1. GetOverYourself says

    Mike is very hot. And he used to be rather sweet. But after Adam Lambert kissed him onstage during the Grammys, Mike decided he was some sort of superstar. He seems to believe that *he* is Adam Lambert/Lady GaGa rather than just the guy they hired to pretty up the stage for them. Honestly, he’d do better if he took himself down a few notches, treated others with respect, and took vocal training. I wish him the best of luck, but he isn’t going anywhere with his current attitude nor his current level of talent.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    @Joosy, had to watch Pop You in the Pooper — unbelievable, and yes the above is no worse. @Getoveryourself, well, not knowing personally the parties in question, great analysis. Shame Mr. Mike couldn’t have done better, but it takes some “distance” and “integrity” to get to that point…

  3. Trucker says

    The video is actually pretty bad ass…seems like the artist here is getting a lot of personal attacks …not knowing anything personal about him, it’s pretty much what I would expect from gay pop music…

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