1. Michaelandfred says

    Is a “leslie” attraction the same as when I tried to convince myself at 16 I was bi-sexual? Leslie better start separating her DVD collection….

  2. Mike says

    I couldn’t finish it.
    This is so sad…so pathetically sad, and it infuriates that so many out there will buy his self loating, lie-filled crap. In the end, this is nothing more than some deep need by him to feel accepted by a group. In this case, the straight sexual majority. What a sham, and what a horrible individual.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    And so it goes… the gays can change, right?

    Why does no interviewer ever flip this and ask a straight person if they could try, really, really hard, to be gay? Or if they could have “Lesley” love for a man?

    They shown their own prejudices by not asking; even Lisa Ling.

  4. says

    @Ichabod: Was going to write the same thing, ‘SAD’ but you already did, the word best describes him. So, bad the video wouldn’t run in my country. I wanted to see what his mannerism. LOL

  5. Taylor says

    Why the hell doesn’t he just say he’s a bisexual and be done with it? All these contortions to arrive at a statement that no one believes, is the ultimate in self-delusion.

  6. Diogenes Arktos says

    What happened to the “good old days” when ‘reparative therapy’ could include electroconvulsive therary;-)

    BTW – what’s wrong with heterosexual porn – at least the hard core variety? It certainly helped me to know I was gay.

  7. Jon Mark says

    I think you guys are all missing the point. How about the progress that he’s come out AGAINST reparative therapy? That’s a HUGE step forward! And I think that this is a very important line: “Jesus didn’t say, ‘Come to me and I’ll make you straight.’ He said, ‘Come to me.'” I wish more people in the church could realize that. Sure, Alan Chambers may be a conflicted person, and he has some distance to come yet. But this is a good thing here.

    I know it’s much easier to call him a fraud and a liar and see how we can pick him apart and beat him down, but sometimes that doesn’t do the most good.

  8. Javier says

    Good for him. He is trying to live a life that is consistent with his faith in God and belief in the Bible. While I don’t support any rightwing political agenda that such a group may be inclined to adopt, I do support the right of people to seek support to live in a manner that is consistent with their faith in God and the Bible.

  9. jamal49 says

    That sad, pathetic man, desperately trying to believe that he is “attracted” to Leslie when deep in the honest recesses of his heart, he is not.

    @JAVIER Give me a break! This man is not living according to his “faith in God and the Bible”. Oh, heavens no! That man is living a lie, a sad, torturous, agonizing lie and, in fact, mentally abusing the poor woman who plays the role in his sick, twisted, jesuswillsaveme fantasy.

    You are probably a typical, self-loathing, clueless, self-denying, “homosexual” troll who might better use its time over the the FRC web-site or maybe going over and hanging out with some of its GoProud girlfriends.

  10. says

    I agree with Jon Mark and Javier. These people in these ministries have been on a gay-hate agenda for so long, we no longer trust them when one of them lays down his weapons and says we’re right about reparative therapy. That’s a HUGE step.

    He’s just honestly telling his own story — and I believe our freedom agenda INCLUDES people who, for whatever reason, want to live their lives differently from us.

    My problem with Exodus has been their insistence that “anyone can change” — doing so without defining “change,” allowing people to assume sexual orientation change. Alan is now under fire from fellow conservatives. They are running from him like he’s got the plague.

    Let’s give credit where it’s due. We don’t have to agree with this theology. We can even oppose it and pronounce it dangerous. But I have to salute someone who goes against his own right wing allies to tell the truth.

  11. J.M. says

    I’m marrying my man in two weeks; somebody I’m compatible with in EVERY way. I saw Chambers in person, many years ago, and I came to the conclusion back then that his life was a cautionary tale about mindless subservience to religious doctrine. I don’t have the energy to care about his sad life–because he’s done too much damage to young minds.

  12. says

    Dear Usual Commenters who insist that “gay-isms” are the result of “pressure” from the “stereotypical mainstream gay community” to “conform” to “affectations of behavior”,

    if that nonsense is true then why is this ex-gay, like ALL ex-gays, the utter embodiment of all of those “isms” that y’all claim are elective affectations to “fit in to the mainstream gay culture”?

    here’s a man who lives each day trying to distance himself from anything gay – so why do his supposedly-affected “gay-isms” remain?

    yeah. exactly. 😉

  13. Eric says

    “I’m not gay” followed by extra-squish-overreative-gayface… Oh, he’s SO gay.

    @Alejo: Sorry you can’t see the mannerisms. Suffice it to say they aren’t “straight” either.

    Poor guy. He and “Leslie” are missing so much in life by persisting in a lie because of their belief in another one (religion).

  14. Buster says

    Gotta say I agree with Steve and Javier above.

    While I am sad for Mr. Chambers and believe strongly that his life has been adversely affected by the religious dogma he was taught, it IS a big step (and an important one) for someone in his position to publicly renounce “reparative” therapy.

    We live in a country where we are all (at least allegedly) free to adopt whatever religious beliefs we want, even when those beliefs appear to others to be damaging to our lives and psyches. EVERY ONE of us — whether raised gay or straight, religious or not, urban or country, conservative or liberal — makes choices about how much of our upbringing to retain as part of our adult lives. Mr. Chambers has made his choice about where the balance is for him between who he is and what his religion tells him he should be. As long as he (and Leslie, of course) understands that choice and is not trying to force it on others, everyone else needs to respect it, even when we think it is wrongheaded. There is no reason that he needs to say he’s “gay” just because you think he should.

    I would also remind all you disbelievers that we are only a few decades removed from a time when MANY of us would have had wives and children, notwithstanding our homosexuality. Many of those mismatched relationships of the past were full of love, even though they might have been sexually unfulfilling. As you will all learn, I hope, a loving relationship has far more to do with a meeting of minds and souls than it does a meeting of genitalia (not that good sex isn’t a good part of it too.) I have little doubt that Mr. Chambers loves Leslie, notwithstanding the fact that she doesn’t have a penis.

  15. nikko says

    Not true, BUSTER. For the Alan Chambers of the U.S. do force their views onto the public and won’t rest until you agree with them- it’s called evangelism. They ultimately want to make it law-a theocrasy.

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