Adam Lambert is Now a Platinum Blonde: PHOTO


Adam Lambert debuted a new look via Twitter Tuesday night.

Said the singer: "New 'Do…You ask Why? Why not? 😉 change is good….Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now!"


  1. jason says

    Adam Lambert has a wonderful voice. However, the general public – especially females – is not very enthusiastic about openly gay male singers. His career has suffered as a result of this.

    There is also the bisexual double standard in the music industry, which Adam himself has alluded to in interviews. If a female singer says she’s bi, people consider it to be cute and sexy. She gets number 1 hits. If a man says he’s bi, the same people are suddenly turning their heads in disgust or apathy. He doesn’t get played on radio nor do people buy his songs.

    There is this huge pro-female political correctness out there which is harming our rights and our progress as gay and bisexual men.

  2. Sharon says

    boy there are some real nasty people posting comments here aren’t there? First of all females are very enthusiastic about Adam which has nothing to do with his sexual orientation it’s the person and we love him to pieces. He has fans from the LGBT and straight community who adore him.

  3. luke says

    haven’t done that since high school, and it wasn’t really attractive until the colour dulled and roots came through making it look more natural, but then the purpose wasn’t to make myself look hot.

  4. says

    Jason wrote, “There is this huge pro-female political correctness out there which is harming our rights and our progress as gay and bisexual men.” So, rather than writing that he hopes the political correctness be extended to gay and bisexual men, he would rather the success of bi-women be yanked away from them. Strange also, that the “huge pro-female political correctness” stands in the way of “gay … men,” considering he fails to mention their counterpart: lesbians. Perhaps a careless omission on his part. Whatever the case, as Sharon has pointed out, his remark is pretty knee-jerk.

    And, Luke is right, brunettes can’t even begin to sell platinum until the roots grow out.

  5. Josh says

    Who cares what he does? The total narcissist does it all for himself. Somewhere along the way he got convinced he had talent. He’s just another “American Idol” casualty. We really have to refrain from total laughter at this point. Joke’s on him.

  6. atomic says


    Everyone knows you’re an idiotic troll, but it’s hilarious how you’ve so completely misunderstood the reasons why the double standard you mentioned exist.

    Female bisexuality is viewed more favorably than male bisexuality not because of “pro-female political correctness,” but in fact, because of the OPPOSITE reason. It’s because females are regarded by straight men as objects of desire. Two girls getting it on–especially if just bisexual instead of lesbian–becomes a straight male fantasy. Conversely, any male same-sex behavior is threatening to the straight male psyche, because they fear the very kind of objectification they impose on women. There is a deep-seated fear of being the penetrated individual, because penetration is symbolic of male dominance and power; hence the “machismo” attitude prevalent among MSMs in Latin America, who don’t consider themselves “gay” because they aren’t the receptive party. Among straight men, the prevailing attitude is that women are non-threatening so long as they do not seek to obtain or exceed male power. Lacking penises, then, bisexual and lesbian women are dismissively regarded as masturbatory fantasies who must be “rescued” and shown the “real pleasure” of being penetrated. And receptive gay men are seen as betrayers of their inborn status as the superior sex. That’s why the “straight-acting” gays, who fear penetration, hate the effeminate gays, and the ones doing drag.

    THAT is the psychology of masculine/feminine sexuality. It is entirely about perceived threats to power.

  7. jason says

    Atomic and Cinesnatch,

    Female performers choose to exploit the bisexual double standard – don’t deny it. As such, they need to take responsibility for it. As I’ve said previously, women are one half of the exploitation equation. It isn’t just sleazy straight guys to blame but also sleazy women.

    As for extending bisexual acceptance to male performers, it’s not gonna happen. Women resent male bisexuality. Also, a lot of this acceptance of bisexual women is fake – it’s a phony acceptance based on titillation. You cannot extend a phony paradigm to the genuine paradigm of male sexuality.

  8. Dback says

    I’m with Bravo–Adam should go back to his ginger roots. That was hot, even when he was chunkier. (But I like chunky guys.)

    Atomic, I bow to your incisive commentary and articulation of gender, homophobia, double standards etc. Very nicely summarized.

  9. Jim says

    I’m a fan, I love his music, and I also love that he does what he wants. He hasn’t tried to be anything other than what he is, which is an entertaining showoff with an amazing voice. I love that he has the energy to do himself up like he does – I’d collapse.

