First Night Of The Republican National Convention Canceled


Tropical Storm Isaac has put the kibosh on the first night of the RNC in Tampa, which was to have been Monday. Gov. Mike Huckabee was to speak, as were Govs. Nikki Haley and Jeb Bush. Ann Romney was originally scheduled to appear as well, but was bumped to Tuesday after the news networks decided Monday's slate of speakers wasn't worth covering. Some speakers will probably be bumped altogether, though how many, or which ones, hasn't yet been announced.

From Talking Points Memo:

The convention will convene on Monday and will immediately recess until
Tuesday afternoon, [RNC chair Reince] Priebus announced in [a] statement. “After consulting
with Governor [Rick] Scott, NOAA and local emergency management
officials, we are optimistic that we will begin an exciting, robust
convention that will nominate the Romney-Ryan ticket.”

Isaac wrought misery in the Caribbean last night, especially in Haiti, where it caused at least three deaths. As of this writing, Isaac is spinning away from the northern coast of Cuba, likely to hit the Florida Keys sometime this evening, possibly as a weak Category 1 hurricane. The Weather Channel suggests Isaac may turn into a Category 2 on Monday afternoon, but it seems unlikely to make landfall over Tampa. Tampa is, however, likely in for some very doomy weather Monday night, as well as a storm surge of up to five feet.


  1. yuninv says

    In a statement, Republicans said that if there is any damage from Hurricane Isaac, they won’t be helping with the cleanup – because that is what government programs are for.

  2. Mundus says

    Frequently, when these weather events cause damage, injury and death across the world many on the right normally pop-up to state that it is God’s punishment for [insert bizarre bigotry here] – SO, what is the Republican convention being punished for?

  3. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Mundus, You may recall Pat Roberson’s saying that Haiti suffered so much bad luck because of a deal they made with the devil a couple of centuries ago. I think that if one wants to find deals with the devil, Tampa is about to become a shopping mall.

  4. Paul R says

    Once again, the gays have caused a natural disaster for decent people.

    Tampa in August was a poor choice from the start. Haha.

  5. SpunkyBunks says

    Who scheduled this clown convention in the middle of hurricane season in Flori-duh? Another reason why they shouldn’t run the show. Obama by a landslide baby!

  6. 99% says

    “Dear GOP, this is GOD. I wish I could stay for the party you seem interested in holding in My name, but I as that great leader, Marx, said; ‘I would never want to join a club that would have me as a member’. I have masses of low-income, impoverished non-whites who need this water to bring their crops alive so that your stocks in agriculture can stabilize again. Finally, PLEASE stop invoking my name, or the next time, I will stick around and show you what this wrath thing is all about”.

  7. Otkon says

    “…after the news networks decided Monday’s slate of speakers wasn’t worth covering…” And Tuesday’s, and Wednesday, and oh, you get the idea. Plus why can’t Mitt send mormon god to bat away regular god’s storm?

  8. Michaelandfred says

    I think it would have been funny if the Democratic Mayor and Commission in Tampa had just closed up the whole town during the convention. Let the Republicans pay to run the clean up, airport, the convention center, public transport….you know, government. Since they don’t seem to think they need help from the rest of us.

  9. say what says

    who seriously thinks that people who foolishly chose to hold their convention in the middle of hurricane season (has always!!!been since before america) in Florida of all places , is capable and intelligent enough to run the US gov?

  10. Laura says

    I can’t wait for Eric Cantor to announce (during the convention) that unless we finds cuts elsewhere, FEMA won’t be helping out with the cleanup.

  11. Mary says

    Now I’m sure most Towleroad readers saw this headline and thought “Now if only we could cancel all REPUBLICANS!”

  12. simon says

    Another hurricane hit the Republican party in the person of “not gay” Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida, who endorsed Obama. They probably don’t have time for the prayer by Tim Donut and don’t need one since their fate has been sealed.

  13. Dave says

    How come it is ‘The Lords Will” when disasters are attributed to Gay rights, partying or women not being in their ‘proper’ places, but not when it disrupts a Republican/ fundamentalist/ corporate convention? Perhaps Pat Robinson will claim they were also too liberal?

  14. jamal49 says

    Since this group of republicons who are now polluting Tampa believe in signs and miracles, it might behoove them to see Hurricane Isaac as a MAJOR sign from God.

    Wonder if Patty-Pot Robertson will agree.

  15. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Will they reschedule Mike Huckabee’s likely rabid anti gay speech? Or do they believe in God enough to think that might bring worse flooding? Hehe.

  16. andrew says

    Has Pat Robertson heard from God yet telling him that He is sending this hurricane to disrupt the Republican Convention because they are too pro gay? LOL

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    Just remember that the center where they are having their convention was 62% paid for by public funds.