1. candideinnc says

    Gavrikov is an insignificant local activist. He shoyuld learn to appreciate the world-wide attentin Madonna brings, and thank her for it. Can HE get a house full of straight young people to their feet on behalf of gay Russians? Didn’t think so. It is her popularity that begins the crumbling of that wall.

  2. Stephen says

    “Too bad we didn’t see this from her in the 80s…”

    Um…what planet have you been living on?! Madonna has been speaking up for the gay community, and for human rights, almost from the off.

  3. Beto says

    @jasonstefani I love both Gaga and Madge and I think you’re crazy OR you’re a bit naïve. You really think Madge is copying Gaga? Think twice and read a bit of history.

  4. Rick says

    I cannot stand her and the “diva” phenomenon she symbolizes and the feminist mindset she represents…..but, as much as it pains me to say this, she deserves some credit for what she did. It took some guts…..(Did I really just type that? LOL)

  5. JED says

    sounds like gavrikov fails to appreciate the power of “showbusiness” with activism. if he wants to defeat bigotry in his country, he needs to think outside the box and use weapons in every form, shape and size in the arsenal instead of wishing an international ally simply support his cause from 5000 miles away.

  6. JD says

    I’ve received actual death threats from actual Lady Gaga fans for criticizing her. Thousands of Lady Gaga fans have serious issues and bully online regularly…

    HOWEVER, “JasonStefani” is not really one of those people. It’s EdwardDailywhatever from Look at his post on Examiner, “Madonna gay activism angers Russian conservatives and Gaga fans.” It cites two examples of dumb Gaga fans badmouthing Madonna for supporting LGBT rights. One is JasonStefani on Twitter, who had posted exactly TWO tweets as of the time that was written. Both were idiotic and embarrassing insults to Madonna. Kinda strange that Examiner picked that up a tweet from a new user with two tweets and no followers up to that point, right? The other is a comment on Queerty. Now, here is “JasonStefani” posting patently idiotic comments on here.

    This Examiner/JasonStefani guy is just trolling to get attention. He plants stuff like that, then writes about it for attention. It’s sad.

    You’ll also see him, using his screen name, trolling Madonna posts on Huffington Post, with equally idiotic content. It’s someone who either really wants to embarrass Gaga’s fanbase or who gets a thrill out of stirring stuff up. It’s really sad.

  7. jason says

    Yawn, this is the same woman who just opened a gym in homophobic Moscow. She’s making money from homophobic Russians.

    She also kissed Britney to titillate sleazy straight guys, the type of guys who voted against our rights in California during the Prop 8 referendum.

    She also has dabbled with a homophobic religion in Kabbalah.

    Go away, fake.

  8. DannyEastVillage says

    Jason, you’re just ignorant. To call the Kabbalah homophobic is patently absurd.

    As so “sleazy straight guys” I wonder if you ever fantasize about making it with a straight guy. And I also wonder if you’re so simple minded as to think that Russians are categorically “homophobic.”

    I think I know who the bigot is–and it AIN’T the blonde.

  9. jason says

    For those who create a fake contest between Madonna and Lady Gaga, let me give you some advice: they are the same. They are both into using gay men to make money. They utter a few lines of so-called gay support from the safety of their stages but then retire to their mega-mansions which they bought off the back of our devotion.

    As a community, isn’t it about time we started supporting genuine MEN for a change? I don’t see many gay-friendly or openly gay/bisexual men in the music industry. Isn’t it about time we MEN promoted and supported MEN for a change?

  10. JD says

    LOL Notice that “Jason’s” argument just changed when he was caught.

    This should be a lesson to people who post vile things online: disturbed individuals mimic your behavior for kicks. That can’t be good.

