. You could also say 100 percent of the leaders that turned out to be brutal dictators and war mongers responsible for the killing of millions throughout history were STRAIGHT. It’s a sad day for this country regardless and people should stop trying to score political points.

  27. william says

    OMG I hate that his face is plastered over EVERYTHING now. In a weird way, they are glorifying his crime by putting his face (the one with the smirk, no less) eveywhere.

    And why is it that violent criminals have their entire name used? Why is the middle name almost always used? (obviously not always, but in a lot of cases it is)

  28. Shannon says


  29. C says

    I disagree. Many disturbed people are
    Disturbed BECAUSE of their parents. Not always,
    But it happens a lot. Abuse, neglect, etc as a child causes
    Personality disorders etc.

  30. Maxam says

    Why there are so many modern killers are gay or bisexual? look at magnotta and now Fischer. Even Breivik is a “metrosexual” Type of Man. What is the reaseon?

  31. Sarm says

    Wonder why people are being so silent about the fact that the shooter is a Christian? Don’t want to face the inconvenient truth that Christians are nothing more than rabid dogs? Just like McVeigh? Just Like Breivik? Just like Bundy? Not to mention countless others?

  32. andrew says

    Most of you don’t care that there are 12 people dead and about 59 people wounded as long as you can spin your political stories. SHAME ON YOU ALL. You are disguisting!!!

  33. J.J says

    Why is the media not making a bigger issue about him being a Christian? doesn’t fit nicely with the DISGUSTING Christian propoganda in this nation?

  34. Merlin says

    Considering how much violence the Bible promotes, and how people believe it as some word from some big man in the clouds…of course these things happen and will continue to happen, and it’s a darn shame!!

  35. darkorient says

    RT @JSDionysus: Had James Holmes been Muslim he’d be a terrorist; if he were black he’d be a thug. But he’s white, so he’s mentally illRT @JSDionysus: Had James Holmes been Muslim he’d be a terrorist; if he were black he’d be a thug. But he’s white, so he’s mentally ill

  36. andrew says

    And I would thank it for the obvious nonsense posted on this site by Little Kiwi. Ratbastard, Liz, Mary, Rick, and all the half wits who pontificate on this site. They are endlessly amusing.

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