1. Mike in Houston says

    Apparently no one is still around who remembers how many rockets blew up on the launch pad before the Mercury program… this is why it’s called “testing”.

  2. Henry Holland says

    Boo! Too much dust around it to see the explosion very well. :-)

    Mike in Houston is right, but I’d add that the Soviets contributed greatly to rocket explosion videos too.

  3. Tarc says

    People also have to remember that science is expensive – there is no economy of scale. Everything is handmade initially, and in very limited numbers after, and that requires cadres of highly skilled people. Heck, even in a regular bio lab, a million pays for 35% of a professor, one highly skilled lab person and (maybe) a low skilled lab person (plus supplies) for five years. In aeropsace, the fabrication must be tremendously expensive.

  4. ruddigore says

    This is why you shouldn’t make spacecrafts out of disco balls. Perhaps they should rename the project after Morpheus’ brother, Phobetor (the personification of nightmares).

  5. BrokebackBob says

    Well, back to the drawing board to
    find out what went wrong and fix it.

    NASA still ROCKS!

    Curiosity rules Mars! :-)