Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1164

BEFORE YOU: Today is Cheyenne Jackson's birthday, and here is his new video! Happy bday Cheyenne!

LAUNCHER ONE: Richard Branson announces the next step at Virgin Galactic. Who's going to launch the space garbage truck?

THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ: James Franco explains the prequel he's starring in.

PIRANHA: Aka Fred Flintstone scissors.

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  1. Red Assault says

    am I think only one who thinks it’s odd that the very openly-gay Cheyenne Jackson is marrying a girl in his video?

  2. sparks says

    I sure HOPE that Hollywood, and the general public, is past the point where they think gays can only play gay roles. He is an actor, after all.

    Think about it. Do you think it odd when you see a straight actor playing a gay character?

  3. Frank says

    So Gay actors can’t play straight roles? I don’t think it’s weird. It’s set in the 1950’s and he’s playing a straight guy. On the other hand, the mummy is definitely Gay , check out his ass.