1. say what says


    he either lied to the IRS or to the SEC

    both are federal Offenses though statute of limitations are up on prosecution unless his unreleased tax returns show more

  2. Gregoire says

    Trust me, I am no fan of Mitt, and he should never, ever be president. However these kinds of charges are pretty major and I’ll wait until more information comes in before throwing the book at him.

  3. says

    His claim, essentially, is that he was CEO in name only from 1999 to 2003. Assuming for the sake of argument that he’s telling the truth, it’s hard to see how that makes the situation better for him. It demonstrates that he acts slowly, doesn’t follow the law, misled authorities in filings during that period, and fails to accept responsibility for things that happened on his watch.

  4. says

    These are serious discrepancies in the public record. Candidate Romney needs to explain the inconsistencies with verifiable proof — without further delay and hedging. Perception is reality, and it’s starting to look like Slippery Mitt.

  5. John says

    No wonder he doesn’t want to release tax returns.

    If this were Obama instead, the Republicans would be howling and demanding the release of tax returns in much the same way they demanded Obama’s birth certificate.

  6. say what says

    paul R

    but he can face civil suits from investors if they claim they based their investing in bain per SEC filings = Romney was head of Bain between those years

    what is the statute of limitaions on civil law suits?

  7. ratbastard says

    Interesting. Why come out with this now? If it were truly a bombshell I’d think September would be the the time it would cause most damage, not the dead of summer.

    No, Gov. Romney is not a ‘nice’ person. Nobody reaches a certain high level in the government, corporate or even entertainment [which is corporate] because they’re ‘nice’. There are no ‘nice’ CEOs. And Pres. Obama likewise is not a ‘nice’ person. He didn’t get to reach his position by being nice, and by many independent accounts is described as being cold and distant in private.

    No surprises here.

  8. Mike says

    He is just another lying Mormon politician dog. He put a lot of people out of a job and business to go out of business just so he could make his millions of dollars, blood money.

  9. Jon says

    I could accept that he was still the owner after 1999, because that can take time to unwind. But why would he still be listed as CEO and President? It’s easy to transfer those titles. And if he wasnt actually running things, keeping those titles leaves him open to ridiculous levels of liability. Not so smart for a “successful businessman.”

  10. say what says


    probably because there is more to come

    september’s news info is probably a doozy

    + add in Politico ( a lot of former rove people there) is openly asking if he committed a felony

    In the end rove always works for the Bush people and nixing mittens opens up 2016 for Jeb or dare jeb wish for a brokered convention due to the nominee being a crook

  11. Joey says

    Nice to see that the trolls are pulling out the false equivalency card… Shows they are scared. If this was Obama the radical right wing house would have articles of impeachment passed tomorrow.

  12. RWG says

    Romney won’t show his tax returns because in some years, on income of 10s of millions of dollars, he paid no income tax at all.

    These lies abut Bain and his involvement will be his undoing.

  13. Brains says

    Why now?

    Because come September he would have to explain the undeclared $53 million in foreign accounts hidden in Mrs Romney’s name just prior to being vetted by McCain in 2008.

    This man is on the IRS hot radar screen!!!

    The McCain campaign found him too dirty to touch and chose the bimbo Sarah over him.

  14. Cap says

    This just makes me sad, in a more profound way.
    In American politics (and in business) what ever happened to the concept of “the buck stops here”?
    Romney was the sole owner, so he is responsible whether he was actively involved or not, period!

  15. Caliban says

    OK, so Romney was listed as the SOLE stockholder, President, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bain Capital until 2002, AND he drew a 6-figure salary.

    Gosh, it’s really unfair those awful reporters misconstrued that as him having any responsibility for Bain Capital during that period! /sarcasm

  16. Icebloo says

    Once again – all you gay Republicans out there take note of the dishonest “man” you are selling us out to !

    Mitt Romney is the WORST kind of politician. He’s such a snake. I want to see him fail at the election.

    Guys, please contribute to the Obama campaign or there is a real chance Romney could win. You think Bush was bad ? Romney will be worse !

  17. Jacoby says

    Uh, the Washington Post (hardly pro Romney) debunked this months ago!

    I really think the Democrats and their supporters have to be careful in alleging scandal when there may be an easy response from the Republicans. They lose credibility when there is a real scandal and give Romney a great opportunity to fire up the base by pointing to the biased media. I can already see Fox News spinning this as a biased attack by the left wing media and citing the Washington Post as support.

  18. Michael says

    Lmfao… I knew a bombshell would be coming but not this soon and a felony???

    So let’s rewind… Romney avoids paying taxes by moving his money out of the USA, he outsources jobs to China, he bullies gay people, he lies to either the SEC and/or the IRS, he a criminal with a specialty if felonies, he tortures his family pet… Wow, no wonder the GOP loves him.

