1. Niky says

    Check out the comparison video on his channel. Its shot for shot a perfect replica of Beyonces video

  2. Rick says

    How long do you think it will be before he finds himself with his head stuffed into a garbage can? Not long, I suspect.

  3. Rick says

    I say this having had my head shoved in many garbage cans. My dad used to stick my head in them when he fisted me. I liked being his muppet, though. An arm up my butt and my head in a garbage can. I was actually the prototype for Oscar the Grouch.

  4. Rick says

    Second “Rick” message obviously from Little Kiwi, acting as an impostor, who has no doubt had his own head stuffed into many a garbage can–and richly deserved it every time.

  5. Rick says

    The best part about my dad fisting me was knowing that as long as his fist was inside me he wouldn’t be able to beat my mother. Even though she deserved it because she was a fem.

  6. Rick says

    You know what you silly effeminate little impostor? You and your diva-worshipping limp-wristed queens are ashamed of being men, and it’s because of you that I’m past middle-age and haven’t so much as kissed a guy let alone had a real romantic relationship. I’m going to die alone and it’s because of fems like you. I guess I can look forward to resuming my romantic relationship with my father. It’ll be great when we’re reunited. Because masturbating with his embalmed corpse just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

  7. reacenyc says

    Wow not only is he talented and super dedicated…whoever did the video editing was great. There was a hell of a lot of rehearsal to get to this point…his video was on the “Today” show this morning. Good for him!

  8. xael says

    summer time sure gives this kids time to have fun and be creative !!!! LOL good job !!!