1. Jack M says

    Out of all the things that Ann has said, what I remember most is her imperious statement about her and Mitt not owing “you people” any further information about their tax returns. That reflects her true attitude, and if she really loves women, she wouldn’t support her husband’s politics or his church.

  2. BrokebackBob says

    I am 100% with you JACK M.
    Naturally, her mission was to
    try to make Mitt look just like
    you and me, minus the family’s
    $250 million dollar personal wealth
    of course. Ann is too old (and looks it)
    to care about women’s issues. She’s too
    busy trying to figure out what to buy next
    whether than be people or things.

  3. Mitch says

    A real marriage? Based on love and commitment? Peppered by the foils of real life? Illness, happiness? Joy of waking up together? Having the occasional argument? Sharing the day to day, perhaps raising children?

    If you are such a proponent of real marriages, why deny gay married couples the same legal protections you are offered? When you do support such, perhaps we might see a real morsel of your sincerity. In the meantime, you are just another Stepford wife doing your husband’s bidding.

    Wow, I didn’t think I could write that without saying B*TCH!!!

  4. TampaZeke says

    Yeah, he built it by himself with the TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars that daddy gave him!

    That might have had something to do with how he was able to do it by himself. And even with all of daddy’s millions Mitt STILL didn’t do it by himself. Just like Obama said, it took the help of the community and YES the GOVERNMENT to build and sustain his business.

  5. jason says

    While I’m a fan of an alternative to Obama, Ann’s speech was dreadfully silly. She spoke like some hack hired by a supermarket chain to spruik Dr Pepper or some such. As for the metaphor of Mitt taking her home from the dance, I wonder if he had her tied to the roof rack.

  6. say what says

    her speech was a fairy tale

    1- her childhood neighborhood that per her speech you might think was middle america in reality = 1 of top 5 RICHEST areas in america

    2- her school you might have thought some middle class public school in fact = private girl prepatory school that today costs $30,000 a year tuition

    3- their struggling in college was in reality = living off of a fortune in stocks given to mitt by his parents

    4- their 1st home given to them by mitts parents

    5- mitts first job was in fact with managment consulting for Bain & Company

    6- him and friends discussing starting business might fail??? Reality = Bill Bain took his management consultant romney and some other workers and said he wanted to split off a business venture and created Bain Capitol and would provide the start up money with romney supplying the pretty face and name with political connections

    Ann Romney flat out lied to everyones’ face without shame

  7. says

    She says: “He will take us to a better place”.

    Pretty sure this is the same thing the leaders of Jonestown and the Nike-wearing Hale-Boppers said right before they all killed their kids and themselves…. Scary people to be running a country. Let’s hope they don’t get the numbers.

  8. Liz says

    After Obama became an Illinois state legislator, his wife moved up as well, scoring a job as ‘vice president of community relations’ at the University Of Chicago Hospital for a very generous salary of $121,910. When Obama became a senator in 2005, her ‘salary’ jumped to a whopping $316,962 for the same job… and one of Senator Obama’s first acts in office was to see to it that the hospital received over a million dollars of your tax dollars as an earmark. When Michelle left they did not fill the position.

    I’ll take Ann Romney taking care of five boys and her husband and household over a leech like Michelle basically stealing money from taxpayers.

    Oh and what happened to Michelle’s law license?

    Democrats hate women who stay home and choose to be mothers. So much for choice.

    as for Moochelle Obama, off with her head!!!

  9. Robert says

    LIZ – you must be one of the millions that are walking around with ‘blinders’ on. If you do not see the hypocracy of Ann’s words and everyone else who spoke – then you are the one who is ignorant. The American government is corrupt and not 1 candidate is worthy of the trust the American people are willing to bestow on them. The people of America (and the rest of the world) need to stand up against these domestic terrorists and stop listening to their fear-based lies! As a Canadian – I am in disbelief that Republicans (or Conservatives in Canada) believe to be the moral fabric of society and feel that their way of life is what and should be the way it is – WAKE UP! If you and your party do not like politics that are inclusive to all citizens – then you need to move to a country where you will feel more comfortable, like Uganda.

  10. Guy from DC says

    Liz, your obvious racist disdain for the First Lady is repugnant and ignorant.

    No one on this page has questioned Ann Romney’s role as a stay at home mother.

    The conversation has instead commented on the fact that she and her husband’s lifestyle has always been one of great, great privilege.

    Also, Liz, Ann Romney chose to use code for anti-gay animus in her speech, claiming to have a “real marriage.” Exactly who doesn’t have a real marriage? Could it be the gays whose marriages her husband has pledged to ban with a Constitutional amendment?

