Adult Film Star Explains How And Why He Was In ‘Innocence Of Muslims’

TimdaxWatching Innocence of Muslims, the bigoted, insensitive video that sparked anti-American protests in Libya, Egypt and Yemen, some viewers recognized an instantly recognizable actor named Tim Dax from his work in gay adult films.

This had many wondering why Dax would involve himself in such an obviously hateful project. The short answer: the film's directors kept the actors in the dark about the movie's actual message. The longer answer, sent in an email to Joe.My.God, is here, unedited:

i can tell you i auditioned for a movie called Desert Storm that was about Ancient Warriors. My character was called Sampson on the paper with a few lines I got each day upon arriving on set. We never saw a full script or any lines after the day we shot them. Many questions were asked regarding absurdity of lines and situations.

Sam the producer who I believed to be, but not certain as Egyptian. His reply would always to work with what we were given as he wrote the script. The clip that I saw part of today for the first time is questionable as to being my voice. The voice over work is dubious at best. a week and a half of work, 75 bucks a day & lunch. ; ) Can't tell you anymore than that other than I'm am very much NOT anti muslim.

one world one love. Tim.

It makes sense that the directors would keep the script to themselves. Wouldn't want anyone spoiling their intentionally incendiary plans!


  1. Asher says

    Its not impossible. Some directors and producers intentionally keep actors out of the loop about parts of the film to keep them intentionally ignorant as to produce a more “legit” reaction out of them.

  2. LiamB says

    OS2GUY, this kind of thing actually is very common in filming. Even in major films, directors will sometimes switch out scripts, hide information from actors until moments before filming, or even wait until the film hits the theaters before anyone knows something was altered.

  3. JP says

    Yeah, it’s not uncommon for producers and directors to mislead the actors or hide things from them. I know someone that was shooting a film and playing gay(he’s not) and in one scene he was told to turn around and grab something. He turns back around and his co-star is now completely naked. He freaks out. Great natural reaction lol.

  4. cadence says

    Dax’s response is similar to other actors who worked on the movie. Including the fact that their voices have been edited out, and dubbed over by someone else.

    I don’t know if the actors are stupid. They are people who needed a job, and desperate enough to accept one that paid very little.

    Either way, this disgusting movie doesn’t excuse or justify violence.

  5. jakke says

    Cut him some slack. He can’t be the sharpest guy and he probably isn’t in a great position in life if he was accepting 75$ a day for work.

    That said — where can I find some of his other films? I’m asking for a friend…

  6. says

    Actors misused in such a way, i.e. intentional re-dubbing to cause harm to an actor’s career or future livelihood, surely have the right to sue. Looking at Dax I thought he was wearing a skull helmet and metal arm coverings – but he’s not. Those are tattoos. I can imagine finding work has to be a near impossibility.

  7. Rick says

    So funny to see “good liberals”, especially “good gay liberals” trip all over themselves when it comes to Islam.

    Islamic culture is all about patriarchy–and men making other men the principal and most important people in their lives. As such it is the very antithesis of feminism, which is so dear to the hearts of “good liberals” and particularly “good gay woman-idolizing liberals.”

    And the hostility of the Islamic world to the West has everything to do with a rejection of the feminist values of Western liberalism.

    But there is a fly in the ointment. Because the other Holy Grail of the Far Left is that when faced with a conflict between Western culture and any non-Western culture, a “good liberal” is supposed to always “be sensitive” and favor the non-Western culture…….in part because when faced with a choice between defending whites in any conflict with non-whites, the “good liberal” is supposed to always side with the non-whites, whether as a group or individual.

    This also explains the Far Left’s warped position on illegal immigration (even though illegal immigration is the principal cause of the economic collapse of the American working class and middle classes that the Left claims to represent the interests of)….and their unwillingness to acknowledge the huge role that African-Americans have played in defeating gay rights initiatives just about everywhere they have been under consideration.

    Pretty hilarious to observe.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    “Islamic culture is all about patriarchy–and men making other men the principal and most important people in their lives.”

    Yeah, so why don’t you make a trip to Cairo this week and preach your crap to crowd outside the American embassy. Tell them about all your sexual escapades with all the men of Arabia. You’ll kill ’em…or maybe it’ll be the other way around.

    I hope they catch you giving your speech outside the embassy on CNN–it will be pretty hilarious to observe.

  9. Rick says

    “Yeah, so why don’t you make a trip to Cairo this week and preach your crap to crowd outside the American embassy. Tell them about all your sexual escapades with all the men of Arabia. You’ll kill ’em…or maybe it’ll be the other way around”

    I am a little older now, Derrick, but back in my prime I would expect that about half of those protesters would have been amenable to having sex with me if discretion was observed.

    Certainly during my brief time in Egypt twenty years ago, I got hit on repeatedly by other males, ranging from the 14-year-old boy who was the “helpmate” of the boat captain who took me and a few others on our trip up the Nile to Grandpas… I was able to pick and choose and my choices included a hot young off-duty soldier and a hot young guy who gained us access to the Great Pyramids at night after they were closed for a roll in the sand (we got past the security guards because he was a friend of the young man in question and knew exactly what we were up to).

