1. Butch says

    Donations to anti-gay causes are not “speech,” Mr. Greenwald. They are actions. In any case, freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences.

  2. MikeW says

    I can’t view the video but I wonder if any of these learned ladies queried CFA’s support of “biblical marriage”, given that it’s full of incest, polygamy, blood tributes and subjugation of women.

  3. TyN says

    I don’t think preventing Chik-Fil-A from expanding or people petitioning to close existing stores will help. Speak with your dollars. They will see profits decrease as a result of their actions from both lgbt and straight people. As profits decrease, they won’t need to open new stores and existing ones may close.

  4. Scot Johansen says

    I can’t view the video either…but I’d bet my car Sherri Sheperd (the biggest bigot on television) is standing strongly with Chik Fil A.

  5. Jaime says

    @ Scott

    Sherri Sheperd went on an anti gay campaign virtually every day leading up to Prop 8. She made so many hurtful comments toward marriage equality, planting seeds of doubt to viewers, pushing scare tactics and ultimately being partially responsible perhaps for instelling fear in people. I will never forget or forgive her actions of pure hate during that time. Especially for someone who was in the same breath so vocal about Obama getting elected and it being the time for black people to attain equality

  6. vince quackenbush says

    Vince Quackenbush is a FIRST AMENDMENT ABSOLUTIST. This means he believes in say hat he thinks. It does not mean that one is immune from the effects of that “speech”. Boycotts of persons and corporations which offend anyone are merely another form of Free Speech!

  7. CarmelCadet says

    The problem is, there’s not enough gay people in this country to really leave a dent in Chik Fil A’s pockets. In a few weeks, all will be forgotten about this scandel, and Chik Fil A will continue donating MILLIONS to stripping us of our equality. That is what is most frustrating here. And what needs to end.

    I wish more gay people were actively involved in the LGBT community and organizations to make change. But too many just go on with their lives without devoting much to the movement. So Chik Fil A, as a result, will continue thriving and conating eventually many more millions to people who truly want to destroy us. Think about that.

  8. NewEnglandMan22 says

    I think we need to see this for what it is. Has the mayor of Chicago, Boston or anywhere else halted the companys expansion in their city? No.

    When the CEO of the #10 fast food franchise in America says they have and will continue to use their profits to circumvent the rights of millions of Americans it is viewed as an attack. These mayors felt they themselves and their consitutents where being attacked by a multi-million dollar corporation and attacked back.

    People are acting like they’re already guilty of something when in reality all they’ve done is represent their constituents. Chick fil-a has actually acting upon what it’s saying… there’s an enormous difference.

  9. Francis says

    This will not be forgotten, Carmelcadet. Absolutely not. Dan Cathy has said and done too much for that to happen. Lines have been crossed. With that being said, there are too many apathetic gays and straights who *say* they are for equality, but sit on their butts and do nothing in cases like this. Way too much apathy. With that being said, the backlash here has been stern and I think highlights that this apathy is starting to dissipate and people are getting serious.

    Mr. Greenwald is clueless, just like Antoine Dobson. No-one is taking away free speech. I am BEYOND sick and tired of people acting as if it’s totally OK to be anti-gay, or that being anti-gay is legitimate and on the same plane as having a natural gay orientation. It is not, it never will be, and no-one has to support the choice to be a bigot.

  10. AG says

    It looks like that you, liberal fascists, overplayed your hand. When the Boston Globe editorial and Salon condemn the fascist tactics of your allies it’s time to give up.

  11. Bobby says

    Greenwald obviously doesn’t support equal rights for all human beings. What the mayors and othgers against Chick-Filled-With-Hate are doing is stopping discrimination. Any organization that encourages discrimination of treating certain citizens of America as second class or worse. All those businesses should be stopped.

  12. Paul R says

    So by that apparently self-hating gay guy’s logic, corporate presidents should also be allowed to spew racist, sexist, ageist, and whatever other types of hateful comments and not suffer consequences because that’s simply free speech.


