1. AJ says

    I don’t know if I have ever been more annoyed by a song than I am of that “Call Me Maybe” song and I don’t even listen to the radio. It makes me want to punch people at random. Next there will be some stupid dance to it.

  2. oldness says

    FODOLODO, i agree 100%.

    it would’ve also worked better if the 2 songs shared a strong thematic link (and even better, a strong titular link). but i dont see one.

    unless i’m missing something (and it’s possible b/c i’ve never been keen on that slow song that they mixed in with Call Me Maybe 😉 )

  3. DanSwon says

    Call Me maybe is a terrible song. All these ‘mash-ups’ of it are irritating. It is not a generational thing. I am in my 20s and have good taste in music. I really like Towleroad normally.

  4. BenR says


    Please don’t speak for other people. I’m 26 and am totally sick of Call Me Maybe.

    But then again I also disagree with @Fodolodo. The only reason I don’t hate this, and actually kind of like it, is because they change the melody of Call me Maybe.

    I appreciate covers that show musical creativity much more than people lip-syncing to the song as i’ve already heard it a million times.

  5. oldness says

    BENR, i’m just speaking of population-wide averages. i bet if we did a survey 35+ would not like that song as much as under-35. this is about averages, not outliers. ’tis all.

  6. Blaz says

    Im obsessed with Call Me Maybe, I have been from the beginning. Totally overplayed, but that’s fine by me, it still makes me squeal, feel 16 again, and wanna flirt real coy like.

  7. says

    The first time I came across this song was through towleroad when they published it I think precisely because of the guy in the video and after listening to it I was like ‘wtf’ and also guy looked so weird, dumb and ‘lol’ that it just burnt me when I saw people going gaga over it. But now I can rest in peace. LOL :)

  8. Jack says

    Love it! I think it’s a great reinterpretation, and I like seeing Pomplamoose branch off from their video song things. It’s a fun idea for a video too.

  9. llm says

    For some reason, Call Me Maybe has had some staying power with me. Not tired of it yet, though I do skip most tributes and mashups. I just love how it makes me feel…very much a summer song full of light, poppy music. It reminds me a LOT of young Kylie Minogue. So I am in the camp with the hit replay after months of hearing it.

  10. phineas says

    The mashup and the video don’t really work well together… Sorry TLRD, it’s not going to break the internet. Call Me Maybe was/is fun, catchy, and addictive. The issue might be less a generational issue than the simple fact that it is overplayed.(though I’m sure those under 35 probably do enjoy it more, on average) It was fun back in March when it came out. Now that everyone and their mother has done it, it’s over. And as for mixes/mashups, personally I found the Levels/Gotye mix from Coachella to be a better choice for blending Somebody I used to know with up tempo music. ( It didn’t break the internet, but it was a better mix for Gotye.

  11. says

    This is a mash-up? I’ve heard better mash-ups on “Glee”. The video contained too much domestic violence and the “don’t push” idea made no sense at all. It won’t break the internet, maybe a pimple is more like it.

  12. Lance says

    Isn’t a mashup if it leaves the refrain of Call Me Maybe totally out.
    I am well-l-l-l over 35 and I like both songs, a lot, but then I’ve always been susceptible to the charms of cleverly crafted pop, no apologies. Ten, twenty years from now either one of these tunes will instantly evoke the summer of ’12 for those of us who were around to listen the first time. And that’s what pop is all about.

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