Wisconsin State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa Comes Out as Bisexual

Wisconsin State Rep. JoCasta Zamarripa came out as bisexual in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Gay Politics reports:

ZamarippaThe only Hispanic member of the Wisconsin legislature, Zamarripa becomes its third openly LGBT member currently serving.

Zamarippa admitted dodging rumors about her sexual orientation when her opponents brought it up:

“It has always been my goal in office to be transparent and honest with my constituents. But before the primary in 2010, I didn’t have the valor and courage to come out. I feel remiss that I didn’t come out then."

Zamarippa said that she came out because she felt a need to be a role model for young people:

She said as a young woman in her 20s, she didn’t even feel safe enough to write about her bisexuality in her personal journal. “When Ellen (DeGeneres) came out that was when I felt I could write in my journal about it,” she said.

It’s also more difficult to come out as the “B” in the LGBT acronym, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, she said.

“It’s tough for people to wrap their minds around that, but it is a reality and the truth,” she said.

At 36, Zamarripa said she remains single and secure in her identity. “It’s part of my life, like being a south sider and the only Hispanic in the Legislature, and I’m happy to share it with my constituents.”


  1. jason says

    Sorry, sweetie, but it’s not hard for a woman to come out as bisexual. In fact, female bisexuality is glamorized and promoted by the adult sex industry.

    It is male bisexuals who have a harder time, sweetie. Stop trying to equate your female bisexual experience with the male bisexual experience. They are completely different as there is a bisexual double standard which discriminates against males.

  2. Tony says

    I don’t understand the bisexual hate. Is it really that hard to imagine being attracted to both sexes? People call them “greedy” and “selfish” and accuse them of only wanting sex. Why is it so hard to imagine just being open to a relationship with anyone, no matter what’s between their legs?

  3. jason says


    I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that women are known to act bisexual to appeal to sleazy straight guys of the type who hate gay men. These women are considered double agents in that they act in ways that prop up homophobes.

  4. Tony says

    @Jason I don’t buy that theory even one little bit. Bisexual men are vilified just as much as bisexual women are. The most common thing I hear is that they “can’t make up their minds”.

  5. jason says


    I was referring to the fact that many people find bisexuals fake. In my view, this fakeness impression stems from the fact that female sexuality overall is largely fake. Females are known to use their sexuality as a marketing ploy, and to use female bisexuality to appeal to third party males who have no empathy for GLBT rights whatsoever.

    Of course, I’m not saying that male bisexuality isn’t vilified. In fact, genuine male bisexuallity is vilified more than female bisexuality. Because male sexuality overall is more genuine than female sexuality, it poses a threat to the power structure that exists between sleazy straight guys and the women who go bi for them.

  6. elegir says

    Jason – Despite your first comment being one of the stupidest and most sexist I’ve read on TW, your second one is actually not bad. Let me try turn it into a half-decent comment for you:

    Perhaps people associate “bisexual” women with straight porn, confusing the sex acts of lesbian-for-pay porn stars with women whose sexual orientation is actually bisexual. Only recently has the average straight person stopped thinking about glbt rights in terms of the sex acts involved. Hopefully as more non-porn stars come out as bi this bigoted confusion will diminish.

    On the other hand, maybe as more gay male porn sites offer up “bisexual” male sex acts the effect will repeat itself for men who are actually bisexual.


    Wisconsin State Representative Jocasta Zamarripa HAS PSYCHOSIS. SHE SCREAMS, “big-boned lesbian!” NO “bisexuality” IS PRESENT.


  8. Icebloo says

    The problem is so many gay people pretend to be bisexual because they don’t have the balls to ever come out as gay. Somehow they think calling themselves bisexual is less of a bad thing that being gay.

    So many gay people have done this over the years AND STILL DO TODAY so most people in the gay community don’t believe anyone who says they are bisexual now.

    If anyone wants to test this theory – try driving from one of the coasts of the US. The nearer you get to the Bible Belt the more “bisexuals” you will find and almost no people brave enough to admit they are gay. Religion still dominates the US.

  9. amy says

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  10. Strepsi says

    Guys, before this gets into gender studies 101, can we at least say “thanks” to this woman for coming out?

    As the only Hispanic in the legislature, I am sure she is used to a lot of bile (when I visit the U.S. the amount of “N***er” jokes I hear about the President is mind boggling) — which is to say I am sure she is brave enough to call herself a lesbian if she were one.

    She’s bisexual.
    Plus, she has the hair style of ALexandra Cabot from Josie and the Pussycats. Which is even cooler than being bisexual.

  11. Hoyden says

    To any young LGBT people reading this, I just want to point out that the comments on Towleroad that make your skin crawl, that surprise or disgust you, are by-and-large not to be taken seriously.

    Such comments (that appear all too frequently) are not a good cross-section of the opinions of the LGBT community. They are often just the misogynistic (Jason), self-hating(Tank), ramblings of some extremely self-involved individuals who like to be controversial and spout poorly-considered opinions.

    I’m not saying that of everyone who comments here. I’m just saying that when you see the hateful vitriol that always seems to accompany any post relating to 1. Bisexuality, 2. Women, 3. Transgender issues, 4. masculinity and femininity, 5. race… the list goes on and on….you should not think that the smattering of ridiculous, offensive opinions are normal or even common.

    I’m making this post because I worry that some kids out in the middle of nowhere wont yet have the maturity or the life-experience to understand this. They may only have access to the internet. They might actually take people like Jason seriously.

    Please know that the rest of us read sites like this (very important, interesting sites) and just don’t bother engaging with the trolls. That doesn’t mean we agree with them. That just means that we know them to be what they are.

    I just wanted you to know that.

  12. Michaelandfred says

    I also think that part of the problem with the bisexuality question is that many gay men and women, while coming out to themselves, go through an interim phase where bisexuality is the first answer. I know I did. I dated girls, not well, when I was younger. It was what I was taught to do and although those relationships were unsuccessful, I had no other reference so I did what everyone else did and assumed I felt what they did. So as I started to realize I also had same sex attractions, the logical, and true, lesser of the two seeming evils at the time, was that I was bisexual. I never “came out” as bisexual because my transition was a very fast one, but there was an overlapping period where I thought it was true. I think many gay men and women probably go through this period as they come to grips with their orientation and shed their previous….indoctrination.

    I do however totally believe their are true bisexuals out there. Why not? The sexual spectrum is about as diverse as anything can be. My personal opinion is that the majority of the population falls somewhere on the bisexual scale while only a very few of us on both ends actually have a sexuality set in stone. The real problem in not believing in bisexuals is the same reason so many heterosexuals can’t believe their are really gays. Ego. Far too many people can’t separate themselves and how the world revolves around them and realize that their way is not the only way. If you’re not like me, you must be wrong. A sad way to go through life, but true all the same.

  13. Bill says

    I get the point about how, in the past, many gay people claimed they were bisexual before going all the way and coming out. However, in the modern era, it is much less appealing for anyone to come out as bisexual. Many straight people don’t see the difference between gay and bisexual. Unfortunately, many gay people are no more welcoming because they either don’t believe bisexuality exists or they somehow feel threatened by it (like it somehow diminishes the choices they have made). Bisexuality is very real and it takes tremendous courage to come out as bisexual today- male or female. I applaud her decision and wish more people could just accept the personal choices people make.

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