News: Miley Cyrus, Dublin, Ashley Greene, Scramjet, Olympics

RoadCNN planning to feature more "reality" programming.

RoadButter popcorn flavor chemical may trigger Alzheimer's Disease.

MileyRoadMiley Cyrus changes things up.

RoadAzariah Southworth: Why I outed a Christian star. "It’s not all the angry emails that made me doubt myself – although some have been wildly disapproving….No, what bothers me, what overwhelms me with guilt, is the concern for what I’ve done to a person I care about. But then I think of how hypocrisy must be exposed. And I think of this: The truth sets you free."

RoadVideo shows Syrian rebels tossing corpses off government building.

RoadRashida Jones wants John Travolta to come out: "A movie star. Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this."

RoadJayson Blair, The New Normal underwear model.

RoadThousands march in Dublin for marriage equality: "The fourth “March for Marriage”, organised by gay rights group LGBT Noise, was aimed at highlighting discrimination affecting LGBT people and their children. The Government has announced that the issue of gay marriage will be dealt with through the constitutional convention process, which is due to begin later this year."

RoadTwilight actress Ashley Greene supports Chick-fil-A.

RoadChronicling Prince Harry's Closing Ceremony.

ScramjetRoadDARPA, the Air Force, NASA, Boeing, and Pratt & Whitney to test unmanned hypersonic scramjet tomorrow that could revolutionize flight: "The scramjet is supposed to be like comparing today's jet turbines to propeller driven aircraft, and is seen by many as the next evolutionary step in human flight."

RoadMourning a gay son killed in a rough neighborhood.

RoadSean Hayes lands Season 2 arc on Smash: "Hayes will play Terrence Falls, a comedic TV and film star who is making his Broadway debut in the musical Liaisons, based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses. However, due to a series of comedic circumstances, he becomes a thorn in the side of Megan Hilty's Ivy and other characters."

Road39% of respondents to a USA/Gallup poll think Paul Ryan is an "excellent" or "very good" vice presidential choice.

RoadFargo, ND Pride rally features marriage proposal: "Stacey Lavelle got up on the podium, and called her partner, Julie Ball, up to join her. 'I’m not really a shouter from the rooftops kind of person, but I felt it was necessary,' Lavelle said, beginning her proposal. 'You are my rock. I don’t ever want to do this without you. And I know we can’t get married here. But if you would do me the honor of letting me spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you made me…' While the reply was inaudible, the couple’s big kisses afterward were all the “Yes” the crowd needed to break out in cheers and applause."

RoadWATCH: Rita Ora covers Frank Ocean's "Swim Good".

Becks_daleyRoadThe British mutual admiration society.

RoadNASA Curiosity probe releases detailed crater image. "Scientists have remarked that the rover's surroundings resembled parts of the southwestern US."

RoadOlympic update: "If Team Gay was a country, it would have finished 31st overall with seven medals, tied with Mexico, Ethiopia and Georgia. They would have beaten the medal count of such countries as Jamaica, Ireland, Argentina and India."

RoadTaiwan monastery hosts gay wedding: "Fish Huang and her partner You Ya-ting, both 30, received their blessings from Shih Chao-hui, a female Buddhist master, at a monastery in north Taiwan’s Taoyuan county over the weekend, and no one seemed to raise an eyebrow."

RoadMan charged in death of Nova Scotian gay activst Raymond Taavel due in court next month: "Denny, diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, was released by the East Coast Forensic Hospital on a one-hour pass on April 16. The body of the 49-year-old Taavel was found hours later outside a downtown bar."


  1. says

    He shouldn’t feel bad about Outing that guy, at all. The guy was using a “gay is wrong” message and identity as part of his Closeted Disguise.

    Sorry, boys. That’s not how it works. By all means, take your time. I don’t support or condone Outing people before they’re ready.

    UNLESS, of course, they’re working against legal and social equality and understanding for LGBT people as part of their disguise.

