1. Bob says

    I have not been able to determine how many women were sealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, but although we understand the doctrine of plurality of wives was revealed to the Prophet as early as 1831, the revelation was not recorded until 12 July, 1843. There is a record of Joseph being sealed to Louisa Beaman as a plural wife on 5 April 1841, which could have been his first plural wife, or at least near the first. The Prophet was martyred a little over three years later on 27th of June, 1844.
    In the case of Brigham Young, there is recorded information that had he had been sealed to fifty-five women during his lifetime. The record states that. (It should be noted, however, that many of these “wives” were widows or older women whom Brigham merely cared for or gave the protection of his name.)
    Concerning the practice of plural marriage, it was commanded by the Lord to some of his servants during Old Testament times and was again commanded in the days of the restoration of the gospel. The practice was restricted to those who were authorized by the Prophet through revelation to take more than one wife. The law against polygamy was initiated by the U.S. Congress as a vendetta against the Church, and the practice of polygamy was terminated in the Church in order to be obedient to the laws of the land.

  2. EchtKultig says

    Circumspect? Perhaps. Could just be some kind of psych-ops to appear like a “moderate” when he really isn’t. Believe me, he was privately cheering along the “Appreciation Day”. A month ago he couldn’t have imagined such a gift from the left to energize his base.
    Cathy donating more money to hate groups, I’m sorry to say, means the boycotters and dumba$$ mayors got their just desserts. It was the wrong time to have a hissy fit over this billionaire jackass, his junk food empire, and his donations.

  3. says

    I thought that he wanted to stay away from politics especially the tax issue during the Olympics. But, his “well-timed” events and gaffes wasn’t helpful and this squarely puts the focus back on him and his tax issue…hmmmm, must of been his campaign managers filp-flopping about politics during the Olympics or not. (What fool brings up his own tax issue. He could have let Reid just continue without focusing back upon himself. Oh, we are talking about Romney…sorry, I forgot.

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