  11. V-8 says

    I think that, sometimes, the role of any given artist, is to start a dialogue, or get it going… in that sense, I think what she did is perfectly fine… we r, after all, discussing this…. it is not the role of the artist to provide solutions, answers, funding, etc… art is a means to connect different parts of a given community, promote exchange, and hopefully growth and awareness to something…

    this is more than 95% of what’s on TV these days…

  12. Phoney says

    If she really gave a damn, why didn’t she donate all of the proceeds from the Russian concerts to gay rights groups in Russia? All talk, no action.

  13. jason says

    Face it – a lot of you are too girly to support openly gay or bisexual male singers. You seem to prefer bisexual women, fake or otherwise. Talk about being confused….

  14. Zlick says

    Yes, everyone definitely picks what music they like based on the political considerations made about the artist who created or performed it. Uh-huh. Pulease.

    And all talk, no action? Let’s see YOU get one gazillionth amount of action that Madonna gets with one word. Another Pulease for you.

    (I’m not even a fan of Madonna, but is anyone REALLY going to COMPLAIN about this? THIS? REALLY?)

  15. jason says


    Madonna has spent her entire career exploiting gay men for money. Her act is actually quite homophobic. She has propped up the sleazy straight guy fantasy by dabbling in lesbianism for the benefit of the type of men who think you and I are gross. She is a fake in my view.

    As for those who keep insisting that she’s gay-friendly, they are usually pussified gay guys who worship vagina before cock. These gay guys would never in a million years support an openly gay or bisexual male but they would quickly support a fake bisexual female.

    This is why gay men are losing the plot. They are supporting the type of women – like Madonna and Lady Gaga – who prop up the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action.

  16. says

    Growing up in Stuttgart, AR, Madonna was the only visible connection to the gay world. The only one. I keep seeing comments declaring that she has done nothing for us and that she only exploited us, I do not agree at all. You can hate her music, you can hate her politics and all her other attempts to create something to appreciate, but you cannot say that she never reached out to the community and defended us, made us visible to the larger public. If I didn’t have the small bit of her pro-gay rights videos, stunts, music, and antics to witness in the news and on MTV before and when I came out at 15 I really don’t know what I would have done. I was so alone. There was very few on television saying anything positive about gay people. None that someone my age would have seen or heard. And there was no one my age to turn to at all. I truly enjoy what she tried to do and continues to do. She empowered me at a very young age and for that I am grateful.

    As for the rest of the angry, bitter people on this comment section, please find a way to appreciate something. I truly have not seen a gay blog with such a consistently venomous group of people.

  17. jason says

    Michael Hildebrand,

    She was your only connection to the gay world? A woman? Puh-lease, you needed to get out more.

    Women don’t understand male sexuality and never will. They are simply in the business to make money.

  18. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ Rick,

    My problem is not feminism per se, but rather gay men espousing feminism (or diva worship) to the neglect of ridding society of homophobia. From my everyday observations, American women are completely capable of espousing feminism and lobbying for their rights without any assistance from gay men or anyone else. [Drums: badum bum. Yes, that is a punch line. Cue the laughter.] Forget about divas and concentrate on real heroes. That being said, there have been recent instances when women show guts, e.g. when Gaga led a rally for DADT repeal in front of the White House in 2010, and yes, Madonna’s shoutout for gay rights in front of Putin’s nose.

  19. yadda yadda says

    Theres a Stuttgart in Arizona?? well, f me… Im in Stuttgart right now. The real one.

  20. JAYADIB says

    JD–Edward Daily is not a fake. The posts on HP and others using the name Edward Daily are from a very disturbed girl named Amanda Whelan, who calls herself Superamanda. Read about her here:

    She spends her whole day going through Madonna articles in order to make negative posts about her and disguises her name with different screen names. Lately, she has been using real pro-Madonna people and posting with their information. She is also known as Aisha, Winterbrand, and hundreds of other screen names. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is JASON from the posts here.

  21. jason says

    Madonna appears to be good at hijacking the victimhood of gays to make it seem as if she’s the victim herself. She’s no victim – she’s a rich white woman.