  11. J. Leo says

    The real question is did she gain him any points with that we’re-just-ordinary-homebody-folks-like-you’ speech? My guess is that all but the diehard Repugnicans saw right through it.

  12. jyu young says

    Good for Ann, she finally came out of the closet.

    I’m glad she loves single women, and I hope that really works out for her current “real” marriage.

  13. walt says

    republicans preaching to the choir -democrats deceiving themselves into nirvana -become independent and think for yourself -be brave bold courageous and independent -dont fall to the whoremongers of politicism
    do what is correct and TRUTHFUL – beware 2012 and if you survive -the TRUTH within you is all that will preserve you in this life. God forbid, the next life you fail to prepare for in this life – Daniel 8:12

  14. says

    I can’t believe people on here are interpreting “real marriage” as anti-gay. She was trying to say, “Just because we’re rich, doesn’t mean we didn’t have our own set of problems.”

    That’s what I got from it. Code for “anti-marriage equality”? Hmnn. That’s a stretch. But, I suppose it’s possible.

  15. maddM@ says

    yes, “real marriage” very clearly anti gay (not a stretch at all) in that it implies that gay marriages are “fake marriages”

    Remove head from ass plz

  16. maddM@ says

    yes, “real marriage” very clearly anti gay (not a stretch at all) in that it implies that gay marriages are “fake marriages”

    Remove head from ass plz

  17. says

    @ LIZ: it is common for universities to “create” positions for the spouses of highly desired faculty. As for this case, the UChicago was starting a HUGE new hospital project (now largely complete) and likely needed an expert communicator to work with the local community. UChicago has a checkered history with its neighbors but has been working diligently to fix that over the last few decades.

    Before you cast stones, you might want to do some research.

  18. Liz says

    Guy from DC; You should stop being so paranoid regarding the so-called code. Anne wasn’t talking in code. You as a liberal try to demonize every Republican.

    As far as for her having had a life of privilege, she and her husband earned it. They worked for it. It’s called the American Dream!!

  19. elangay says

    I didn’t hear Ann Romney’s speech and I’m not watching a minute of the anti-gay, racist, only the wealthy should rule Republican convention, and I still want to vomit.

  20. jamal49 says

    @LIZ Honey, don’t you have some cookies to bake or something, or some kids to go pick up from day camp? One appreciates your lame attempts at provocation and all are welcome to opine here at Towleroad, but, really! You’re going to have to do better than this.

    I suggest getting your nails done (fingers and toes), a facial, maybe change your hairstyle, rearrange the kitchen cabinets, tryout that new recipe for corn dogs you found in Good Housekeeping and get ready so when your man comes home, he knows his day wasn’t all wasted.

    Failing that, girlfriend, I’d suggest that you GET LOST.

  21. GABE says

    @LIZ, what about everybody else’s “American Dream”. The GOP only cares about the dreams of billionaires and only pay lip service to the middle class during the election cycle. They have not said what exactly they are going to do return the American Dream to the rest of us.

  22. Robert K. says

    Liz, all the wealth that the Romneys have was given to them by their wealthy parents and their wealthy parents’ connections. Neither Mitt nor Ann worked hard for a damn thing. And if you think that the American Dream is all about acquiring great wealth, then you certainly don’t know very many Americans, and you are as shallow and superficial as you are stupid.

  23. BrandonJD says

    The American Dream is not being born to already rich parents, having their money and connections smooth over any hurdles (like buying your first home, or getting through college), and then pulling up the ladder behind you telling the world to “get their own because you did it yourself.”

    The American Dream isn’t something you have to be lucky enough to be born into, it is supposed to be something that is achievable through hard work, no matter who you or your parents were when they were born.

    The problem with middle and working class conservatives is that they never think of themselves as such, but always deluding themselves into believing that they are just temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

  24. Bilal Muhammad says

    Women out to be alarmed at what Ann Romney said about “Real Marriage.” It is apparent from the comments here that none understand that Ann Romney was making a subtle reference to the Mormon doctrine on Celestial and Temporal Marriage. This was a religious dig at marriage in general. The Mormons believe that only marriages sealed by the Mormon Church are “real marriages.” They call these kinds of marriages “Celestial Marriages” which via their doctrine will continue on into heaven and so never end. All other marriages are Temporal Marriages and will end at the two persons death, and so are marriages that will not last beyond this vale of time. In other words all other marriages in the United States are “not real” because they are not Celestial Marriages. The people are about to put two people in the White House that are shielding their true beliefs from the voting public. Some people say that what they belief from their faith tradition does not matter. This is not true. What people believe can translate into public policy. Ann Romney in fact told all married people in the United States that only a Mormon Marriage is real and their marriages are not real based on their Mormon faith. Maybe people ought to take time and look at the Mormon Doctrine before putting these people in the White House. BM

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