1. Brian in Texas says

    I’m very appreciative of this series. This should be on TV. LOGO could pick this up. I used to love their “Best in Short Film” series. They must bring that back.

    Can’t wait for the next episode.

  2. yuninv says

    I know I wasn’t the only one screaming at the screen, “Leave! Leave! Leave! Don’t do it!” – either that or that’s what I said in my head when I ignored myself in a similar situation. :(

  3. distinguetraces says

    I am a total Jack/Scruffy shipper, and I’m going to be pissed as hell if Scruffy ends up getting shuffled off to the side so the two leads can get back together.

  4. DrMikey says

    I had given up hope that there would be an episode 4, and lo and behold, it’s the best so far. It’s the first time we are given a sympathetic look at Jack, and yes, Mitchell is seeming more like the villain of the story. But what’s the deal between Uma & Jack? Her snarky attitude can’t be only related to how Jack might have treated Mitchell in the break-up. How many of her boyfriends might Jack have slept with??? My only complaint is that I’d like a little more perspective on the time frame between episodes.

  5. BenR says


    I’d say that how Jack treated Mitchell in the break up AND how Jack slept with her boyfriend are the reason why Ooma hates him so much. And I can think of worse reasons to hate someone that much.

  6. David says

    This show deserves to be on TV. My only issues are that the actors who play Mitchell and Oona aren’t the strongest and make what otherwise is a top notch show feel a little film school-y.

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