    If you’re not ready to Come Out at least have the integrity to pose as a “straight person who supports equality for LGBT people”

    and if you wanna get all Jeebus about it, his being Outed actually did him a theological favour – it stopped him from breaking the Ninth Commandment every day. Which, y’know, is a pretty big deal to that God he claimed to worship. Such a big deal that it was, you know, one of them ten commandments.

    so there.

  2. Rick says

    Olympic update: “If Team Gay was a country, it would have finished 31st overall with seven medals, tied with Mexico, Ethiopia and Georgia. They would have beaten the medal count of such countries as Jamaica, Ireland, Argentina”

    Woop-de-doo. All lesbians. Surprise, surprise. Except for two horse-riders (not true athletes–which is why it is the only sport in which men and women compete against each other and one in which riders over 50 years of age commonly compete).

    Even worse, of the 20+ “out” athletes competing, all but 3 were lesbians.

    Is anybody really surprised that a high percentage of female athletes are lesbians?

    And are we supposed to be hyped about the fact that a few lesbians won medals, which just reinforces every stereotype in creation? Or that the only two gay men who did were in an “artistic” field, also reinforcing stereotypes?

  3. says

    Wait a second here. If Team Gay were a country, it would have finished 20th, not 31st. Four gold, one silver places Team Gay above North Korea. I know some US media pretends total medal count is more important than counting golds first, because they’re more confident that the US will top the total medals table than the golds table, but it’s meaningless. Coming third is not the same as winning.

  4. RICK says

    Back when I was younger and performed oral sex on my own father on a daily basis, I hated lesbians more than anyone else. They were better at sports than me and didn’t have the decency to let me borrow their girly clothes.

    Also, I like to complain that other men aren’t Out because it’s easier to complain about other people rather than come out myself.

    p.s. I hate stereotypical gays because they get to date actual men and I’m stuck with riding my late father’s stuffed corpse. But I stuffed it myself, because taxidermy is really masc.

  5. Mike says

    I worked in Alzheimer’s research for almost a decade, and there are several important things to keep in mind here.

    1) The most important is that, in general, you don’t want to make health decisions or adjust your behaviour based on any single medical study. Single studies might be wrong, and, much more common, the media twists everything to make it sound as terrifying as possible so that they can make money on a culture of fear. If you bounce from what the media says one study says to what the media says another study says you’re going to be miserable, and perhaps even be in worse health than if you just ignored all of those studies, relaxed. got some exercise, and ate more plants.

    2) This study only concerned itself with “real-world occupational exposure levels”, not the levels that an end consumer would encounter eating a bowl of popcorn. We have many, many chemicals that we closely monitor or even prohibit if people are going to work around them every day, but allow, or even promote people to use at home at lower levels. Sometimes a little is good for you, but a lot can be really, really bad for you. In this case, one study found that a lot of this chemical, might, in theory, be very bad for you if you work with it every day. But we knew that already because of the lung disease. If you are going to freak out about it anyway, stop eating microwave popcorn and to switch to either air popped or pop some in some olive oil.

    3) The newspaper article gives the impression that diacetyl, the chemical in question, is added to all of those products in the list. This isn’t the case. Diacetyl is a natural product of fermentation, and occurs, well, naturally, as well as being an additive:

    If you cut it out of your life you might not have much of a life left.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “…and I’m stuck with riding my late father’s stuffed corpse. But I stuffed it myself,…”

    LOL…Oh, Lord have mercy…I can’t stop laughing (and I’m not even drunk).

    At first I felt that the person doing the parody of Rick went a little too far. I felt some of the postings were cruel (most queens have soft hearts–atleast the ones who used to be pretty). But then I remember some of the rotten things that Rick has said on this blog. Then I say, whoever you are you go for Rick’s jugular, baby.

    I still laugh when I think about the parody of Rick using the egg plant in place of a dildo, and all the juice drippings….LOL, oh Lord have mercy.

  7. Icebloo says

    I found the article on the gay “Christians” to be very amusing. Both the writer and the guy he outed are total losers. Why on earth are they so desperate to belong to “Christianity” ?
    Christians are just mentally weak sheep who get sucked into religion because they aren’t smart enough to see it for what it is. Christians are also one of our worst enemies so why are so many gays banging on church doors wanting to be accepted ? Just how stupid and self loathing are they ?

