1. Mike says

    Why are the “leaders” of the Boy Scouts hiding who said what, why do they feel they have to hide from the public who they are and how they feel about LGBT people being in the Scouts? What are they afraid of? How much does the antigay Christian agenda play in keeping gays children out of the scouts? We need answers, real honest answers, after all is that not what a scout is, honest and trust worthy? They are failing the youth of today and if they continue their ways maybe they should rename them the Brown Shits of America, like Hitlers Nazis who attacked Jews and gay and minorities.

  2. TANK says

    Wow, someone in a position of influence at Towleroad just loves to feature news items about Zach Wahls. And of course, the usual cast of pathetic, middle-aged queens will come out of the woodwork to admire Zach for being such a loyal, staunch, and true alley of America’s LGBTQ community, etc. And then Tank, keeping it real, will point out that some of the said queens just defend Zach’s every move because they they he’s adorable and/or hot, and then a chorus of the same bitter queens will make posts attacking Tank. We’ll see how my prophecy plays out over the course of the day… I’m sure that the rambling, nonsensical posts are about to start any minute now…

  3. Gigi says

    @TANK The only rambling, nonsensical post is from you. The article is about Walhs and his reaction to the BOA’s decision to continue their discrimination of gay men from their organization. Only a sad, lonely and bitter curmudgeon such as Tank-in-the-third-person could turn this into an opportunity to attack older gay men (“queens”) and anyone who sees something to admire in a truly admirable man like Zach Wahls. Might I suggest a mood elevator? It seems as though you’re in desperate need.

  4. Strepsi says

    This young man is fighting for equality from the position of an “all American” boy and boy scout who happens to have two mothers. It’s compelling, and he is fighting for his family, and mine. That is his attractive quality.

    @TANK — nowhere do you say why Zach Wahls is NOT a true defender of LGBTQ rights…. because your “keeping it real” is empty. What do you have against our allies, or against Towleroad from reporting on them? A national organization just codified discrimination against our people. That’s newsworthy. This kid gave them a verbal smackdown. From any angle for a gay news blog, that;s newsworthy also.

  5. Arrowsmith says

    Oh Tank, such a classy troll you are. Keep it up, I’ll have the popcorn ready.

  6. Caliban says

    Much if not most of the funding for the BSA comes from the Mormon church and many Mormons are in leadership positions. In some parts of the country Mormon-specific merit badges are awarded for volunteering for the local “stake,” etc. The Catholic church also funds them. I suspect the secret panel who supposedly reviewed their anti-gay policy was made up of people from both groups and that’s why they’re keeping them anonymous.

    The BSA declared itself a Christian religious organization in court when defending the gay ban, so don’t hold your breath waiting for this policy to change. The only way things are going to change is if there is a schism and another group is formed that allows atheists, Jews, and gays.

  7. CKNJ says

    @Tank: what is real about ignoring the valuable work that Zach does? What do YOU do an a daily basis to change anything for the better for anyone other than your sad self? You seriously have a shallow, jaded and rather pathetic view on life! I have met Zach, and admire him immensely for actually getting out there and doing something constructive for the community. You? No respect or admiration in the works… sorry!

  8. Dean says

    “Someone in a position of influence at Towleroad…” Harumph, harumph, harumph. Well you sure cracked the case, Tank. Once again, Towleroad has infiltrated CNN for the express purpose of interviewing their secret crush who otherwise has nothing of interest to say to people with homosexual tendencies.

    Or maybe Towleroad is a gossip blog that posts links to stories that other people have written. Maybe, their agenda is about as hidden as 12 year old Tiffany’s over at They post links that interest them, or that generate page clicks for ad revenue. And you clicked the page, mission accomplished.

    If you don’t feel that Towleroad’s choice of stories justifies the extravagant subscription fee that you’re paying, then it would probably take a smart fellow like you all of ten minutes to go start where we won’t be subjected to some kid’s blathering about the Boy Scouts. Promise to please take Rick/LittleKiwi with you.

