1. says

    The battle lines are drawn.
    We know where we stand in the up coming elections.
    No decent woman, gay, no minority of any class colour creed, no senior can vote Republican.
    They stand for backwardness and doctrinaire religious intolerance. The sheer mean spiritedness of Republicans alone condemns them all, yes all.

    Again I raise the question that I want answered :
    Is Paul Ryan a member of Opus Dei ?
    And following from that has he sworn to promote the religious agenda of the Catholic Church in his working life ?
    Probably no one here can answer that question…..but I hope some journalist will pick it up and run with it.

  2. robert says

    Gang-tackled in a forcible assault? I wonder if it was a legitimate assault because the human body has ways of dealing with that, which means Mr. Akins can’t get pregnant from it, and therefore won’t need to seek an abortion.

  3. thom says

    They are both barking mad. Of course, if they don’t take this “position” there may be a drain off of contributions to both their “organziations”…I mean Ann “Horseface” Coulter? Really? Doughboy Rush? Really?…even those grimy wing-nuts-for pay backed off this one!
    The only meaning of Akin’s apology is that he “regrets” saying what he said. Certainly he does. He believes what is is saying is right and he regrets that he got caught at it.
    Trolls, both. Shoo! Go away.

  4. Luke says

    “gang tackling”. wow. You know he meant to say “gang raping,” like Akin is getting raped. What a pathetic creep

  5. jamal49 says

    Defend away, boys. The more you flap your traps the easier it will be to bury you hateful, detestable, execrable republicons at the polls this November. Yes, please, keep defending Todd!

  6. i could go on, but I won't says

    If he wasn’t Akin before, he’s Akin now! Wow, gang-banged by fellow Republicans!

    When elephants attack….

  7. azpunky says

    I’m thinking these guys don’t know what “rape” is.. it’s like an extension of their general denial of the existence of sex.