  22. BEAHBEAH says

    So one of the most famous people in the world goes onstage and defiantly gives the middle finger to a homophobic government in their own country and shows support for us… with the risk of legal action no less… and there are people complaining?

    Jason, if it’s not sexist, misogynistic, cynical or race baiting, it’s something else with you. I just don’t understand people like you and quite frankly don’t know if I want to.

  23. HOseanne says

    Why has no one answered the earlier question: If Vadge cares about gay rights in Russia so much, why didn’t she donate the money from the concert to gay rights groups? Because she doesn’t truly care. She just wants gays to put money into HER pockets.

  24. says

    Well, several Russians think she’s done more for gay rights in one concert than some other people who cannot be mentioned.

  25. BEAHBEAH says

    Hoseanne, do you have a copy of Madonna’s checkbook? Unless you do, please shutup, you don’t know how this woman spends her money, what organizations or charities she donates too… and neither does anybody else on here. Chances are you probably never will, so why don’t we talk about things that are tangible, like the huge gutsy move she just made to show support for us.

  26. reality says

    I’m not a huge fan of Madonna anymore, but to the people in Russia, doing something like this is a big deal and I appreciate her for holding them up.

  27. brett says

    Madonna made me feel that being gay was alright. I was 13 when I saw Truth or Dare. That documentary was the first introduction I had to gay people. They were laughing and having fun and entertaining people and living their life. It was also the first time I saw two guys kiss. I was 13 and gay and scared and lonely and confused. Madonna gave me hope when I needed it. I knew she was on my side. I don’t really care if you hate her, call her a whore or complain that she’s greedy, no one should ever deny her contribution to the gay community for which I am grateful.

  28. says

    Elton John said it best, her career is over. Any attempt to capitalize on her supposed support of gay people is a sad grasp to revive her faded career. That ship has sailed.

  29. says

    I’m not particularly interested in Madonna’s music at this point, because I’ve matured and it hasn’t. (I prefer musicians whose music reflects their age rather than trying to deny the passing of time.) That said, knowing something about Russia, this a big deal, and it’s a good thing. Madonna actually has enough power to speak out against the absurd homophobia and oppression in Russia and be completely untouchable to the fascists in power. It’s the best thing she’s done in years.

  30. UFFDA says

    ERNIE – You’re right. For Russia it’s a big deal where a big deal is needed and Madonna redeems herself by speaking out (if she ever needed to redeem herself at all). It’s truly risable how many petty people who have never created an audience of any kind want to predict and gloat over the descent of someone who has created an audience of millions. Of course her career will fade. Who’s doesn’t.

  31. graphicjack says


    If her career is over, why does she have the most successful tour of the year thus far, far more than any other “current/hip” artist? Why was her SuperBowl performance one of the biggest and most watched TV events ever? She can still pack in arenas, still get in the news, still be political, still make a statement that will surprise and shock, still put a spotlight to injustice. Seems to me she is still very much relevant. Does she have the 18-25 demographic behind her? No, but who cares, she doesn’t need them… she can still have a different kind of success, and Elton is just bitter because he lost a Golden Globe to her last year. Talk about someone having a dead career.

    For all of Jason’s pleas for the gay male community to embrace gay male artists, let’s look at Elton John for example. He says gays shouldn’t marry, he signs for Rush Limbaugh and says GWB was a great president. Is HE the example of gay male singers we should idolize? Seems to me Madonna is more of a man that he is.

  32. jhr459 says

    hey you guys that are bashing Madonna – please try and keep your comments close to TR and not in the public arena because I know that if Madonna heard these, she would be just devastated.

  33. jason says

    As I said earlier, Madonna is good at hijacking the victimhood of others to make it seem as if she’s the victim herself.

    Her reason for supporting us is not motivated by genuine concern in my view but a desire to get attention and make money.

