1. Jason says

    oh who cares. this is a gay blog, not Politico. more pics of hot jocks instead of every obama ad released.


  2. Bob R says

    I love it! But, of course, I’m old enough to remember “Movietone” newsreels. This ad will resonate with older voters and should really have hit more heavily on the Ryan/Romney plan for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Still, it’s a clever and well produced ad.

  3. MarkUs says

    “Hope and Change” has been replaced by “Boo!”
    When the economy stinks, you get fired. Period. It don’t matter how pretty you are.

  4. GABE says

    Whatever Jason! As if pics of hot jocks is the ONLY thing gay guys need to get trhough the day? Like we wouldn’t be interested in politics too, especially given all of the important issues that gay people have an interest in this election cycle.

    BTW, you STILL haven’t answered my question about why you think Playboy should be promoting male bi-sexuality?

  5. jason says

    It should promote male bisexuality because then my straight buds won’t think it’s totally gay when I beg to suck their c**ks.

  6. says

    I like it. It is easy to understand and it is different from every political ad out there. The flickering catches your attention and the message is heard. The shots of the early 20th century make you realize we could go back there with a Romney Ryan win.

  7. qj201 says


    then we should be firing all the republicans in the House. THEY are the ones that blocked any effort to improve our economy solely to blame the president in this election.

    We have a president who signs legislation passed by congress, not a dictator that rules by fiat.

  8. Zlick says

    I don’t see anything wrong with an ad that’s entertaining while being informative. In fact, I think that’s the kind of thing that might cut thru the clutter. It’s well-produced and cute with a point to the cuteness. And scary. And brilliant.

  9. say what says


    yet the polls show 63% of the population still blames Bush for the economy, not Obama

    while the polls also show the republican house has the lowest approval ratings in the entire history of the US because the population knows who is stalling any help for the economy

    😛 have a nice day

  10. andrew says

    It is clear that Jason, whom I almost never agree with, didn’t post both of the above comments. Those who post contradictory or evil comments in someone elses name should be ashamed of themselves for their childish behavior.