Stonewall Democratic Club Endorses Anti-Gay Ruben Diaz Ally for Bronx Seat, Angers LGBT Advocates

The NY Post reports that LGBT advocates are angry at the Stonewall Democratic Club's endorsement of Luis Sepulveda:

SepulvedaThe Stonewall Democrat Club narrowly endorsed Luis Sepulveda, an ally of vociferous anti-gay-marriage state Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx), last week.

“I think it’s outrageous that an organization that holds itself out as a gay-advocacy group would ask voters to support an anti-marriage-equality candidate,” said Marriage Equality USA board president Cathy Marino-Thomas.Gay-rights advocates say Danny Figueroa, Sepulveda’s Democratic primary opponent for the vacant Bronx Assembly seat of state Labor Commissioner Peter Rivera, is a gay-marriage supporter.

Sepulveda said he’s a strong advocate for HIV and AIDS research funding and noted he has an HIV-positive brother.

Stonewall Democrat Club's list of endorsements is here.


  1. jason says

    Sepulveda has a hide to cite HIV and AIDS. For one thing, knowing someone with HIV or AIDS doesn’t make one gay-friendly.

  2. Cam says

    So then they are no longer a gay advocacy group. This is what happened to HRC a few years ago when they would attack anybody who complained about anti-gay democrats. The experienced a MASSIVE backlash.

    The Log Cabin Republicans attacked President Obama when he came out in favor of gay marriage.

    Looks like Stonewall Democrats didn’t learn from those examples.

  3. DannyEastVillage says

    Well, well, well! Stonewall Democrats making the same arrogant kind of misguided endorsement for which HRC is legendary! An endorsement for a homophobic Bronx candidate from their high-falutin’ out-of-touch place in downtown Manhattan exactly the way HRC endorsed Al D’Amato for Senate in the early 90s. Jesus Christ. Why don’t they keep their g0**amed mouths SHUT?

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Huh? I don’t know Bronx politics from here in Texas but this endorsement sure seems like horsesh*t (because, believe me, we Texans know horsesh*t politics)!

  5. Mike says

    Proof that the antigay Christians have infiltrated LGBT groups in order to disrupt them and make trouble for gays.

  6. KT says

    Well, it looks like the Democrats now have their own version of GOProud. Well done Stonewall – with one endorsement you ruined your whole reputation.

  7. mike flower says

    Sepulveda has fabulous taste in business attire & knows someone w HIV. Reasons to endorse him 1,2,3.

    Sortta reminds me of Towleroad posting pics of Brandon, my Mormon-money-supports-hatred. Flowers cuz he’s a cute twink.

  8. Shannon says

    This the group that elected a non-gay “transgender” to lead them. It makes perfect sense that a group led by a non-gay trans activist would support a homophobe like Diaz. Trans activists couldn’t care less about gay people and in fact are some of the most homophobic people you will ever meet. This is one more consequence of the disgusting “LGBT” concept that puts gays and lesbians in subservience to anti-gay trans activists.

  9. Reilly says

    Broad-brush much, Shannon?

    FWIW, I’m a bi cis male, and my experience has been that most trans people are perfectly fine with LGB people. And our communities’ issues, while not identical, are sufficiently similar that we could all benefit from working with one another. (Anti-trans discrimination is gender-based, by definition; homophobia can be considered gender-based as well, as it basically boils down to “you’re a woman, you’re not supposed to love women”…)

  10. jamal49 says

    The SDC is Thomas Duane’s group. They were assholes back in the 1980s when Duane started his political career. They’re assholes now and clueless about anything LGBT-related. They’ve made many a Faustian bargain over the decades with the various homophobes and political lowlifes that populate the NYC political landscape and are considered a joke in NYC politics. No one cares and no one takes them seriously anymore.

  11. MichaelJ says

    @JAMAL49 I don’t think it is accurate to describe SDC as Tom Duane’s group. While the SDC website lists him as one of their “Community Partners,” Duane has long been associated with SDC more progressive rival gay Democratic club, Gay and Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID), serving on their Executive Committee for many years.
    While I don’t entirely trust my memory about events from 25 years ago, I recall that SDC began in the mid-80’s as a pro-Ed Koch group to counter gay, AIDS and other advocates who at the time were pressing for more progressive alternative to challenge Mayor Koch. Many activists were angry that as the AIDS crisis was snowballing in the early and mid-1980s while Koch was mayor, the city hadn’t spent a dollar of its own money on AIDS care or prevention. (NYC only spent state and federal funds it received and lagged behind other cities in how it responded to AIDS.) SDC was formed in a reaction to support the nominally gay-friendly, rumored-to-be-gay Koch whom they felt comfortable with, and its members felt threatened by the activists agenda.
    I may be wrong, but I don’t believe Duane was a member or supporter of SDC at its beginning.
    All that said, I agree with everyone’s assessment comparing SDC to HRA, and agree that they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  12. UWS10023 says

    Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City is one of the oldest LGBT clubs in the country. The endorsement process is open and transparent for the membership. I encourage all concerned citizens to get involved in the process. People need to show up at endorsement meetings; ask questions and vote. It is too little too late to argue about the process after the fact. The current club leadership and board are well seasoned political veterans active with various aspects of our greater NY area. Thank you SDNYC for your years of service and leadership for the LGBT Community and larger city.

  13. Icebloo says

    This is a major blunder. If there is no one to endorse then it’s OK to not endorse anyone. I will not vote for an anti-gay candidate no matter who tells me to.

    From reading the rest of the posts on here it seems this “club” is not a real supporter of gay rights. Has it been infiltrated by right wingers desperate to get our votes ?

  14. Casey Robinson says

    Everyone, please keep in mind this is a local Stonewall club and not the national organization

  15. NVTodd says

    I wonder what researching that little local Stonewall club’s members and their funding/employment would yield ?

    Of course, it’s real tough to find an honest gay man that will stand up against the HIV/AIDS “not for profit” establishment and their financial shenanigans.

    Follow the money people.

  16. Nate says

    The leadership of the NY Stonewall Democrats is the same leadership that presided over the decline of the National Stonewall Democrats (remember them?). These are people who have no strategic vision and who are too caught up in the cocktail hours and political gameplaying that have coopted so many once-eager activists in the past. They covet invitations more than actual progress.