Today on Towleroad: Isaac and Tampa Blow Hot Air

Had enough Tom Daley yet? We didn't think so. See below. (image via instagram)

We are into day two of the Republican National Convention and as Hurricane Isaac settles over the gulf coast, Michelle Bachmann is also blowing a lot of hot air in Tampa. Planning on skipping Chris Christie's keynote speech tonight? Get a preview from the man himself. With all eyes on Tampa, Young Conservatives and Gay Republicans want to remind you that they stand for marriage equality. A definite foe of marriage equality is Timothy Dolan who doing double duty now that he is on the schedule for the Democratic Convention. Meanwhile, Rep. Aaron Schock pops on a shirt and tells us what he thinks about gay marriage. Also, MoveOn warns against getting stuck under Romney and Ryan's boots at the RNC this week. 

Wanna feel sick? Check out this undercover report from an anti-gay NOM student conference in San Diego. North Carolina is all over the news today. First CNN declares that it's a toss up. Then, on a less exciting note, NOM brings out an anti-gay extremist in an attempt to target African-American voters. Australian TV says no to homophobia! Anti-gay Minnesotans are being very camera shy. Have some pride in your work ladies! Jeez! Also, San Francisco's Archbishop was arrested for a DUI, but his mom still loves him. And while Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom may have some weaknesses, its attack on the Tea Party during the season finale was pretty spot on. 

The Olympics may be over but that doesn't mean we have to stop ogling Tom Daley. Does it? Novak Djokovic opens his Us Open defense tonight and he's already got a marriage proposal from an unlikely source. Todd Akin gets some new (probably unwanted) friends in the form of a dragapella group. A sweet moment from The X-Factor and a cuteness overload in the form a swimming koala to end your day. 


  1. Wavin' Dave says

    Wow! I am lovin’ Sam’s recaps. What a talented voice added to Towleroad. When the internship ends, let’s get this skilled guy a paying job, hopefully here.

  2. Roger San Jose says

    Oh god, so OVER this twink. I’m so tired of looking at his armpits. He must really be a) proud of them or b) wants someone to lick them. To me he has the same level of desirability as Justin Bieber: not at all. There were much HOTTER divers on the US team. lets see more of them. 😛

  3. Xzavier says

    Lets all remember these clowns could very well win if we don’t take this seriously and VOTE. Remember 2000 Bush Vs Gore…everyone was so sure Gore would win and looked what happend 8 years later.

  4. Andrew W says

    Pleeeeease can we stop ogling Tom Daley? There were so many hotter guys at the Olympics, and none of the others set off the NAMBLA alarms. Let’s enjoy a bit of Louis Smith instead.

  5. says


    @Andrew W,

    Tom Daley is of legal age and knows exactly what he’s doing with those photos.

    Bringing up “NAMBLA” is wrong-headed and offensive.

    We are no more guilty when looking at Tom Daley than 40 year old moms are when looking at the hunks of Twilight.

    I don’t see anyone saying they’re setting off “NAMBLA” alarms.

    So mind your own business and drop the self-loathing act.

  6. Andrew W says

    I know he’s of age. I also know people have been ogling him since he was 14, and he still looks 14, and I find this rapturous fetishisation disturbing. So, NAMBLA NAMBLA NAMBLA.

    And come on, the self-loathing card? What a tired canard that’s become on this website. Every time two gay men hold two different opinions, one of them calls the other one self-loathing. Save it for when it counts, or it doesn’t mean anything at all.

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