  34. Alex N says

    @Jason. You are truly repugnant. Your politics are so bizarre and I would hate to live in the limited world that you inhabit. Ironically, I understand why you have the perspective that you have, but frankly none of it has much validity. You should spend as much time questioning your opinions as you do expressing them aggressively in public.

    Regarding Madonna, the western world is aging, like her. This means that her relevance isn’t to be measured by the significance of her popularity among the young. Stop buying into the propaganda that only youth holds the power. They don’t. That said, I find it shocking that so many of us are getting older and yet we disempower those who continue to be vibrant mavericks regardless of age.

    Finally, it’s an honor to have someone like Madonna continue to speak provocatively and politically. The risks she has taken might not resonate well currently, but hindsight will prove that this woman is indeed a revolutionary.

    Gay people need to stop thinking that the only way is gay. Madonna speaks for universality and inclusiveness. Get with the program and pull your heads out of your asses.

  35. Mike says

    GaGa copies others – read her comments in the media lil monsters!!!!! before throwing hate on the original gay Mom! LONG LIVE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bob says

    @Alex N. You could not have said it any better. Times, they are a changing, and for her to still make headlines the way she has is remarkable. All this without meat dresses, eggs, and blood.

  37. SteveC says

    I think it’s great.

    But what would have been even better is the donation of all the profits from her Russian shows to a Russian LGBT campaigning group.

    Then again with Madonna (and Elton) it’s always first and foremost about the money.

  38. Molc says

    I’m wih Yuri. While gays and lesbians coninue to face the most horrendous violence and violations in Russia, Madonna uses it as a soundbite as she does world peace and starving children. A glib interlude to show she cares. Put your money
    where your mouth is.

  39. UFFDA says

    Boo hoo with anyone’s complaints about money and fame or attention, as if they are something most would ever scorn. Only fools and juveniles pretend to despise what they cannot hope to have. Madonna has worked hard for where she is and deserves every cent and all applause. Just try it yourselves with your slack bellies, shapeless disciplin and giftless lives. What a pox of bile you complainers are.

  40. V-8 says

    for the ones who complain about her not donating the money, consider that even Madonna has someone above her… she’s not getting every cent that is sold in each location… even if she was, and she did just that, u guys would still fault her and say she was doing that for attention…

    I ask you, how much money from ur salary to u give to charities? one day’s work worth? two, three, six? most will answer “zero”….

  41. says

    Masha Gessen thinks It was nice. Everyone in the fan zone raised their arms to support gay rights.

    Bloggers have said she created a gay parade in the middle of homophobic Petersburg, and that It was much more effective than boycotting Russia would have been.

    Of course Gavrikov (and Alexeev in Geneva) are miffed because she’s getting more attention than they did. Sour grapes.

    And to those suggesting she give her $$ to gay groups — the Russian gay groups are constantly painted as Western-funded and anti-Russian. That would be a great sound bite for that idea.

  42. says

    Here’s a statement from the LGBT organization Coming Out (Выход) in Petersburg:

    LGBT organization Coming Out, printed 330 rainbow posters with the saying “No Fear” that were distributed to the crowd. Although some posters were confiscated by security, their display had a huge emotional effect during the show. Many fans raised them during Madonna’s speech, and she reacted by saying “No Fear, that’s right” before insisting that fear was the basis of all discrimination, and that tolerance could only be guaranteed by love, the opposite of fear. During the performance of “Like A Prayer”, while dancers were raising a rainbow flag provided by a member of Coming Out and the Russian LGBT Network, Madonna took a “No Fear” poster from the crowd and raised it for 25,000 people to see. Same as for “Pussy Riot” support in Moscow, she had tattooed her back, this time with “No Fear.” Gay bashing scenes from gay demonstrations in Russia, pictures of teenagers who died because of homophobia, and many gay and lesbian kisses were shown during the very political “Nobody Knows Me” Interlude Video.

