1. lookyloo says

    I usually love mockery type songs and videos but this one was a bit too ‘real’ –
    It’s like they were actually serious about the musical and video clichés they were parodying.

    Wait.. what?

  2. Tippy's Friend says

    Umm…. “Ooo… Ms. Thang thinks she’s Whitney Houston.” Ok, so I like Matt Zarley, and we should all support out performers, but this doesn’t seem to showcase his best talents. A little melodrama goes a long way, and this vid has just a bit too much of it (circa 1989 or 1990). Let’s just wait for his next title and see how that goes.

  3. Dback says

    I adore him. He’s staggeringly talented, not to mention physically beautiful, and every one of his videos is made with TLC and taste, even if not everyone digs them. It’s mystifying that he’s not a major star.

  4. Jon says

    Wow. Great song, great vocals. In a world of auto-tune, nice to know someone can actually sing these days. And the message is a good one.