1. Paul R says

    In northern CA, close to SF and in many pricey suburbs (Los Gatos is called that for a reason–the name refers to “big cats”), mountain lions come down from the hills to the suburbs all the time. Get a few Rhodesian ridgebacks (dogs bred to hunt lions), and they will confuse and subdue the cats until they can be tranquilized. Mine did it once with just one other ridgeback. The lions don’t need to be killed and you don’t need a helicopter. Ridgebacks were cross-bred by the colonizing Brits because their hunting dogs couldn’t handle the heat in Rhodesia, but the native dogs wouldn’t put up with lions.

    This story seems quite odd if lions aren’t native to the area, which seems likely.

  2. Javier says

    There is a HUGE difference between a mountain lion and an African Lion, although both are dangerous, one of them is certain death.

  3. says

    On several models the index at the 10 o’clock position is replaced by the Chinese symbol. Ten is (amongst other meanings) regarded as the most perfect of numbers in Chinese symbolism.

  4. MaddM@ says

    wasn’t it a lion in the streets of rome that predicted Caesar’s assassination in shakespeare’s play? Better watch out Prince Chuck..

  5. unruly says

    African lionesses are the hunters. Lions are more lazy and their size makes them slower than the females.

  6. anon says

    Hand fed lions from zoos are probably not going to attack anyone, but it is a bit of a challenge getting them back into a cage.

    “Yes, children, the lion is going to get us.”