1. Adam says

    I hope this never happens again. The uniform should never be politicized like this. If we hope to not see uniforms in parades for AFA or the Million Mom March or Louis Farakhan or any group we despise, then we cannot see them in non-official capacities for groups we support. Also…the kid at the top has the worst salute I’ve seen photographed in some time.

  2. Gus says

    @Adam: It was a one time dispensation, and I doubt it will be repeated. It did piss off the right people.

  3. jexer says

    Adam- Don’t equate taking a stand for ‘inclusion’ with taking a stand for ‘exclusion/discrimination’. They are completely opposite things.

  4. says

    @Adam: The successful end of DADT is more than politics, and gay soldiers marching openly, with the blessing of the Pentagon, is reason to cheer. (As Gus points out, it was a one- time thing.) It’s beyond highly unlikely that soldiers will be given permission to march in uniform with wingnut hate groups like AFA or Milion Moms–what would they be marching for? The social right’s pathetically declining influence even on organizations as generally conservative as the military? Let’s not be paranoid.

  5. william says

    I think it was pretty neat they got to do this. I was a part of the Oklahoma City Pride Parade and was advised by everyone not to wear the uniform. Instead, I just wore a simple shirt that said “Air Force” on it and rocked out a rainbow sash with my boyfriend next to me the entire way. Coming up over the last hill and seeing thousands of people at the end of the parade line was absolutely awesome…and this was OKC. I Can only imagine what San Diego must have been like.

    Good on them, that they all grouped together and were able to accomplish this. Thumbs Up!

  6. steve says

    I was there, I marched with the Navy. I’m a Viet Vet and it was extraordinary. History was made and I was so very proud to participate.

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