    I have no sympathy for these idiot gay “Christians” who are struggling with their sexuality. GROW THE FU#K UP ! DEAL WITH IT ! THEY are the ones making your lives miserable because they don’t have the balls to admit they are gay.

    I will save my sympathy for people who deserve it.

  8. Icebloo says

    Ashley Green – so-called star of the Twilight movies is NOT a supporter of the gay community.

    Once again we see yet another straight person claiming to support us so they can get our money only to turn around and stab us in the back.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

  9. cruz says

    hey andy–why so silent on the Anderson Cooper’s bf story? do you know anything we don’t?

  10. John says

    Littlekiwi, I agree that those that advocate for actual policies that repress gays should be outed. But I don’t know that I’ve seen anything that suggests that was the case here. He wasn’t a politician or a big time commentator. He was a young journalist with an evangelical background. I don’t know that that qualifies as advocating for repression.

    For me though, the difficulty with outing isn’t so much who should be outed and who should be allowed to come out on theirs own terms. It’s how we decide who is gay and who is not. I find it extremely homophobic to say that one (or even several) sexual encounters makes someone gay. We never disbelieve a person’s self-asserted homosexuality despite their sexual encounters with the opposite sex. We never question gay men and say “Are you really gay?” We only do that to men who assert that they are straight. It always struck me as tantamount to the one-drop rule. That sex between men is so dirty and unclean that it can never be washed away. Once you’ve done it, you’re gay for life. It seems we are unwilling to allow people to set the parameters of their own identity. That strikes me as unfair.

    It’s a bit of a cop out to say “Well no one will come out as gay and face social stigma if they truly are not.” That response doesn’t get at the heart of the issue as to why sex with another man automatically makes you gay despite one’s own self-identification.

    Of course there are men who deep down identify as gay but refuse to publicly acknowledge that, who want to have their cake and eat it too. But exposing them hardly seems like an adequate justification for denying men to define themselves.

  11. jason says

    Ashley Greene needs to be put on a boycott list. Yet another female who appears to be gay-friendly for the sake of our support but then appears to stab us in the back…..

    I am personally so fed up with these women. They exist right throughout the entertainment industry. Go away, silly girls. Go and titillate the sleazy straight guys with your exposed cleavage and long flowing hair.

  12. jason says

    Team Gay is a fake concept. Hardly any of them are men. It’s biased in favor of women.

    Gay women have never had it as bad as gay men. When the anti-gay laws were being enforced, women were spared. Only men were arrested and jailed. I don’t see why we should be pretending everything is OK when it’s so clearly biased in favor of women, including the legal system.

  13. Derek Washington says

    What’s with all the Lesbian hate amd why is a sport not a sport just because people of both genders and all ages can do it?

  14. Derek Pearce says

    @Derek Washington: because Towleroad is sadly a waystation for several deeply misogynist guys who’d rather put women down than see that gay rights are part of a larger trend of rights including those of women and minorities.

  15. jason says

    I am not putting down women. I love truly revolutionary women. However, modern women, including lesbians, are far from revolutionary. They are comfortable privilege-seekers. They seek privileges for women, including lesbians. Many lesbians have hijacked the genuine victimhood of gay men to make it seem as if they, themselves, are victims.

    Don’t deny the fact that Queen Victoria signed laws against male homosexuality, not female homosexuality. Men were jailed for committing homosexual acts, not women.

  16. Rick says

    Great points, Jason. And I would add that the passage of Title IX has had a devastating effect on men’s programs in Olympic sports at many schools, which have had no choice but to eliminate them and replace them with women’s programs in order to comply with the law.

    So when I see these women winning medals– I remind myself that it has often been at the expense of men who have been denied opportunities because of them…..despite the fact that women are clearly inferior athletes….and then to have to hear lesbian announcers gloat over American women “out-achieving” American men at the Olympics makes it insufferable.

    Screw them–I am not proud of them and they do not represent me as a man, especially as a gay man.

    They represent female privilege in this culture, nothing more, as you correctly pointed out.