    For the record, Chicago has just one Chik-Fil-A. Boston has none. It’s a mainly Southern chain because its food is gross.

  13. says

    I can’t stand to watch the View clip, but Glenn Greenwald is being a bit hysterical. He’s also implying that a company using their fortune take away civil rights is the functional equivalent of a company that supports the expansion of civil rights that will harm no one. Chick-Fil-A was causing direct harm with their millions, and the mayors and citizens of equality-supportive locales have the right and responsibility to say that Chick-Fil-A values are not our values and strongly suggest that they go elsewhere. Use their bully pulpit, as Mayor Menino put it. (And, personally, I’d welcome some anti-equality mayor trying to justify stopping a pro-equality business and then be shamed for his stance by those outside his bigot bubble.)

    Now, whether politicians can, in reality, block a discrimination-promoting business from permits because of their anti-gay actions is a different matter, and some politicians may have to step back (as the Boston mayor is doing) and investigate the legal and constitutional boundaries. But that’s what the permitting process is for, and Chick-Fil-A may be able to steamroll their way into neighborhoods full of people they believe are unworthy of basic human rights. Then it becomes a public relations dilemma question for them, also part of the process.

    What this exchange of free speech is doing is exposing CFA’s extreme bigotry to the light, and it will play out as it plays out. And if CFA ends up opening in any of these places you can bet their non-discrimination policies will be investigated.

  14. JOJo says

    Lol look at ignorant Sherri Sheperd jumping up and down her seat to defend Chik Fil A. How Hollywood keeps supporting such a well known homophobe is beyond me. I wouldn’t work with her on a project if they paid millions

  15. TennesseeTrunes says

    How come Sherry is so quick to always come to the defense of stories related to black people being mistreated, an yet by all accounts the most anti gay on the show?
    She said her pastor could be sued if Prop 8 passed, which was a misleading lie. She said she’s throw her son out on the streets if he wore womens clothes. She was in favor of the ‘don’t say gay’ bill here in Tennessee and she doesn’t believe gays should donate blood.

  16. Jared says

    Seriously, has Sherri Sheperd EVER taken a pro gay stance on this show? I’ve been watching this show for years, and I can’t stand Elizabeth but she has on numerous occasions defended the gay person in a story. Not once has Sherri ever sided with us. Even in bullying cases of gay teens, Sherri would comment “but do we truly know they were bullied for being gay?”
    I do believe she’s more dangerous than she’s called out for. Heck, she’s hardly called out by out community.

  17. says

    I remember watching an episode and the topic was about dont ask dont tell. All the ladies, including Elizabeth Hasselback and Barbara Walters argued that if you have the courage to fight for our country, you have to right to freely be yourself. I couldn’t believe my ears when Sherri chimed in and said something along the lines of men and women dont share the sam bathroom stall because of attraction, and dont ask dont tell serves a purpose to protect straight people’s comfort levels. Just awful. I don’t understand why she’s on the panel. I dont find her amusing. Or insightful

  18. Ugly Sherri says

    Why does everyone always give Elisabeth a hard time but nobody ever talks about what a homophobic bytch Sherri is? At least Elisabeth supports gay marriage. It’s Sherri on that show that’s the anti-gay one. The fat wh0re is VERY anti-gay.

  19. SlyEggrolla says

    Because it’s politically incorrect for gay groups to go after homophobic black women, especially if they are a democrat. You’ll never see it happen. You’ll almost never see an organization like GlAAD go after a known homophobic black female. I find it ridiculous, but our need for political correctness is why homophobia exists in the capacity it does.

  20. SlyEggrolla says

    Because it’s politically incorrect for gay groups to go after homophobic black women, especially if they are a democrat. You’ll never see it happen. You’ll almost never see an organization like GlAAD go after a known homophobic black female. I find it ridiculous, but our need for political correctness is why homophobia exists in the capacity it does.