    Madonna’s support was extremely moving. Most of the mostly heterosexual crowd reacted positively to her message by raising pink wristbands that were distributed to everyone to support the LGBT community. The LGBT in the audience received Madonna’s support with both smiles and tears, and gratified her with the universal message “We love you” at the end of the show.

    Author of the “propaganda” law in St. Petersburg, Vitaly Milonov today declared that Madonna broke the law and is planning to charge her with a fine of 500,000 rubles ($17 000).

  43. says

    No doubt this was one of the rare beacons of hope for the young LGBT people of Russia. A world-renown icon performing and standing in solidarity with them, in a country that criminalizes such an act.

    well met, Madonna. And that protestor, and the miserable comment trolls, get it wrong. threre’s much to be said about empowering people, and madonna did that. those of us who’ve listened to her all our lives know it, too. we tend to Come Out way before the “i can’t stand madonna” gays do.

  44. Max says

    And when good-looking straight male celebrities like Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Brad Pitt, or Ben Cohen say in interviews that they support gay marriage, the same people criticizing Madonna fawn over these “brave” and “courageous” men and how great it is to have their support and “why aren’t there more celebrities like them?”, and “I’d do him in a heartbeat”, etc. But nobody questions whether they are doing it for the fame or the money. Nobody is wondering if they too donate to gay causes.

    But here’s the thing:
    Madonna is already as famous as can be. And she’s going to make 5 million per concert whether she makes a speech about gay rights or not. And assuming that she DOESN’T donate to gay causes is naive. How do you know she doesn’t? And who are you to determine what the best form of activism is in her case? Her youtube speech in St. Petersburg may resonate with some kid in Latin America, or the Middle East, or the States that is struggling with his sexuality in a way that donating ALL the proceeds from the concert wouldn’t.

    But her critics -of course- have no use for her support because it is unconditional. She reminds you of your “fag hag” in high school, who would hang out with you when nobody else would, but whose friendship you would cast aside in a second if it meant spending 5 minutes with the straight good-looking guy and gaining some “approval” that actually meant something to you because it came from someone you wanted to fkc.
    What a pity that some people never outgrow that.

  45. JD says

    People have to keep in mind that the Madonna hatred as of late–especially the hatred going on online–is manufactured. It’s not really a group of people writing here, as you can tell by the writing style, screennames, etc.

    Several thousand are crazy Lady Gaga fans who will soon turn 14 and grow out of it. A lot (not at this site, but at Yahoo, etc,) are angry conservatives. The person here seems like someone who probably didn’t get a personalized reply to a crazy fan letter or something and went crazy.

    In short: there’s no sense arguing with crazy.

  46. MaddM@ says

    for those that care- feminist thinkers believe that the oppression of the patriarchy creates homophobia because of the association of homosexuality with women/femaleness/femininity. The heterosexual male culture sees all those mentioned as a subordinate group which can be exploited, for sex or resources or to take out aggression or psychological issues whatever. Madonna hits on this and I support this.

    The fact that this event happens and it brings out misogyny in people is depressing.

  47. JH says

    Madonna has stood up for the LGBT in the 80’s, 90’s and now. During the 80’s, a time where it was truly controversial to stand up for the gays Madonna took charge and defended them when everyone turned their backs on them. The 80’s was a terrible time for the gays and hate was prominent do to growing exposure of AIDS. I love Gaga so much, but the rest her fans need to get their facts straight(lolpun)and have comprhensive understanding of history before they label her as a copy cat. Really hilarious, Madonna has been doing this for years and it’s nothing new. If anyone copied anyone, It’s Gaga because M did it first. I don’t believe she copied M though. that logic doesn’t really make much sense. No one copied anyone, people just need to get their facts straight.
    Go look up Madonna’s gay speaches and support in the 80’s and 90’s online.

  48. says

    “Do we live in fear?” Madonna reportedly asked the audience, who of course responded in the negative.Madonna was the only visible connection to the gay world. The only one.