‘The Price is Right’ Begins Search for its First Male Model


TVLine reports on the long-running game show's venture into male objectification:

The longest-running game show in history, CBS’ The Price Is Right, is launching its first-ever casting call to find a male model, with portions of the process airing as a web series. At the end of the search, one lucky looker will join Amber Lancaster, Gwendolyn Osborne, Manuela Arbelaez and Rachel Reynolds in helping players navigate the likes of Plinko and best appreciate eye-widening prize showcases.

The search begins Aug. 30 with an open call in Los Angeles, where hunky hopefuls will be interviewed by TPIR producers and the four female models. There, candidates will demonstrate verbal skills as well as the ability to pose and “properly showcase a product.”


  1. G.I. Joe says

    I don’t know why it took them that long to figure that 90% of their target audience are bored housewives THEREFORE having a male model rather than a female would be good.

    I mean, really.

  2. David in Houston says

    How about two male models for TPIR… Keith and Blake. Holy cow, they’re cute. Look at those adorable big gay smiles. I’d like to make a bid on a KBR sandwich, please.

  3. anon says

    Could they be more gay? I think the nickname for models on TPIR was “sex slaves”, if I’m not mistaken, according to the autobiographies of a few former models.

  4. Bill says

    Are the ratings falling? That’s the only explanation I could think of for them to change the format. They are most likely going to pick a heterosexual male. Adding a male will ruin the relationship the host has with the models. The models have a supporting role and play as if the host is the best. Having a hot young guy with 4 hot young women will cut the relationship between the host and models. I don’t think it will work.

  5. Sam says

    Yeah, Barker was a bit of a fiend when it came to the models. Drew is a tad more open and I swear he is bi too. There’s a video somewhere on youtube where Drew says to a male contestant “falling on down”: “you okay baby?”

  6. BobC562 says

    Anybody remember the stone ages of t.v. (ok, like mid to late 70’s) with David Gibb (blond, shirt off a lot) as a model on Sale of the Century? Anyone? Anyone?

  7. GregV says

    I’ve always thought it seemed both sexist and illogical that this show, whose main audience is heterosexual housewives, has stuck with the anachronistic “Barker’s beauties,” which is pretty much the equivalent of those magazines that are ostensibly about cars but have all-female babes in bikinis draping themselves over and practically having sex with each car.
    It presentation of the models as playthings for the host didn’t even change after Bob Barker admitted to having sex with Dian.
    If they want to make a coffee table or electric juicer sexy, I’m glad they’ll at least mix it up a bit with the models.
    And okay, I’ll admit, I’ll tune in at least once for the first time since Drew took over, just to see who they picked.

  8. Travis says

    Who are they kidding with the fact that the model would need to “demonstrate verbal skills” none of them ever talk on the show anyway. Plus the dumber the guy the better the eye candy usually!

  9. ratbastard says

    These games shows like TPIR have profoundly negative connotations for me. I mainly remember them from being bored out of my mind when I was unemployed for 3 months about 20 years ago. There’s something very depressing about daytime TV.

  10. Michael says

    Um, I was over at a friend’s house just about two weeks ago and she was watching PIR and they had a male “model” on although he was some soap star. Times are-a-changin.

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