1. JT says

    Rick Santorum: FORMER Senator. FORMER representative. The BIGGEST LOSER…Loser of the 2012 Republican presidential race…and one of the best liars of all time. Albeit he gave a good speech, but of course full of lies and propaganda.

  2. Diogenes Arkitos says

    Santorum lost out to an even bigger liar: Romney. During the primaries even Newt Gingrich, not exactly known for honesty, bluntly called Romney a liar. (Of course, he’s now trying to back off from that bit of honesty.) A good way to track Romney’s lies is to google

    chronicling mitt’s mendacity maddowblog

    The author, Steve Benen, is now up to volume XXX of his weekly reports. I hate to see what he’ll have to do after the convention!

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