1. SoLeftImRight says

    @Foobar – mean but funny. Truly hate this song. Didn’t realize Glee was about to start up again, which, I guess, is ok. Love Darren. I think last season kind of sucked, and I expect to lose interest this season.

  2. steve76 says

    “There are a lot of people here who can’t be made happy – just can’t be”

    LOL – reverse trolling. I see what you did there. Some people hate one awful TV show and all of a sudden they “can’t be made happy” as a result.

  3. Thomas says

    If they don’t focus on the characters, giving them realistic and genuine growth, then the show ends after this season. As it stands, it is not a good sign that they are keeping almost everyone from the old cast and adding new people. The cast is too big. Did they really need to add a “transgender”?

  4. enough already says

    1)I’m glad they added a transgender person to the cast. GLEE is all about real people, not just the kind the hateful christers approve of.
    2)It’s better sung than the original (wouldn’t be hard, given the money FOX spends on production values).
    3)This is the worst, absolute worst choreography I have yet to see on any GLEE production. I understand what they were aiming for. They missed the mark.
    4)Darren Cris is heavenly.

  5. Philip Wester says

    Spoilerific, much? Now I know that what’s-his-name will be transferring to McKinley.

    Otherwise, a very “Meh” cover. Glee’s been plagued with them lately. I have a lot of season 1 and 2 songs on endless repeat, but only a few season 3 songs on repeat. “Call Me, Maybe” will not be one of my regular go-to Glee covers.

  6. Michael says

    Glee should have stopped one season ago; it has clearly “jumped the shark”. Now, it’s more of the same with actors who are now 10 years older than the characters they portray.

  7. dpbfeb says

    Ok. I’m just going to put it out there. Glee is not real life and is done by actors. It there was a decision to have Black guy character or maybe even a Black Gay character whose choice and why was it to make it a Black guy who appears to be not as fit as the White guys but also make him appear effiminate. I’m just asking.

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