Anti-Gay Ex-Gov. Mark Sanford Gets Engaged

The anti-marriage equality, anti-gay adoption, anti-civil union, pro-constitutional-amendment-defining-marriage-as-the-union-of-one-man-and-one-woman, Republican former governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford, is getting married again.

Nm_mark_sanford_110127_mnGov. Sanford proposed to his girlfriend, Maria Belen Chapur, in Argentina on Wednesday. Argentina, please recall, is where Gov. Sanford really was when he disappeared from the governor's office for several days in 2009, after telling a few staffers he was going to "hike the Appalachian trail." He wasn't hiking. He was visiting Ms. Chapur, a commodities broker, with whom he'd been carrying on an affair for at least a year. After the affair became public, Gov. Sanford was nearly impeached, and his wife divorced him.

Gov. Sanford's proposal reportedly came as a surprise to Ms. Chapur, arriving in the middle of lunch at a restaurant called Bella Italia Grill, in Buenos Aires. From The Daily Caller:

… [the] restaurant [is] a favorite of journalists and business executives. Sanford reportedly arrived early and handed the ring in a bag, or pouch, to one of the servers. Sanford then hid himself in the handicapped bathroom for more than an hour before Chapur arrived.

The server approached Chapur and presented her with the pouch, saying that she had won an award for being the hundredth customer of the day. Chapur reportedly opened the pouch and found the ring, and looked confused. Sanford then appeared from his hiding spot and declared his love for her.

… the couple then kissed, cried and promised to love each other forever.


  1. Dale says

    We live in a great country where you can republican-marry your adulteress mistress after you’ve disgraced your public office and lose your wife.

  2. Josh says

    Way to defend the Traditional Marriage!! Cheat on your Wife…leave your kids for a “hike” and then move to another country to marry your new mistress. We will see him again this Sunday at Church. (brainwashing…brainwashing…brainwashing…brainwashing on a Sunday morning in Buenos Aires Argentina) LOVE IT

  3. Joe in CT says

    Glad he can legally bring his new, foreign-born spouse to the U.S. Too bad same sex couples can’t do that too. Oh wait, maybe he’ll stay in Argentina. Let’s hope so.

  4. Paul R says

    I’m with Elcid. This is too much detail for a jerk former politician who disgraced himself. His political career is over—telling bizarre lies and marrying his former mistress doesn’t exactly strengthen it. Ask Gingrich.

    A sentence about it would have been enough.

  5. Keppler says

    “… the couple then kissed, cried and promised to love each other forever.”

    …or until the seductive call of the Appalachian trail becomes too much go them.

  6. Steve says

    So she’ll get US citizenship because she’s marrying him, right? Another benefit that GLBT folks miss out on if they’re involved in a bi-national relationship.

  7. Grace says

    Hes marrying his whore! I hope he stays in Argentina. I can’t imagine her moving to South Carolina specially Charleston area as that is Jenny ‘s territory. So that was what all the fuss about Mark Sanford building a cabin with his sons at the Sanford property last summer was all about-to shack his whore. Shame letting his sons do manual labor for their despised soon to be step mom. mark Sanford greatest politician hypocrite.

  8. brianZ says

    Mark Sanford hidden in the handicapped bathroom waiting to propose marriage is just the image I needed to start this day of RIGHT

  9. says

    @ STEVE;

    Precisely ! If I marry my BF in the USA I don’t get equal treatment; if I marry him in Europe the USA won’t recognise the marriage as valid !

    What a democracy….where even elections are bought.

  10. Strepsi says

    I wonder when he will sign an order to have his wife stoned to death for marrying a divorced adulterer?

    The Bible is EXTREMELY clear that this is what he must do.

  11. Kyle says

    I’m glad he has the right to get married twice, first one doesn’t work out so then he marries his soulmate. Touching.

  12. says

    The Call of the Wild

    It’s springtime and a young man’s fancy
    is seized by the call of nature, the call of the wild,
    a force beyond his control,
    a force he pretty much thinks about all the time,
    that in springtime shuts down all other thought,
    the urgent need that can be slaked by one thing only,
    by hiking the Appalachian Trail.

    See the rest of the poem at the link.

  13. WDS says

    This news article reminded me of an old saying: “Honey, if he cheats to get to you, he’ll cheat to get away from you as well!!!”

  14. i could go on, but I won't says

    Hey, maybe he could speak at the Repub convention about the sanctity of marriage! And introduce his almost new wife to Ann! I smell a photo op here…

    About how serial monogamy is way better than polygamy (no offense to any Mormons).

    About how his children now have two Moms, but not in that bad gay sense, only in that good heterosexual way, the way God intended kids to have two Moms.

    Hey, Ann this is wife number two so far. How about a nice political plum job after Mitt gets in?

  15. james says

    When you wish them every happiness in Argentina, be sure and emphasize the “in Argentina” part.

  16. andrew says

    And Jesus said that if a man divorces his wife and marries another, he is an adulteror. What are these “sinful” republicans to do? LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  17. says

    It would be interesting if we could find out how many Republican Governors,Senators and Congressmen have had divorces including multiple divorces… It would not surprise me if I looked up the word hypocrite in the dictionary to find a one word definition… Republicans!

  18. Homer says

    … the couple then kissed, cried and promised to love each other forever.”

    Or until Mark Sanford starts planning another “hike” to the Appalachians (or the Andes). Sanctity of marriage. Indeed.

  19. Stefan says

    I wanted to have some pithy remark for this, but lately every time I see some jackass abusing his right to marry it just disgusts me. My boyfriend and I are both from the U.S., with no prior marriages, who are good at our jobs, pay taxes, and vote. We both just want to get married once.

  20. Rich says

    @Jerry Pritikin

    Adultery has always been a bipartisan sport. JFK, FDR and John Edwards provide enough counterpoint to Sanford, Nelson Rockefeller and Warren Harding. Historically though, most of these men were religious in the same sense that ships are Liberian.