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Minnesota Band 'War Poets' Celebrate Marriage Equality in Debut VIDEO


War Poets, a new band featuring five straight veterans of Minnesota’s pop/rock scene, debuted their new video this week for the track "Close Enough", and decided to use the occasion to promote marriage equality.

BandWrite the group, in a press release

Directed by Toni Trussoni and produced by Chris Bueckers, the music video for “Close Enough” brings the controversial issue of gay marriage to life. Archival footage and still photographs are sprinkled throughout, showing a pro-gay rally one minute and an anti-gay demonstration the next. The story is set in New York’s Greenwich Village, home of the Stonewall Inn, where the 1969 riots culminated in the first Gay Pride Parade. The video is dedicated to the memory of the Stonewall uprisings. Trussoni’s choices of locations were both idyllic St Paul and upscale Minneapolis, and St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church -- a gorgeous building in St Paul, MN, not far from the band’s Minneapolis headquarters -- serves as the location where both couples finally get married.
“This is the first time that I have worked on a project with gay couples as the focal point,” Bueckers explains. “It was a challenge. Some people would not work on the project because of the subject matter, and I was a little taken aback by that. The film community is usually very open and progressive about the topic of gay rights.”

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Minnesotan voters, of course, are facing a ballot measure this November asking them to decide whether to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage.

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  1. Well, "War Poets," welcome to my next workout playlist! We can't have too many allies. Kudos to these guys for setting poetic example of doing what's right whether or not it directly affects the doer.

    Posted by: Kile Ozier | Aug 8, 2012 12:51:19 PM

  2. It's amazing how many straight guys are coming to the defense of gays and lesbians.

    Posted by: Michael | Aug 8, 2012 12:55:56 PM

  3. Wow, this is extremely cool. Not sure if the two different components always "mesh" smoothly (the black-and-white archival photos vs. the modern-day couples), but cumulatively it's very powerful, and the song is good. Props for the excellent casting and superb photography.

    Posted by: Dback | Aug 8, 2012 12:58:41 PM

  4. This made my day! I posted a thank you on their YouTube but it's awaiting approval. Hopefully they're accept my words of support. :)

    Posted by: Gigi | Aug 8, 2012 1:25:07 PM

  5. Wow, well put together! the song is not really in a style that I am fond of, but i really liked it. I may have been influenced by the video though, I think I will have to look them up and buy the album, we need to support those who support us.

    Posted by: RandyOwen | Aug 8, 2012 1:33:44 PM

  6. That was sweet. Jaunty song, charming video.

    Posted by: Glenn I | Aug 8, 2012 1:35:28 PM

  7. Great job! It brought up a surge of emotions and was very inspiring.

    Posted by: JD | Aug 8, 2012 2:00:42 PM

  8. Thank you! you have a new found fan. a fight worth fighting includes all that care, imagine if White people hadn't helped the Black civil rights movement, where would we be.

    Posted by: dorishin | Aug 8, 2012 3:16:44 PM

  9. Inspiring is right. Am I doing enough to help the cause?

    Posted by: jack | Aug 8, 2012 3:30:54 PM

  10. Lots of straight guys are on our side, lots. Like these guys, they're a cool demographic of young men, and not so young, who see the rightness of our love and celebrate with us in the only way that makes sense, joyously.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Aug 9, 2012 12:05:30 AM

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