  21. Terrel says

    I’ve always found Sheri the most offensive on the panel. I actually stopped watching the show because of her. She is truly the most homophobic person on television and yes, it’s true, she literally has nothing good to say about gay people. I remember her fawning over Carrie Prejean and saying what a brave women that homophobe was for saying she doesnt believe gays should have hospital visitation rights!

  22. Apparatus says

    I have a hard time taking Greenwald’s hysterical criticism to heart.

    This is a man who fled the US and went to Brazil over gay rights and pledged to stay there until gay marriage was legal in the US.

    This is an old white guy who met a Brazillian male prostitute half his age on the beach and then they “fell in love”.

    And he is going to speak down to us for taking a little peaceful civil action against a company that has spent millions donating to anti-gay groups.


  23. Rob says

    The ladies were correct. We do have freedom of speech in this country. Although there are consequences of that speech if you are a business and if you are donating to groups that hurt people. When the light of day is shown on these actions the public can make their own decisions on whether to patronize the business. The Chic Filet people have their head so far up the ass of the Evangelicals that they have forgotten why their corporation exists in the first place which is to make a profit.

  24. epic says

    since when did free speech=opening a franchise? he was very free to say whatever he wanted to and then pay the political price for promoting bigotry and intolerance. they in no way are limiting his speech, just his pocketbook.

  25. Miss Piggard says

    I’m black and I can’t stand Sherri Pigarrd. She’s the only homophobe on the panel and is always making slick remarks about gays. I refuse to watch the show because of her.

  26. Carlos says

    How come Sherri is all for free speech here but in the debates about the don’t say gay bill, and when they were discussing that on multiple occasions, she was always adament that THAT should be passed. She’s for free speech when its a bigot but she’s not for free speech if a gay person says they are gay. Talk about hateful double standard

  27. tommyboy10T says

    People, the point is this … most cities have policies that support all people, however, if a company is vocal about the support of anti-gay or anti-anything causes … then they need to suffer the consquences. Chik-fil-a can’t expect to open in a city like chicago or boston!!

  28. Mary says

    Has anyone noticed that everyone seems to have commented on Chick-Fil-A except the chickens themselves? ‘m almost expecting the supermarket tabloids to have a headline next week: “ELVIS AND DIANA RETURN FROM THE DEAD TO DENOUNCE HOMOPHOBIA, ADVOCATE CHICK-FIL-A BOYCOTT”

  29. J. Leo says

    @CarmelCadet-I agree that many people don’t participate in their own liberation efforts but I do think that boycotts make a difference and people don’t forget. While I never did eat CFA food I have held out from buying Exxon and eventually Exxon/Mobile for years now and will continue to so long as they refuse their gay employees the protections they should have.

  30. marjack says

    Sherri is such a Pig in every sense of the word. She is also incredibly dumb and can never add anything intelligent to the show. Why the hell is she on it? As much as I hate Hasselback, at least she can defend her arguments with some well-thought out reasoning.

  31. acevedo says

    Except for Joy, all of these women are idiots. The point of the issue is that the CEO’s comments expressed the bigoted stance of the company and without explicitly saying it, they are obviously implying they do not welcome or care about gay people. No, he doesn’t have a “Gays Keep Out” sign on the door but its implied. Also, because he broadcast his idiocy on mainstream media, that is apparently the new PR campaign of Chic Filet he wants to get across to everyone.

  32. Icebloo says

    This has always been an awful, awful TV show. How on earth does it keep going ? There has to be a lot of trashy, dumb people who are unemployed and can sit at home and watch this crap each day.

    Also, I love Whoopi but WHAT THE HELL is she wearing ? Has she lost her mind ? Has she no true friends to tell her she looks terrible ?

  33. Al says

    I don’t see why a persons religious beliefs are less important than a persons want to marry. Christians are called to stick to the Bible even when its not popular with popular opinion. And for the record, just because I don’t cosign with gay marriage beliefs, doesn’t mean that I hate gay people. It means that my faith has me follow a different path…

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