    Ahhh, all the memories of delicious Arab boys; thanks for bringing them back…..

    So much more pleasant than the memories of annoying American queens and all their misguided woman-idolizing crap…….

  10. Marc C says

    RICK is another of the self-loathing queens we see often who eventually are likely to kill themselves over hatred of themselves. Everyone, please pity him and hope that he gets help from a qualified therapist before it’s too late.

  11. Mike in nyc says

    Rick, the sad whiny stereotypical queen right out of
    circa 1975 central casting. Pathetic.

    Do the world a favor: open oven, insert head.
    You will not be missed.

  12. Mike in nyc says

    Rick, the sad whiny stereotypical queen right out of
    circa 1975 central casting. Pathetic.

    Do the world a favor: open oven, insert head.
    You will not be missed.

  13. RyanInWyo (formerly RyanInSacto) says

    The only response to the poster who calls himself Rick should always be: Get therapy.

    It’s the only humane way to respond to victims of mental illness.

  14. Caliban says

    There is a report on Gawker about a woman who was in this film and she says exactly the same thing. In the script the actors were given the character that was changed in post-dubbing to Mohammed was named Master George. There were no lines about Islam or Muslims at all.

    Elsewhere it’s been reported that, according to people who have studied it closely, including film sound experts, ALL the lines about Mohammed, religion, and Islam were dubbed in post-production, they are not the actor’s real voices and they don’t match the words they’re saying.

    The actors were duped and bear NO responsibility for the final product.

    Yesterday the producer claimed to be an Israeli-American Jew but Israel has no record of such a person and the name he gave is not his real name. The actress interviewed at Gawker says he told her he was Egyptian and he spoke Arabic to several people on set.

    At this point we don’t know what is going on here, whether this film was made by people who really are anti-Islam or if it was made by Muslims to deliberately stir up riots and violence the way it has done. It seems odd that a REALLY crappy low-budget film (there’s NO WAY the final product cost the reported $5 mil) somehow made its way to the other side of the world without help.

  15. Strepsi says

    @OS2GUY: I do buy it. Actors need experience and need work — the last figures I saw for the average annual salary in Canada for someone whose primary occupation is “performer” is $12,000 ANNUALLY.

    So yeah, I buy that someone would show up to a film set every day, no matter how dubious the circumstance, for $75. Hell, for competition reality TV they show up for free!

    This whole story is one big clusterf***.

  16. David C. Jones says

    It is very very common for actors to show up on set and only know their scene or even their lines and not know the whole project. They are often handed new lines when on set – re-written pages are coloured coded to indicate new last minute line changes.
    I also have been engaged to do voice over work for another actor changing the text that he said. His lips moved and my voice came out saying words that match his mouth movements as much as possible but they were different from what he said.

  17. Donald says

    I’ve been deeply offended by many things I’ve seen on Youtube and elsewhere on the net. But the difference is I’ve never killed anyone because of that. Blaming anyone, except for the people (Muslims) acting out, including this stupid hate filled film for the violence that has erupted is ridiculous. You can PC it in your head and in comments all day long, but the culprit is an intolerant religion and the fanatics that choose to worship at that alter.

    If my next door neighbor burns a Bible or makes a joke about Jesus or draws a cartoon of him getting rimmed by a hooker, I don’t launch a rocket at him. That’s the difference.

  18. Bill says

    Muslims adherents have created an environment where making a film critical of Islam is a life-threatening thing to do. They want silence so the status quo of them bringing violence and hostility to the West continues. Don’t be silenced.

  19. Bill (different person than one above) says

    Rumor has it that Ed Wood’s heirs have issued a fatwa calling for the director’s head due to the obvious attempt to usurp Ed Wood’s position as the worst director of all time. Jokes about Ed Wood (who directed Bela Lugosi’s last film “Plan 9 from Outer Space”) aside, the actors were apparently duped into making this film. If you have a bunch of closeups of actors speaking, switching from one to the other, you can edit those by reordering them and end up with something quite different than what the actors’ thought was being filmed. Scenes are not filmed in the order seen by movie goers – they probably went to Death Valley to film the outdoor scenes but filmed scenes inside a tent in a studio, with both interspersed after editing.

    Apparently a lot of such tricks were used to keep the actors in the dark. They were apparently told that they were making an action/adventure movie about a bunch of scurrilous bandits running around in the Arabian desert.

    It’s not just this porn actor – others in the cast apparently have complained as well. Most were probably trying to start an acting career and were taking any job they could get.

  20. Standard says

    “If my next door neighbor burns a Bible or makes a joke about Jesus or draws a cartoon of him getting rimmed by a hooker, I don’t launch a rocket at him. That’s the difference.”

