Florida to Get First Openly Gay Lawmaker

Florida is set to get its first out gay legislator, Buzzfeed reports:

RichardsonThe candidate, David Richardson, is an accountant and small-business owner advising companies on accounting and finance issues relating to government contracts. His primary victory in a heavily-Democratic district in Miami effectively guarantees his victory in November, given that no Republican sought a spot on the ballot.

Seventeen states currently have no out lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender lawmakers, according to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, which has backed Richardson’s bid and works to help elect out LGBT candidates…

…In addition to Florida, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia, the other 12 states without out lawmakers currently are Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee and South Carolina.

Steve Rothaus at the Miami Herald adds:

When the legislature convene in 2013 David may not be alone in making history. Orange County voters just delivered a huge primary election victory for out, gay candidate Joe Saunders in the House District 49 race. He carried his district with a 30 point margin over his Democratic challenger. Joe now faces his Republican opponent in November in an I-4 corridor battle – the most hotly contested region of the state.


  1. andrew says

    We are about to get our first openly gay legislator in Pa. His name is Brian Sims. He is running unopposed in the general election in november. Unfortunately he had to defeat Rep Babette Josephs, a lifelong progressive who was a strong supporter of LGBT rights in the democratic primary. Et tu Brian. Yep, he worked for her in the last election, then saw his opportunity for advancement and stabbed her in the back.

  2. Craig says

    Texas currently does not have any out lawmakers. They have in the past (Glen Maxey) and will after this year’s elections (Mary Gonzalez), but none currently.

  3. ratbastard says

    The Mayor of Houston is a lesbian! I know, she’s not ‘state’.


    An accountant who advices businesses how cut through government red tape and bid for contracts….*sigh*…..conflict of interest,anyone?

    One of the main reasons for so much ‘red tape’ is because accountants and lawyers make a ton of $ of ‘explaining’ convoluted government regulations and laws LOL! And no doubt many of those lawyers and accountants are ‘conservative’ as well as ‘progressive’…LOL