  9. Opinionated says

    Maybe girl scouts will allow gay guys. I had much more fun with my mother when she was a girl scout leader than I ever did with boy scouts. Compared to Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts was the most boring thing in the world.

  10. RxR says

    Seems you are a spiteful person @Tank, I cannot imagine given the vitriolic bs that you’ve spewed here that you have a clue about much aside from how to be hateful.
    Mr. Wahls is an inspiration. He is articulate, massively intelligent and well rounded, he has become a superb and strong voice in our country and in the world for equality and civility.
    You “Tank” of nasty words are certainly far less than irrelevant to anyone here or of decent and civil mind and heart.

  11. says

    The BSA is an antiquated organization with fossils and dinosaurs at the helm. They’ll soon be extinct and the organization will have to join the rest of us in the 21st century or it will falter and die.

  12. Onnyjay says

    This is all going to sound so barking dumb 2-3 years from now. Nobody cares except a few grand-mal repugs. Grow up, people, and grow a cerebral cortex. Gays have always been around, always will be, and no one chooses, except a few really versatile bis.

  13. AJ says

    @ tank

    “keepin it real”??? What are you some hood rat from the streets. I actually bet you are. Considering how uneducated you come off in your posts. Thanks for uniting the gay community with every post you make. Your posts, along with your other handles Rick/Ratbastard/Billy/Blue have a way of bringing us together as one voice against your bitter voices

  14. ThatDude says

    HAHAHA Tank’s materiel isn’t even fresh anymore. That comment of this bipolar nut read like a tangent without pills. Man, he’s starting to official lose the last two brain cells. But I do love seeing him get picked on on here. He gets four new but holes ripped everytime he posts and it amuses me seeing his lonely behind put in it’s place

  15. KeepingitRealer says

    The one time I’ve seen Tank get all bent out of shape was a story regarding illegal immigration and how he kept posting it should be legalized. You can connect the dots. I used to be indifferent toward illegal immigration but knowing the troll Tank is for it, I now actively oppose it.

  16. J.J says

    Awww poor tank got rejected by so many gays, he’s left to camp out in his dark little room, anonymously trolling gay blogs because that’s the only interaction he can hav with gays. Poor lost little soul

  17. says


    Of course Zach is a very attractive young man. Of course you’re extremely ugly, and based on all your posts on this site bashing attractive gays and gay allies… I’m guessing your face looks like a yeast infection. That’s not societies problem that your mom and dad were repulsive and blessed you with repulsive genes. We get it. You look like the missing link and most people probably point at you and either get a gag reflex or laugh in public, but that’s no reason to take it out on others. Just accept that you’re ugly, will always be ugly, an on the bright side- your lack of personality matches your ugly exterior, so atleast your consistent bud. Now where’s that smile; there ya go, keep that chin up……. All three of them.

  18. Observer says

    LOL! Man, you all put the trolls in their place on here. The responses to trolls is brutal on this site! Y’all don’t mess around, and I for one love it. Just goes to show gays mean business and are clever as hell with come backs

  19. andrew says

    Why do you guys continue to pay attenion to people like Tank? He is just a bomb thrower who wants people to notice him. He never adds anything to the discussion. I know that this is harsh but just IGNORE him and he will dry up and go away.

  20. TANK says

    Wow, the level of venom that comes out of so many people here at this site is amazing! If some of you bitter, pathetic queens are trying to convince Tank beyond any reasonable doubt that you are crude, classless, and catty, and need to resort to silly personal attacks because your alleged arguments cannot stand on their own merits, then you have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams! How fragile the self-esteem of some of you people must be if you get so upset over some random comments posted on a website! Gee whiz, some of you need to get a life! And that’s how Tank sees it, in his never-ending quest to “Keep It Real”.

  21. KMFDM72 says

    Note to Zach Wahl’s — Let parents decide if they wan’t their sons around homosexuals. The Boy Scouts decision to ban gays was based mostly on parental input. Mind your own business!