    Ummm Donald, it seems like you have very myopic vision. Maybe you should review Christian political history a little- this link on Wiki would be a good starting point:
    YOU may not attack your neighbors for different views, but Christians have a long and extremely violent history.

  21. Caliban says

    Plus, it seems that the maker of this film is a Coptic Christian and deceiving the actors was a way to make a film they deliberately intended to cause riots in the Middle East and political turmoil in the US. To me that falls under the general heading of terrorism.

    As a gay atheist I’m not going to fall into the trap of defending a religion, the adherents of which not only oppose my rights but condemn me. Just like I’m not going to defend Christians when they have a much more directly harmful influence on my life in the US.

    That said, PURELY from a civil rights standpoint, our Constitution guarantees Freedom of Religion and that includes Islam, assuming its practitioners are not committing crimes. Not every Muslim is violent, in fact most aren’t, and not all hate gay people, oppress women, etc. Either we have Freedom of Religion or we don’t, it’s not just Freedom of Christianity, but if the Christian Right wants to start forbidding religious expression they’d better be ready for the consequences, because my FIRST goal after that is to have THEIR freedom to express their religion-based hateful views curtailed. So they should be careful what they wish for- they might just get it.

  22. Rick says

    How nice of you guys to want me to kill myself. So much for you liberal tolerance. It’s ok. My family wants me dead, too. Not just because I’m a pathetic excuse for a gay man but my dad says I’m the worst lay he’s ever had, and he regularly sodomizes corpses.

  23. FunMe says

    $75 a day? Is he kidding? I did extra acting 12 years ago and got way more than that.

    He’s either LYING or really dumb.

  24. jaragon says

    A movie is created in the editing room – it really doesn’t matter what the actors actually do- in this digital world words and situations can easily be changed. And I agree that this movie can not be used an excuse to murder people.

  25. DJSauvage says

    If I was an actor in the movie I’d be considering a class action lawsuit as being in the movie may put a target on thier back.

  26. Icebloo says

    ALL religions should be able to be discussed and ridiculed. If we reserve special treatment for one religion over another that’s when we get problems. If we censor one group of people over another we also get problems – look at how Hitler rose to power.

    These idiots need to grow up. If their faith is strong then movies, cartoons etc should not threaten them.

  27. Bill (different person than one above) says

    Regarding “Muslims adherents have created an environment where making a film critical of Islam is a life-threatening thing to do.”: It’s a small number of Muslim extremists who are the problem, and Islam is not unique in that regard. Don’t forget that Christian extremists have made performing abortions a life-threatening thing to do, and Jewish extremists have made wearing funky clothing a life threatening thing to do (watch one of the scenes of Bruno in Jerusalem if you don’t believe that one).

  28. Bill (different person than one above) says

    As a reply to FUNME’s comment, “$75 a day? Is he kidding?” … he is probably not kidding. I saw the short version on youtube, just to see what the ruckus was about. The acting is so bad that at $75 per day, those guys were being overpaid. If they are going to shoot anyone, they should start with the director and makeup artist (those fake beards were terrible). It’s like the line from the original version of “To be or not to be”, where Sig Rumann (playing a Nazi colonel) tells Jack Benny (playing a ham Polish actor), “Oh yes, I saw him before the war. What he did to Shakespeare, we are doing to Poland.”

  29. Rich says

    I’m inclined to believe Tim Dax is innocent. Another actress in this film, interviewed as “Cynthia” on local news corroborated his story.

    The history of the First Amendment may not give a similar pass to the producer of this dreck. Inciting to riot is not protected speech, and there seems to be enough evidence of intent to do just that to indict the producer.

  30. MaddM@ says

    when this was just a poorly made video by a nutty christian group it was bad enough, but now the probable story of this being made to deliberately stir up chaos in the middle east so that less savory fundamentalist muslim groups can seize power is frankly chilling…. remember the Reichstag

  31. El Señor says

    Mr. Donald
    forget about the film,mohammed,the muslims …etc
    what If your next door neighbor burns your newspaper
    or makes a joke about your father or draws a cartoon of your mother having sex with someone ?
    doing the same thing, over and over again
    tell me What Will Be Your Reaction?
    the muslims are thousand miles away ,why the americans and only the americans (hollywood) who always make funny movies about other nations and especially muslims & arabs
    no one single movie thru history ever made
    by muslims to insult Jesus Christ or the
    american people … why ? think about that..!!
    (Do to others as you would have them do to you) THE RESPECT

  32. Mac says

    Wow. You queens really can’t stand it when one of your own disagrees with the mob can you. Stick your fingers in your ears and shout rhubarb. You ain’t homosexuals, your homogenized.

  33. Bob82 says

    Do we make such a big deal out of anti-christian movies? Leftists liberal and their willingness to defend Islam disgusts me. Islam is as disgusting as christianity, if not worse. The rights we enjoy as gay men and women were gained by fighting religion in the public sphere. Homosexuality is still forbidden in EVERY muslim countries. If you start censuring movies that mock religions, don’t be surprise if we go back to the dark ages.