Calvin Klein’s Model Boytoy Nick Gruber Filming Reality Show ‘Tell-All’ About Relationship

GruberAs reported in August, Calvin Klein's former boytoy Nick Gruber, who had a run-in with the law in April and subsequently entered a Klein-financed rehab session, is writing a book about his relationship with the fashion designer. He plans to accompany that with a reality show, Page Six reports:

“The show is basically about me being in a relationship with Calvin,” Gruber, who’s also penning a tell-all book, told us at the Sherri Hill show at Trump Tower Friday. “It’s also me trying to figure out who I am as a process of coming from his lifestyle from New York to LA [where he now lives], at the same time being the straight boy and still [liking] men and women.” So is Gruber, currently dating John Luciano, straight? “I don’t believe in labels,” he said, adding that his new beau allows him to see women.

Filming begins in January.


  1. Larry says

    Sorry, but if this doesn’t prove what’s wrong with the entertainment world, I don’t know what does. He needs a reality show like the Duggars need more kids.

  2. Matt in NYC says

    This is going to be a trainwreck, although depending on who’s ghostwriting the bok it might be a decent read. (and yes, I’ve got the experience to back that up, after six months of dating a boy who’s mom said “It’s good that he’s dancing at Splash, because he doesn’t have many other chances for gainful employment”)

  3. says

    Okay let’s get a reality check here.

    There is no show – this is just an idea at this stage. Notice how there’s no mention of the network or airdate.

    This idea won’t go anywhere because a) no-one knows who Nick is b) he’s not very interesting c) it has big lawsuit potential and d) how do you do a show about an ended relationship when you can’t film the other party.

    As someone who works in TV I’m pretty sure this is a non story.

  4. david in nyc says

    I can’t tell if he’s I feel bad for him because he’s so young and has no idea how dumb he sounds…


    If he’s never going to feel totally shamed because he’s really an ahole and will be one for the rest of his life.

  5. david in nyc says

    I can’t tell if he’s I feel bad for him because he’s so young and has no idea how dumb he sounds…


    If he’s never going to feel totally shamed because he’s really an ahole and will be one for the rest of his life.

  6. david in nyc says

    I can’t tell if he’s I feel bad for him because he’s so young and has no idea how dumb he sounds…


    If he’s never going to feel totally shamed because he’s really an ahole and will be one for the rest of his life.

  7. jason says

    Unfortunately, there’s a lot of tools out there. They think we want to know everything about them. Memo to tools: we don’t need you, we don’t want you, and we don’t like you. Take your silly shows and shove them.

  8. ratbastard says

    Gruber doesn’t like labels? Neither do I, but in his case I’m confident in calling him what he is, a prostitute. He prostitutes [whores] his body. Only his body, I think. He doesn’t sound like he’s got much going on upstairs.

    TV [broadcast and cable] is badly fractured. And they’re trying to appeal to a declining and more ignorant audience.

  9. Tony N SF says

    This just makes me think that Calvin’s life must have become awfully sordid. How else do you account for Calvin making this creature a fixture in his life? With all the prestige, celebrity, and money at Calvin’s disposal, and the best “boy toy” he could come up with was Nick? Wow. Personally, I’m fascinated. How did Calvin end up with a dumb, snaggle-tooth hustler who likely suffers from a mild case of FAS? Is Calvin sort of like an eldergay version of Charlie Sheen? I wish someone with some sort of credibility and intelligence would step forward and divulge all the details of Calvin’s life with Nick: how and where they met, Calvin’s state of mind. Maybe a roman a clef.

  10. Jim says

    On the plus side, I saw a supermarket tabloid magazine that listed famous designers and their “boy toys,” like Karl Langerfeld, Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wang – and the gay relationships were treated the same as the straight relationships. Years ago, it would all have been shut up, but now it’s being written about like it’s no big deal. Think about it – that’s real progress, even though it’s trashy.

    However, these “boy toys” better enjoy themselves while they have it, because it’s going to come crashing down on them sooner or later when they have no marketable skills.

  11. hugo says

    How is this going to work? Even for reality TV this seems a stretch since they are pretending to film a ‘reality’ show about a relationship that ended quite some time ago & likely without any participation from one half of that relationship, i.e. Mr. Klein?

    Is it all dream sequences? “Nicky G. reflects on his oh-so-fascinating life with Calvin”? Taiwanese animation of what he thinks happened? The Gruber Monologues?

  12. Homo Genius says

    What does this boy have??? I perosnally dont find him at all attractive, he doesnt seem his mind is captivating them and all evidence I have seen tells me his personality has some issues in some areas. He mist give a mean blow job.

  13. UFFDA says

    Welcome to oblivion brat.

    But don’t give up and don’t listen to the “whore” talk, it’s bullsh**. We’ve all had relationships and moved on, doesn’t make anyone a whore, even if you didn’t pay all your bills.

    FURYOFFIRESTORM – why be proud of being an ethnic mix male? So what. Make something, DO something, create something…then be proud.

  14. says

    “So, like, I’d heard of him before from the underwear and stuff, and he was like sorta ok looking for an OLD guy, but like, he’d be sooo gross by like demanind that i SWALLOW and stuff. I mean, sure, he gave me money and gifts and I saw the world and traveled and partied, but like, i was TOTES really doing successful on my own, because i’m like totallly a legit serious model so like I didnt’ nEEEEEd him, but he was like ok, until he got all creepy and old and i was like “ewww.”

    there. i just saved y’all the time of watching it.

  15. graphicjack says

    Well, he may not like labels like gay/bi/straight, but I bet he loves labels like Gucci, Prada and D&G, and those labels are expensive. I love how he calls the book and series a way to exoricise the demons and find himself, when it’s clearly a total sellout for $$$. Sorry, kid, we’re not buying it. I really couldn’t give a crap what happened between you and CK. You exchanged your body for money, and that’s fine, I don’t have an issue with it, but the relationship’s over and it’s time to move on with some dignity intact. Trying to cash in on whatever tabloid sensation you can stir up is what makes you a whore, not your relationship with Calvin or your porn career.

  16. says

    This is really going to hurt him in the long run. He may make decent dollars from a “kiss and tell” book, but pissing off CK means that he’ll never model in this town again. Klein still has major pull in the fashion industry, and if you’re on his sh*t list, nobody in the industry is going to touch you with a 10 feet pole.

    Plus any prospective “Sugar Daddys” aren’t going to waste money on a dumb boy-toy who can’t keep his mouth shut when their c*cks aren’t in it.

  17. Mark Twain says

    Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! That’s so hilarious, CK chewed and spat him out and now the kid is biting back every way he can…CK must be a cheapo, he forgot to give the adequate parting gift that keeps the mouth shut.

  18. jw says

    imagine what it will mean (does mean) for this dude to get old and lose what little appeal he has?
    if he has a brain he must be terrified
    he seems so vapid – and in ten years he will have zip
    in twenty five years, he’s have less than zip
    what does a 50 year old nick look like
    what are his skill sets
    imagine him at 50 or 40
    doing what exactly
    talk about sad

  19. pscheck2 says

    Oh, boy! Here we go again. A gay boy trying to make himself out as being bi! Funny, after Cline, he hooks himself up with another guy; what, no girlfriend? However, his ‘disclaimer’ is that his new boyfriend ‘allows’ him to see women! Joy, joy! two ‘camps’ can claim him! (IMHO–pure B.S.)

  20. Ray says

    I agree with nearly everyone here.

    This kid needs rehab and therapy.

    Can you all see the train wreck comin?

    Too bad cuz Klien deserves a little mud in the eye.

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