  19. Jacoby says

    A few excerpts from Washington Post article. This is 60 Minutes and George Bush again. Obama really should stay far away from this:

    But now the Boston Globe has raised the issue again. The story seems to hinge on a quote from a former Securities and Exchange Commission member, which would have more credibility if the Globe had disclosed she was a regular contributor to Democrats. (Interestingly, “The Real Romney,” a book on the former Massachusetts governor, by Boston Globe reporters, states clearly that he left Bain when he went to run the Olympics and details the turmoil that ensued when he suddenly quit, nearly breaking up the partnership)

    And after reviewing evidence cited by the Obama campaign, we reaffirm our conclusion that Romney left the helm of Bain Capital when he took a leave of absence in 1999 to run the Salt Lake City Organizing Committee for the 2002 Winter Olympics – as he has said repeatedly — and never returned to active management. The Obama campaign’s recent ads thus mislead when they point to investments made by Bain, as well as management decisions made by companies in which Bain invested, after that time.
    What does the Obama campaign have in rebuttal? Very little, and none of it convincing in our judgment.
    Much of the Obama campaign’s letter is devoted to quoting portions of documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In summary, the letter states there are “at least 63 filings with that agency after March 1, 1999 that list various Bain entities and describe them as ‘wholly owned by W. Mitt Romney.’” That’s true, but not relevant.
    We have never disputed that Romney remained the owner of Bain while he was running the Olympics committee. The issue always has been, who was running Bain? Nothing in the SEC documents contradicts what Romney has certified as true.

  20. Dback says

    What this does is enhances the narrative that Romney has something to hide, and regularly fudges facts, especially regarding his money and assets. This confirms a perception in the general public that the super-rich like Romney have one set of rules for themselves (which they write), and another set for middle-class and working class Americans. Obama has his faults, but generally Americans in poll results feel that he’s above board and trustworthy, even when they don’t like his policies. Romney is now fighting his image as someone who hides things and manipulates the system for himself and his friends, and “regular” Americans then take it in the shorts. (Even Romney’s Mormonism then becomes part of this narrative–not “what a nice, morally upstanding guy,” but “Gee, even his church is secretive and unfathomable. What else is he hiding?”)

    Whether this goes anywhere or not is somewhat immaterial; the point is, it keeps Bain in the news, and reaffirms that Romney makes a hell of a lot more money than he’s willing to let on (or pay taxes on). That’s why this is potentially bad for him.

  21. says


    The WashPo is *in the tank* for the neo-con agenda and is just fine with Republicans, thankyouverymuch.

    The WashPo is horrifically wrong on the merits of the story. Romney was *paid* as an *executive* of the company in the years he said he was retired. Not just paid for stocks or ownership he had in the company, but as an executive.

    Furthermore, the Washington Post seems to be wearing rose-colored glasses, thinking it inconceivable Mitt would lie when it could get him in legal trouble.

    “To accept some of the claims, one would have to believe that Romney, with the advice of his lawyers, lied on government documents and committed a criminal offense. Moreover, you would have to assume he willingly gave up his share to a few years of retirement earnings — potentially worth millions of dollars — so he could say his retirement started in 1999.”

    Just because the consequences could be severe, doesn’t mean Mitt wouldn’t do it. Mitt was born into an over-privileged life and had a lifetime experience that taught him when he did illegal things, he’d get away with it — from beating up kids at high school, cutting off his hair, to kidnapping college students and ALSO cutting off their hair, to dressing up as a cop and pretending to arrest people to lying about his residency when running for governor to ignoring cops when they request he obey the law while on family vacations to strapping the family dog on the top of his car and driving for a thousand miles (and then lying to the reporter, saying the dog was fine and lived a long life afterward, when in fact the dog RAN AWAY after the trip AND WAS NEVER FOUND AGAIN).

    This guy is a sociopathic tool and the Washington Post just gave the sociopathic tool the benefit of the doubt when serious documented evidence is presented in the Globe’s story, and the Globe is vehemently sticking behind their story.

  22. Jacoby says

    Ryan, The Fact-Checker feature of the Washington Post has been pretty balanced in calling out both Romney and Obama on “stretching the truth”. But it’s not just the Washington Post. As you saw from the excerpt, Boston Globe reporters also said in their book on Romney that he left in 1999. CNN’s Outfront program just dealt with this and there was agreement amongst their panel that Romney was too busy with saving the Salt Lake Olympics to be involved in day to day operations of Bain. The host said Romney’s name on these SEC docs can be explained but this is difficult and those wanting to exploit the difficulty in explaining could do so. To me, going down this route just is not strategically wise. It rallies the right by reinforcing the narrative that the media is biased and potentially opens the door to Romney outlining everything he did to save the Olympics to justify why he was too busy to run Bain. And, with all the money Romney is raising, I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to hire a marketing wiz to explain why his name appears on the SEC docs, no matter how difficult it is to explain. I really think this issue can turn into the 60 Minutes debacle with Bush if the Democrats are not careful. I firmly believe that that helped George W gain reelection.

  23. Peter says

    Guess my rip on the Boston was too severe for publication. I lived there for 21 years, so I obviously have no cred. Where do you think I learned to rip so efficiently? I live in California now, but the Boston perspective never leaves. It’s how you survive there. Especially when you are young and gay. You learn or risk getting badly beaten up. As Cher said in “Turn Back Time” “words are like weapons they wound sometime. New England gives you a PhD in that skill.

  24. Ryan says


    The Globe took his word for it when he was governor, but has since discovered it was untrue.

    He took a leave of absence for the Olympics, but did not stop his function as CEO. Don’t take my word for it, take Romney’s. He intended to return as day to day manager and that’s what he told the Secretary of State’s office in order to remain eligible to run for Governor. So, either he was lying then (which I believe would be perjury), or he’s lying now.

    Finally, whether or not he returned day to day is immeterial – a complete Straw Man. The point is that for three years he said he retired to the SEC when he still was the CEO and took a salary for it. Mitt’s camp doesn’t dispute that. That is all that matters here and all that’s necessary to prove he lied to the SEC – something that ought to land someone in prison.

    Just his name on the masthead is worth something to investors, so lying about the nature of his work for Bain post 1999 is alone a serious deal.

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