  10. ratbastard says

    I don’t care about this guy’s hair. But what the first poster ‘Jason’ said about ‘pro-female’ political correctness is absolutely true. And it’s P.C. counterpart is blatantly anti-male [boy and man] bias. You’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to recognize it.

    Political Correctness at it’s heart [ and by extension much of the ‘progressive’ ideology movement] is ‘radical’ FAR left feminism and so-called revolution theology, which by it’s very nature is anti-male [especially anti-white male, of course, but really anti-all males. Males and their ‘aggression’ are a threat] and the goal is to males more feminine and females more masculine.

    One of the first test groups to suffer at the hands of this ideology were and still are black males. ‘Progressive’ social policies going back a half century deliberately used ‘poor’ black people as guinea pigs when welfare and other social programs were formulated and established back in the 60s. These policies were set up to first and foremost ’empower’ females, but very much at the expense of males, who were and still are deliberately marginalized. End result is many ‘families’ headed exclusively by females, and many frustrated and angry males, boys and men.

  11. ratbastard says

    Any comment that strays too far from being shallow and vapid, that really starts to cut to the chase on serious topics, and shows a lack of tolerance for the usual wall to wall propaganda BS fed to gays and everyone else in our media, is OK with me, even if I don’t agree with it.

    I don’t have a problem with entertainment and being entertained, but our society could do with less bread and circuses and more frank, no BS, honest discussions.

    Just saying.

  12. Lance says

    Lol RATBASTARD and JASON, you two are such cute MRAs. How about you go cry about “misandry” in that empty corner?


    “There is a deep-seated fear of being the penetrated individual, because penetration is symbolic of male dominance and power; hence the “machismo” attitude prevalent among MSMs in Latin America, who don’t consider themselves “gay” because they aren’t the receptive party.”

    This is not exclusive to Latin America; it happens everywhere because misogyny is everywhere.

  13. Guy says

    Adam Lambert is a natural blonde and has been dying his hair for a long time.

    Any limits to is popularity have less to do with his gayness than with the music he has chosen to make. Screaming rock does not have a wide following.

    I wish he would use those pipes to make some pop music. He has done great interpretations in his cabaret outings.

  14. Bobby says

    Jason, you’re an idiot. Adam just had a number one song in America and is the first openly gay artist to have a number one album.

    Josh, you’re either tone deaf or stupid or both.

  15. adamfan says

    Guy: Have you listened to his new album Trespassing? It is definitely not “screaming rock” and IS very much Pop. He has dance pop songs and beautiful ballads on there. Try Shady or Underneath. Totally opposites, but both great.

  16. greg says

    Jason, Adam’s fans are overwhelmingly female.

    Also, in your boo hooing about straight men getting to masturbate over images of bisexual women you leave out the facts that gay men frequently enjoy images of self-proclaimed straight guys getting it on (see: gay for pay porn) and that females are a major part of the fanbase of gay and bisexual male stars and females are the largest creators of fan art that turns male popular characters bisexual and gay. Mainstream TV and movies about male gays and bisxuals are only commercially viable because of straight female consumers.

    And it is offensive to discount the idea that female performers who come out as bisexual are actually bisexual, in which case they are being honest and true to themselves by standing up as members of the LGBT community. If straight guys choose to masturbate over it that’s not the “fault” of those performers any more than it was superstar self-proclaimed bisexuals David Bowie or Freddie Mercury’s “fault” if some of their many female fans masturbated over the thought of them with guys. Good looking performers are lusted over.

  17. Jerry6 says

    He is just another (put in your own negative descriptive adjective)performer who is unsure of his own abilities and has to act like a jerk for attention. Too bad, because he is a pretty good performer.

  18. James says

    I really, really love this guy. Well-spoken, smart, very handsome and I love his style. His music on the other hand — I just cannot get into it.

  19. Lee says

    All those here who post, “Who cares” – well, obviously you do or you wouldn’t be here.
    And, yes, he has the finest voice in pop music today, bar none. Listen to his album – watch his performances with Brian May and Roger Taylor – not another performer today to match him. Get used to it.

  20. Kay says

    I love Adam and his music but I don’t care much for the new color. I know the black isn’t his natural color either, but he’s always looked really good with black hair. Oh well, his head, his choice. As long as he keeps putting out fun music, who cares what he does to his hair.

  21. seeyes22 says

    Dont care if he makes his hair orange. He is so talented and a great entertainer. He can shave his hair off..dont care he is best thing that has come along as far as talent. HIs private life is his business. The guy can sing.

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