1. Tony says

    Claire is NOT pro-equality. I’m not sure where you got that info from. She’s better than a lot of other Democrats, but she is not fully on board with marriage.

  2. on the science committee says

    I love seeing the publicity about Akin’s — and, never forget — PAUL RYAN’s medieval views about abortion and rape. Bring this all into full and clear daylight…and see how voters react!! And how convenient also that Akin is an apparently extremely narcissistic.

    Go, Todd, go!!

    Let’s talk with and about Todd Akin and science and women’s rights — all vis-a-vis Romney and Ryan — every day!!

    I think the phrase is “hoisted on their own petard.”

  3. kit says

    Speak, Akin, speak! Don’t let them shut you up — tell the world all about your views and be sure to go into detail so that every single voter out there understands exactly what you stand for and what the GOP wants to turn America into! Shout your views from the mountaintops! You are a godsend — for the Democrats.

  4. Ark says

    This man should be in prison. I wouldn’t let my niece or nephew near this man. I’m sure JASON will disagree with me.

  5. gr8guya says

    Christmas came early for the Democrats.

    It’s more than just that Akin is a neanderthal and makes Claire a shoo-in, which might mean the Democrats will hold on to the Senate.

    He has also changed the topic of discussion to abortion rights –
    and wrongs. In a week that Romney wanted to build up to their convention, they have been on the defensive. They already had a huge problem with women; this makes it much worse.

    Every day that Romney can’t talk about the current economy is a
    good day for Obama.

  6. dms says

    no no no. Please don’t quote the rasmussen polls. this is a right wing political tool used to bolster right wing agenda. Someone on the akin campaign said that if the polls showed them ten points down, they’d, well, “it would be difficult.” clearly meaning they’d have to reconsider the wisdom of moving forward. Naturally, the day after that quote, the rasmussen poll showed them ten points down. The GOP party bosses don’t want this to stay in the headlines since it drags mittens down too. so they had ratmuffins come out with numbers they thought would dissuade him from continuing. Alas, akin knows ratsmuffin is nothing but a lie. All other polls continue to show the truth–akin is still a point or two ahead of mccaskill who remains deeply unpopular due to her support of the president in a state that hates obama.

  7. Michael says

    Who on the left wants him to drop out? What better way is there to show what kind of running mate Romney chose to be with?

  8. billmiller says

    Sadly, a lot of voters are as iggerrant and misinformed as he is! I will not be surprised to see him win.

  9. says

    The open-worked dial also highlights the technical intricacy of the tourbillon as it rotates once every 30 seconds, a rate quicker than the 60 seconds typical of a large percentage of the “whirlwind” mechanisms.