1. jason says

    I got turned off by Howard Stern when he promoted lesbians as straight male fantasy objects. It was highly disrespectful of him and simply played into the hands of intolerant, sexist and homophobic men.

  2. Miguel R says

    @Jason- Yes, you aren’t his target audience. And neither am I. Luckily, we don’t have to give our stamp of approval to everything. And luckily, there is someone who gets straight, working-class men, and who can tell them, in their own language, why they shouldn’t support Chik-Fil-A.

  3. jason says

    Miguel R,

    I’m not a sell-out. I don’t suddenly forgive something by someone simply because that someone says something else that I agree with.

  4. Gregoire says

    Oh brother, Jason, give it a rest. We know how you evaluate people. You against whomever everybody else is for. You are so transparent that it’s a bit embarrassing.

    Want to keep reminding everybody that you said you were voting for Newt Gingrich.

  5. Miguel R says

    Dear Jason,
    Read my initial comment. I think that Howard Stern is obnoxious. I describe him that way. I will never listen to him. But he is nevertheless speaking truth. Is that possible? That someone who you don’t like says something you agree with? It is possible. When you grow up, you will learn that in fact the world is full of people that you don’t like, who will say sensible things. In fact, democracy DEPENDS on it.

  6. TPOWW says

    Howard Stern is one of our biggest supporters in the media–if not THE biggest.
    He is a voice of reason, humor and thoughtfulness when it comes to gay rights. Was he always so? No. But if we were all held to the things we said and did in our twenties, we’d all be flaming assholes. The man has mellowed and matured considerably and he’s funnier now than he ever was.

    And as to his audience being only straight, working-class men, that is untrue. People of all stripes listen to his show–including straight people, gay people, men and women. His show has something for everybody.

    Love the man.

  7. Miguel R says

    TPOWW- I didn’t mean to imply that that straight, working-class men were his only audience. Lots of people listen to Howard, obviously. But I meant that straight men are more likely to listen to him than say Kathy Griffin, no? I only meant to imply that Jason and I don’t like Howard Stern. I didn’t mean to imply that gays don’t listen to him.

  8. andrew says

    Howard Stern is scum. It matters not to me what side of an argument he is on. HE IS A TOTAL SCUMBAG. I still remember watching those shows in which he brought silly lesbians on to be made fools of to increase his ratings.

  9. fyi says

    Can I ask a serious question: when you put Howard on blast for bringing lesbians on air as sexual objects, i’d like to know how many of you gays were using “straight” men a sexual objects in your porn? Excuse me. But I think G4P is inherently wrong.

  10. Dylan says

    Every gay man shoud listen to Howard on a daily basis like me. He is more grounded in reality than any other public persona. And he’s fought for that right by his own chutzpah. I’m glad he’s on our side but hes vocal about it unlike any other celebrity. By having a daily dialogue about it with his, audience changing minds along the way.

  11. Icebloo says

    I have long been an admirer of Howard. The media attacks him constantly because he’s left wing and the US media is owned by the right wing Republican crazies. I would rather listen to Howard than watch awful, awful Fox “News”.

  12. jason says


    The gay-4-pay that men admire in gay adult movies pales compared to the gay-4-pay that women perform for men in “straight” adult movies. Men who perform must at least be aroused – there’s at least some genuine behavior there, unlike women who can totally fake it.

  13. says

    Howard missed the point, as do most people. Boycotts against Chick-fil-a for Dan Cathy’s use of corporate profits to support a number of hate groups have been in place for a few years.
    Dan Cathy cynically redefined the struggle to be about his personal opposition to gay marriage and support of alleged “traditional marriage”. The man has obviously never read that Bible he thumps – a marriage of one man to JUST one woman is the exception, not the rule in the Hebrew Scriptures, while St. Paul defines marriage as a poor substitute for total celibacy.
    Let people know that this is NOT about “Gay Marriage” but hate groups.

  14. Jeff Inb Boston says

    Jason: “Oh, look, here comes a male feminist who seeks to take care of women who cannot take care of themselves.” You’re boring everyone with your holier-than-thou attitude toward women. Talk about patronizing.

  15. andrew says

    Howard Stern is a very vulgar man who lowers the standards of quality that we should expect in the American media. The movement toward full equality for LGBT people would be better off without his support.

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