Amtrak’s Beautiful New Gay Family Ads: PHOTOS

Amtrak _2amtrak

Amtrak is marketing to gay families with two stunning new ads, MetroWeekly reports:

As part of an effort to market its standard discounted family travel program, for the first time, the national passenger rail company included gay families in its materials. In an online ad sent by Instinct magazine to its email subscribers, a photo of same-sex parents with their child is featured.

Two version of the ad, one with a picture of a male couple and another with a female couple, were distributed.  Both versions include the headline: Priceless Family Moments Are Now Affordable.  The ad goes on to promote Amtrak's 50% off campaign for children age 2 to 15 who are traveling with an adult, and directs readers to its gay travel website

Now it would be lovely if I would stop getting reports that they block Towleroad on their train wi-fi networks for being an 'adult' site.


  1. VSo says

    Yes, lovely…but also disappointing to see our families folded into the racially limiting standards of mainstream advertising. One step at a time, I suppose.

  2. Dave says

    Traveling from Boston to NYC last month my Towleroad was indeed blocked, which was annoying as it’s my morning ritual!

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Uh-oh, that One Million (think, hundreds) Moms’ boycott list of GLBT supportive entities is gonna get longer now!

  4. jw says

    the male one is particularly noteworthy
    as they clearly signal the relationship
    whereas the female ad is much more ambiguous and could be read as sisters

  5. Husky says

    These ads also appear to reinforce the “child molester” stereotype, as the child in each ad is the same sex as the parents, and each couple has only one child. Also, many LGBT couples do adopt out of race. These images ARE however, better than nothing.

  6. Rob says

    To the wifi blocking, that’s probably not Amtrak’s doing. Usually, those are contracted to tech companies to handle. I would seek out info on who that is, and put my complaint to them.

  7. Blake says

    I agree that some of the ads are slightly adult. Not XXX-grade, of course, but I have been known to look over my shoulder from time to time when I’m in public… I’m sure that SOME stupid person out there could be offended by those hot guy underwear ads.

  8. tim says

    I rode the Minneapolis to Chicago train (about 8 hour trip), It was FANTASTIC! It had an actual sit down dining car with white table cloths and waiters. The food was actually really good. Now to see this as well. Hats off to Amtrak.

  9. Redebbm says

    Prepare for Republicans to try again to defund the “anti-family” Amtrak. I’d suggest us all to give a little business to Amtrak. It makes commuting in my area far worth it, over the traffic.

  10. GregV says

    I wouldn’t assume that either of the pictures are of a gay couple if I were to see these ads, but it is great to see the ads stepping away from sex stereotyping in what constitutes a child traveling with an adult.
    I sometimes think that when I travel with my brother and his kid we are likely assumed to be a couple, though in reality he has a female partner at home and I have a male one at home.

  11. Harrison says

    Very happy with the ads! Now, if I could have ants in my pants for a second, I would love Amtrak to someday have these ads without connecting it to “Riding With Pride.” In the meantime, great!

  12. Mo says

    Why aren’t they looking out the windows?! That’s 85% of the fun with Amtrak, at least on the first day. Their website is still a mess!

  13. LauraLoonie says

    As a real child hater, those children could ride free in cargo as far as I am concerned. I often travel Assela and my god, I am so happy rarely to see a child!

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